Researcher Zyn's Personnel File

This Mourning Cloak is
a temporary tenant
and good friend of Zyn's.

Name, Zyn K████.
Psychology researcher,
Behavior focus.

Clearance Level of
Security is three, and
Nothing else to say.

Location will not
Be stated here, however

History consists
Of Foundation recruitment
Due to incident.

Zyn was discovered
At the college ███
Raising butterflies.

Zyn enjoys light naps
During the afternoons, and
Photographing clouds.


███ ██ ███.

Please don’t ask about
The haikus. I will tell you
It wasn’t my fault.

Someone thought it would
Be funny to replace my
Bowl of noodle soup.

I guess I should have
Recognized Nine Thirty-One
Even with noodles.

Sorry. Next time I’ll
Make sure to get decent sleep.
I just wanted lunch.

Note: it was observed
the instant soup actually
seemed to taste better.

Effects of exposure to SCP-931 were noted to have worn off after approximately █ hours. Following the event, Researcher Zyn was assigned to minimal-effort clerical work for █ weeks.


Zyn and some friends.


They're absolutely stunning! Thank you so much, Lyrics Linn!


Zyn's Avatar

Quoth DopplerAffected: "I was 100% confident, without zooming in, that it was a smiley one-eyed toothless yellow monster thing. And I thought that for years. I still see him from time to time when I look at your avatar… he's kinda adorable."


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This is the coolest thing look at those awesome hats thanks Bryx!


Doctor Kiryu and Researcher Mercer

Eeeeeee look it's Mark and Riven being bros yaaayyy thank you OZ Ouroboros!!



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Dr Erdrich this is amazing and you are awesome

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