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Item #: SCP-089

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Object is currently kept in the desk of O5-3. Object is not to be removed from the premises. It is recommended that object not be viewed by those with any significant history of violence, theft, fraud, substance abuse, or any other actions deemed morally wrong by the subject.

Description: SCP-089 is a small ceramic figurine of a stereotypical "hobo", although it is largely stylized, comical, and painted in bright pastel colours. Directly viewing the object invokes heavy feelings of guilt, shame, and regret, and exposed subjects describe experiencing vivid memories of "the worst moments of their lives". Subjects are affected differently by exposure to the object, largely depending on the subject's self-reported moral code, as well as the memories of the subject.

History: Object was discovered in Wisconsin, in 1945, in a small corner store that sold homemade items bought from various wholesalers throughout the country. Attempts have been made to further trace the origin of the object, so far without success.

The object eventually came to the attention of ████ ████████ (Level 3 personnel) after a local petty criminal stole the object, then committed suicide, leaving a suicide note decrying the object. SCP-089 and the suicide note were confiscated and replaced with a convincing replica of SCP-089 and a forged note from the deceased, blaming the recent death of a close family member for his suicide. Fortunately, the contents of the note were not released to the general public. The police who discovered the original note were persuaded to believe that, due to the graphic nature of the scene, their recollection of the note's contents was mistaken.

Additional Notes: SCP-089 has earned the affectionate name of “The Littlest Browbeater” by personnel working under O5-3, owing to the fact O5-3 tends to use the object as a paperweight when reprimanding personnel, adding even more weight to O5-3’s already legendary “office talks”.

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