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In which the world's rules are set in stone.

New Faces: Overture
by redredred
Part of that was true, but Anne didn’t know what. Maybe it didn’t matter.


In which the problem is confronted by new and familiar faces.

Recruitment Drive
by Nagiros
"I hope you save the world, Director Light."

Welcome to Yellowstone
by Grigori Karpin
“Why does the earth shake? Why do the heavens wake? It does what it does, there is no reason. Tis time for a disastrous season.”

A Team You Can (Maybe) Trust
by Calibri Bold
"You mean you can't even see it? We had problems with just Able and Iris back in the day. Now look at what you have."

Jolly Cooperation
by Grigori Karpin
"You humans are always betraying one another. Amazes me that civilization hasn’t crumbled long before now."

Light and the Mole
by Grigori Karpin
“Oh look, a manhunt! You favorite!”

by redredred
There was no alarm.

Bottom Floor
by Grigori Karpin
A fulcrum! A universal pry bar, to crack open the weight of millennia worth of constant observations by the beings of this universe. Such that, the incredible becomes mundane. And the mundane becomes the impossible.

Truth Lies
by Calibri Bold
"Does this mean we're friends?"

…and more to come!

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