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Has been described as "eldritch tentacles chasing a ball".

Yay! Apparently I have collected enough page to warrant an Author Page!

I'm Rigen. Well I pretty much only used that nick here, elsewhere you might find me by the name "riyangendut" which is kinda lame and unwieldy, hence I shorten it into Rigen—RIyan GENdut. As you can see by my ownership of this page, I'm an author for a couple SCPs and a tale, the bare minimum of owning an author page.

My first article was SCP-3056, a virus that makes you sneeze fire. It's a basic X that does Y thing, and I over-detailed it with technobable, basically. Nothing interesting.

My second surviving article was the "It Will Be Fun, They Said" that's a tale, I intended it to be formatted like internal communication buletin for GOC operatives. I wanted to make it bizarrely normal article where the writers and readers are expected to talk about magic and centuries old magician etc with poker face. But it ended up being not really interesting. Maybe I should revisit the concept sometime.

My third surviving article was SCP-4916 featuring three square numbers on its title! Oh and an ancient Assyrian statue. In space. But who cares, it got three square numbers 4, 9, and 16! I also just noticed that 4916 is the first scp to ever have both Religious and Satellite tag in the same article, for some reason. Don't believe me? Ask Tag Saerch.

I guess I have a fourth surviving article now, SCP-5171 Galuh's Rhyme, about a sapient AI made by an O5 who then defected. Mentioned Tindalos for brownie points, why not. Also the PoI number 9 4 14 = IDN cuz yay nationalism.

Yeah I'm just an all-around boring guy leave me alone >_<
Will update if I post new article.

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