Research Log for SCP-069-J
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This document contains additional information about the contents of SCP-069-J as well as collected research notes for the purpose of more efficient experimentation.

Content Notes:

  • Beginning with Chapter 1 and throughout the narrative, the protagonist repeatedly has difficulty remembering how to get to classroom 055, and is often forced to ask for directions.
  • During Chapter 2, the protagonist encounters a character named "Cain", who is the student council president and a sympathetic figure who is loved by all and cares greatly for the student body of Cheyenne Point Academy. Additionally, he also appears to have a brother named "Able", a troublemaker and delinquent who is jealous of his brother's popularity.
  • A pair of dysfunctional vending machines are interacted with during Chapter 2, and continue to be seen in the background when the protagonist travels through the Student Center.
  • In Chapter 3, there is a short story arc involving a giant iguana that consistently escapes from the Academy's biology lab. When encountered, it is wearing a tag with the numbers "682" engraved onto it, and avoids capture until it encounters an unnamed female student who claims to be the only person that the iguana allows itself to be caught by. This student apologizes for the inconvenience and returns to the biology lab; these two characters are also seen again later in the narrative.
  • Also in Chapter 3, Beatrice makes an offhand mention of a supposed "cursed staircase" in the main building of the Academy; students report feeling a sense of unease while using it and there are rumors that several students in past years have fallen down the staircase, resulting in serious injuries.
  • While paying a visit to the principal's office in Chapter 5, the walls of the office are seen with a decorative motif remarkably similar to sections of both SCP-914 and SCP-882.
  • In Chapter 6, the protagonist encounters a female student named Iris, who is the leader of the Academy's photography club.
  • In Chapter 7, Rachel relates the story of a male classmate who consistently misses class due to issues outside of his control; reasons for missing class have ranged from transportation breakdowns and sudden illness to an abduction by members of the local mafia.
  • The protagonist, when seen in-game, appears to resemble known file photographs of SCP-590.
  • The main atrium of the Academy appears to have a sculpture at its center that closely resembles SCP-173. Several students in the narrative express unease at its existence and there are rumors that it sometimes moves when no one is looking. However, no evidence is ever given to substantiate these rumors.
  • A closer examination of the suggested layout of Cheyenne Point Academy reveals a resemblance to the general layout of SCP-110.
  • During some scenes in the city of Cheyenne Point, a small brick store can be seen in the background named "MC&D Antiques and Curios".

Researcher Notes:

  • It appears that the act of teasing Karen instead of apologizing when the protagonist accidentally sees her underwear will automatically result in a "Bad End" if a relationship with her is pursued, regardless of any other actions.
  • Attempting to pursue a relationship with either Karen or Beatrice appears to cause a minor, but noticeable increase in Mr. Strelnikov's aggression towards the protagonist, but for different reasons.
  • Asking for help from any companion other than Rachel when the protagonist is struggling with a homework assignment involving categorizing documents will result in failing the assignment.
  • It appears that Nurse Rights is a "secret romance option". However, any attempt to pursue this relationship results in a "Bad End".
  • If the protagonist accedes to any of Dr. Clef's invitations to assist him in his "research project", an immediate "Bad End" occurs.
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