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Item #: SCP-1549

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1549 is to be contained in a Standard Human Containment Cell outfitted with automated cleaning and food delivery functions. Subject is to be provided with five books written in Urdu, rotated out upon request. In addition, subject is to be allowed access to a copy of the Qur'an, printed in Arabic with Urdu translations and a standard prayer mat. The cell is to be inscribed with an arrow pointing toward Mecca. A D-Class personnel (designated D-1549) is to be kept in an adjacent cell. At all times, D-1549 is to be kept within 25 m of SCP-1549. However, SCP-1549 and D-1549 are not to come into contact. A second D-Class personnel, designated D-1549-1 is to be kept in a cell adjacent to that of D-1549. The containment cell for SCP-1549 is to be located a minimum of 60 m from any Foundation personnel. No sentient or emotion-based SCPs are to be transported within 30 m of the cell of SCP-1549. Following Incident 1549-17e, SCP-1549 is to receive 15 20 25 mg of anti-psychotic medication daily, taken orally.

Description: SCP-1549 is a Pakistani female, approximately 30 years of age, notable for the ability to "project" emotions via unknown means. The subject will imprint emotions on the nearest conscious human (designated SCP-1549-01), overriding the prior emotional state of SCP-1549-01. The effect lasts only as long as SCP-1549-01 is the nearest conscious human to SCP-1549. In order to prevent possible empathetic complications for Foundation personnel, a D-class, designated D-1549, is to be the closest individual to the subject at all times. A secondary individual, D-1549-1, is to be the second-closest to prevent potential researcher contamination in the event of the death of D-1549. Testing and interviews are to take place via video connection. The anomalous effects of SCP-1549 are not inherently harmful. However, with the deteriorating psychological state of the subject, most recently manifested in paranoid schizophrenia, medium- and long-term exposure is considered highly inadvisable.

SCP-1549 does not display any affective response to stimuli. However, disposition of SCP-1549-01 is sympathetic with the situation of the subject, regardless of SCP-1549-01's awareness of the subject. Researcher Erickson has theorized that SCP-1549-01 feels the emotions of the subject by proxy. Further testing is ongoing.

SCP-1549 was originally located by Foundation personnel in a containment facility in ████████, Afghanistan operated by the Office for the Recovery of Islamic Artifacts (ORIA). Subject was later seized by the Foundation following a successful raid on ██/██/19██. In order to prevent possible complications in the mission, Foundation personnel tranquilized SCP-1549 upon confirmed visual contact. All information relevant to the subject was destroyed by ORIA personnel during the raid. Despite the lack of obvious anomalous traits, subject was brought in for interrogation as per Foundation regulations.

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