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**Date:** DD/MM/YYYY
**Total Items:**


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REMINDERS TO CONTRIBUTORS: SCP-914 does not create or destroy matter, nor does it change anything on the atomic level. All outputs should contain all and only the matter included in the input. Some grandfathered entries break this rule, but new entries should never do so.

Additional reminder: 914 is a cheeky little bugger. It's unpredictable and apparently kinda snarky. If the output is exactly what you'd expect from the input, or if 914 has just obligingly improved everything you put in, the entry is out-of-character.

  • LeveritasLeveritas (me) will regularly check this page, selecting logs that are of sufficient quality to add to the log, and port them over.
  • Tests that fail to adhere to the proper format (date, etc.) will not be ported until fixed.
  • You can place notes at the end of tests, and feel free to be creative when doing so. It can give some interesting insight into dynamics within the Foundation. Having said that, don't make Foundation personnel look like idiots/psychopaths/juvenile/a combination of those. It's a professional research organization, not a fraternity ward or a death cult.
  • Not too direct. 914 doesn't talk to researchers directly, it ruins the mystery and it's not clear if the machine is sentient or not. If you put in a note, you don't get a response, you might get something that might be a response if you interpret it a certain way, but it also might be random. Or something else entirely.

Some of you might have noticed that I'm being harsher on notes and logs that I deem too LOLFoundation. To illustrate my point, I'm going to use an example from part IV:

I actually edited the note. This is what it originally was:

This is a very small difference, but it makes a world of difference in tone. The first entry works a lot better because it's not a researcher scolding the machine outright, like a kid would. It's implying (read, show don't tell) that the researcher became so fed up with the result that he outright left. Wacky entries work well if it's against the cold professionalism that signifies the Foundation, and it doesn't work if it looks like the employees are acting just as unprofessional.

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General Notes

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2. Please stop putting full stops randomly. They are used to denote the end of a particular bit of information and the start of another. You DO NOT need full stops in the "Name" or "Total Items" sections, but you DO need them in your "Input" and "Output" sections if your description is more than one sentence long.

Test 914-1006 has a minor spelling error in the note by Veritas. It is "hemorrhaging" (or "haemorrhaging" if you go by British spelling).

Noted. - Mod

Test 914-1003 has a unclosed note by Veritas at the end (missing the closing //)

This has been fixed in the sandbox edition. Additionally, the lack of a 101X collapsible has been rectified. I will ask the Mod to update the 10XX page when I can. - RA Walker

Done. - Mod

New Entries

Name: Dr. Meyer
Date: xx/xx/xx
Total Items: One disk on key, containing “Avengers: Endgame”

Input: One disk on key, containing “Avengers: Endgame”.
Setting: 1:1
Output: One Nintendo switch cartridge, containing “Super Smash Brothers Ultimate”.

First, if the mass is conserved, I'd expect the cartridge to be physically incompatible with a Nintendo Switch, due to the difference in both size of storage devices and material ratios. Second, this test is an admission of piracy on the official log of a government agency. Third, the input and output only seem related in that they're both digital media. I also fixed a few lowercase letters and added a few commas and full stops. -A_Spamwich

there are some disk on keys that are even smaller than switch cartridge, so i let that slide as a nice coincidence, personally. idk what to say about that second part, the foundation does worse things every day. idk if that's really a big deal. about that third part, i was thinking that the connection is how they're major crossovers, sorry if it's too small to count - Dr. Meyer

Input: The switch cartridge from the above test.
Setting: Fine
Output: :One Nintendo switch cartridge containing what seemed like “Super Smash Brother: Ultimate” but when loaded it was discovered that the fighters were replaced with SCPs and multiple foundation personal. Result incinerated after SCP-096’s shadow appeared in the “Challenger approaching” screen.

Note: Man, that sucks. That game was better than the original. – Dr. Meyer

Name: Dr. Zavalosa
Date: 19/09/2019
Total Items: 2L Methane gas (1.5L used)

Note: This experiment aims to reduce the variables in testing. I’ve chosen a relatively harmless reaction and I’ve left the setting on 1:1. Unfortunately I can not control the user input but hopefully we should get some predictable results - Dr. Zavalosa

Input: 500mL of methane gas
Setting: 1:1
Output: A small puddle of water

Note: There was also a small explosion, like a firecracker going off. I’m guessing that’s the excess energy the reaction let off. The carbon dioxide must have disappeared into the atmosphere however - Dr. Zavalosa

Input: 500mL of methane gas
Setting: 1:1
Output: A mound of carbon

Note: I would’ve expected this from a Coarse refinement. 914 has reduce Methane back into carbon and hydrogen, the hydrogen likely disappearing into the atmosphere as well - Dr. Zavalosa

Input: 500mL of methane gas
Setting: 1:1
Output: When Dr. Zavalosa opened the output chamber, an explosion was audible and a great heap of dust and soot was thrown out all over Dr. Zavalosa.

Note: Well, that’s just pleasant- Dr. Zavalosa

Note: So, the explosion was from the combustion reaction, but the dust and soot was from 914 itself as it’s gears was much cleaner than before. I don’t think 914 likes me trying to put a collar on it - Dr. Zavalosa


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