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Item #: SCP-1200

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1200 is to be housed in a large soil-filled pot and contained in a low-security greenhouse at Site-46. SCP-1200 requires no care beyond that which would be necessary for a Ficus benjamina of its size. Personnel testing or caring for SCP-1200 are not to exceed thirty minutes in proximity of SCP-1200's area of effect.1 Following a shift in SCP-1200's presence, personnel should remain outside SCP-1200's range of effect for at least ninety minutes before returning to work. Testing and research involving SCP-1200 require the prior authorisation of one (1) Level-3 researcher. Any personnel exhibiting signs of SCP-1200 infection are to be forcibly removed by no less than two (2) security personnel and escorted to the nearest medical terminal for Class-A amnestic administration.

Description: SCP-1200 is an instance of tree belonging to no known species, similar in appearance to Ficus benjamina, commonly known as the ficus tree or the weeping fig. SCP-1200 stands at 3.5 meters tall, and measures 21 cm at the base. Dendrochronological analysis has been inconclusive, and SCP-1200's exact age is currently unknown. SCP-1200 does not present any external abnormalities and requires the same level of care as non-anomalous Ficus benjamina.

Exposure to SCP-1200 for a time exceeding thirty minutes will result in a compulsion effect in human subjects. Infected individuals (hereafter referred to as SCP-1200-1) will immediately embrace SCP-1200's main body, and will remain in place unless physically acted upon. Additionally, instances of SCP-1200-1 will exhibit a heightened concern with regard to environmentalist topics, particularly those involving issues such as deforestation. SCP-1200-1 will perceive almost all external entities as a threat to SCP-1200's continued existence. Testing has shown that SCP-1200's anomalous effects do not persist in leaves or cuttings taken from the tree.

If offered food or water, instances of SCP-1200-1 will decline, claiming that they "hunger only for peace". Whilst in the presence of others, instances of SCP-1200-1 may engage in any one of the following activities:

  • Singing protest songs generally associated with world peace and environmentalism.
  • Attempting to lecture others on the perceived "rise of corrupt corporate entities and the abandonment of morals".
  • Attempting to convince others to join in their "protest".

Class-A amnestics have proven highly efficient in the treatment of instances of SCP-1200.

Recovery Log: SCP-1200 was recovered on 05/01/1992 in Dublin, Ireland at the former home of environmental activist Frank Stanley. According to local media sources, Stanley was involved in a tree-sitting protest in England four months prior to his receiving of SCP-1200 in order to combat deforestation efforts in the █████ Forest, known to have resulted in several hundred job losses in the area. Stanley is thought to have discovered SCP-1200 when it was delivered to his doorstep by an unknown individual/group of individuals, becoming the first known victim of its anomalous effects. Stanley was found to have died due to dehydration before the time of Foundation intervention. Foundation tracking efforts have concluded that SCP-1200 was sent to Stanley by individuals negatively affected by Stanley's protest. This is believed to have been a malicious act on their part. Resources should be devoted to finding the original senders of SCP-1200 as soon as possible.

The following letter addressed to Stanley was recovered alongside SCP-1200:

Hey, Frank.

Just writing to let you know, despite what some folks might tell you, I think you did the right thing.

It's about time someone stood up to the industrialists, their treatment of the natural world can't go on - they wander from rainforest to rainforest, restlessly plundering Mother Earth of her precious natural resources, without mercy, without shame, all in the name of their never-ending pursuit of financial gain.

I mean, sure, there were a few hundred lay-offs, but that's to be expected, I mean, a few ruined lives is a small price to pay for the sake of the planet, right? Anyway, me and my mates think you did an awesome job with this protest here, Frank.

P.S. The lads and I found this plant growing outside my brother-in-law's back garden. He says it's unique, he says there's no tree quite like this in all the world. Still though, I'm sure you can take better care of it than a few tree-killing bastards like us ever could.

Keep hugging them trees, mate.

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