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Item #: SCP-1200

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: A two mile perimeter lined with electrical fencing surrounds the complex. Non-anomalous entities recovered from the area by Extermination Team Epsilon-5 are to be catalogued, followed by termination. It is recommended all variations of SCP-1200-Ex be terminated on sight.

Cameras still mounted within the facility’s main chamber that are still wired to Foundation networks provide observational capabilities for SCP-1200. The neutralization of SCP-1200 is high-priority, although no further containment improvements are deemed necessary as SCP-1200 is largely immobile and has a limited range of influence.

SCP-1200, all instances of SCP-1200-Ex, SCP-1200-Ex-20, as well as all documentation and electronic records found within the facility are to be completely destroyed by 20██.

Addendum-12k Aberink Research Facility:

The complex was built in ████ as part of [DATA EXPUNGED] from the proceeds of the newly created puppet division’s [DATA WIPED BY ORDER OF O5] funded experiment involving alpha waves in human brain patterns. At the time, this data was essential in containing and manipulating the cognitive patterns of SCP-███-█ and preventing an XK-class scenario. The project was ultimately a success, improving security, regular operations, and relieving financial strains at Site-██ by an estimated 8%.

During the period between ████ and ████, around ████ subjects were subject to testing. The regimens involved lobotomization, facial reconstruction, and exploratory brain surgery. The goal of the experiment was to eliminate beta waves (states associated with normal waking consciousness) in an attempt to develop [DATA EXPUNGED] in the motor cortex. Prior to the experiment it was believed this process was only possible to perform on subjects before their reaching maturity, but, per the research agenda, this has been disproven. Autopsies and brief electrical reanimation performed on surviving subjects reveal that some of the old research was successful, although the majority of test subjects were left with permanent brain damage and in many cases a persistent psychosis.

Reasons for the facial surgeries performed on the subjects were [DATA WIPED BY ORDER OF O5] budget, the de-augmentation part of an overlapping experiment involving chronic emotional response. Some of the reconstructions are physically detrimental, such as obstructed airways and overlapping skin on optical organs.

In ████, following an incident in Unit 20, the completed research was terminated and data gathered from the experiment was submitted to Foundation low storage. Data was relayed to SCP-███-█'s secure site by order of O5-4 by Agent ██████.

Description: SCP-1200 is an entity located within a mock abandoned apartment complex located in the Accra Region of Ghana. The complex is also home to a variety of SCP-1200-Ex as well as the singular SCP-1200-Ex-20.

The SCP-1200-Ex are the remnants of the previously outlined [REDACTED] Research Program. These entities exhibit superior motor control and physical strength, accompanied by stunted intelligence and in some cases unresponsiveness to external stimuli. Otherwise these beings exhibit no special qualities.

A unique and non-anomalous entity normally located in Unit 20 within the actual research complex, documented as SCP-1200-Ex-20 (colloquially referred to as "Screaming Sally"), is also thought to be an abnormality resulting from tests conducted by the [DATA EXPUNGED] division. Like other casualties wandering the complex, SCP-1200-Ex-20 does not sleep, suffers from grotesque facial reconstruction, and exhibits remarkably heightened motor function. Unlike others, it does not suffer mental degradation, exhibits increased physical strength, and only little psychological impairment. In combat logs SCP-1200-Ex-20 appears to defend inhabitants of the complex and emit loud, high pitched vocalizations when notified of the presence of the Epsilon squad.

SCP-1200 is an amorphic mass of interconnected brain tissue located in Unit 20 of the facility. The mass has been shown to be persistently elevated slightly from the floor of the cell. How this is accomplished is not known although this is believed to be a product or side effect of the research. The entity has been observed using multiple appendages of tissue and secretions of what is believed to be blood to draw figures and shapes on the wall, the majority of them being small animals and mature humanoid figures. Other than this activity movement is limited. Whether this is result to the size constraint of the unit or limited mobility of SCP-1200 is unknown. Subjects with its range of influence (roughly 1.2 km) are enabled ‘telepathic’ communication with SCP-1200. The majority of communications issued from SCP-1200 are those of a playful nature, the three most common statements appear to be variations of “’wanna’ play”, “are you bored”, and “you're not fun” (the latter statement usually being issued when subjects leave its range of influence). Subjects report hearing different voices at the same time, but the sound of a female voice remains prevalent through all communication.

Observation Log: Unit 20:

Foreword: SCP-1200 is sometimes seen with SCP-1200-Ex-20 inside of its unit. Transcribed is a recording from 12/25/████ after a disastrous raid on the Aberink facility.

SCP-1200 is shown using its appendages to draw the shape of a small canine figure on the wall of Unit 20. The process is interrupted when the unit's wall hatch is opened.

SCP-1200-Ex-20 appears wearing a helmet from Epsilon squad and a breastpiece of squad issued armor. The armor is excessively large for its frame, causing it to drag on the ground.

SCP-1200 raises several appendages in the air and appears to tremor slightly.

SCP-1200-Ex-20 places its helmet on one of SCP-1200's appendages.

SCP-1200 tremors again.

SCP-1200-Ex-20 jumps up and down.

SCP-1200-Ex-20 places what appears to be a clump of human hair on the archway above the entrance to unit 20 then turns its head to SCP-1200, emitting a guttural noise similar to laughter.

SCP-1200 once again emits a tremor, raising its appendages into the air.

SCP-1200-Ex-20 closes the hatch and leaves the unit.

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