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Star! C'mere girl! Lookit the camera!

Item #: SCP-1548-Cu

Object Class: Adorable Imminently Adorable

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1548-Cu is currently uncontainable due to her love of waddling around in that cute little way she does. She is to be observed by everyone who loves it at Research Unit-█, currently located at ████████, Sark. Three small-scale pillows and blankie piles are currently in use to allow for 24-hour cuddling. All received cuddles are to be photographed and transmitted to the SCP-1548-Cu database at Site-█. MTF Gamma-5 is currently assigned the task of feeding her every day, and making sure her milk is warm otherwise she gets hiccups.

Description: SCP-1548-Cu is the Foundation term for Star, a two-month old Welsh Corgi puppy who is just so wonderful. Originally born in 19██, the gorgeous nature of her fur was not known until 19██, when Agent M███████, then a dog enthusiast at [REDACTED], saw her napping in a sunbeam. Observations revealed that she was, in fact, snoring. The first fully transcribed message related to SCP-1548-Cu, translated from Russian and broadcast in three bursts, reads as follows: "She's awake! Awww, she's looking around! I think someone's hungry~!". SCP-1548-Cu normally moves at a rate of approximately 0.85 waddles/second, although higher waddle rates have been recorded (see Addendum SCP-1548-Cu-A).

Over the course of the next ten minutes, Star was observed to accelerate to as fast as her little legs could carry her. During this period, she began to make these cute little yipping noises, and oh gosh you had to be there we all just wanted to squeeze her. Having reached her apparent maximum velocity by unknown means around lunchtime, she began to scamper around the Puppy Playroom and bump into cushions.

It was at this point that SCP-1548-Cu began to demonstrate awareness of those observing her. She looked up at Agent M███████ and made this grumbling noise and then he leaned down and she started trying to eat his finger and then we were all like "D'awwwwwww~!". The means by which SCP-1548-Cu apparently predicts the future in order to make everything she does as precious as physically possible is unknown.

Addendum SCP-1548-A: On █/█/198█, O5-█, on medical leave from Foundation duties, visited the Puppy Playroom and began playing with SCP-1548-Cu. Playroom cameras observed her moving across the room but she kept on tripping and getting back up or bumping into things or getting distracted but she really just wanted to snuggle with O5-█, we could tell. O5-█ was all like "C'mere, you! C'mere! Do you want to play? Yes you do! Yes you do, girl!"

Following this transmission, the precious little bundle of joy's waddle rate increased from 0.85 waddles/second to well over 1 whole waddle/second, necessitating the use of high-speed cameras to record every time she bounced and made that happy little noise she makes. You know, that one. Over the next eight hours, SCP-1548-Cu cuddled over [DATA EXPUNGED], totaling more than a gigabyte of really, really snuggly photos. This was the longest continual cuddle to date.

Addendum SCP-1548-Cu-B: SCP-1548-Cu is reclassified as Imminently Adorable by order of O5-█

I don't care if she gets across the Playroom in 5,700 years. She's just so cute! -O5-█

Addendum SCP-1548-Cu-T: After feeding time on 11/4/19██, she burped!

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