Researcher Wasp's Chitinous Personnel File
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Hello I am DL_Baryonyx, local frenchman roaming the lands of author blocks and procrastination.
I wrote my first SCP in 2018 after motivation finally pushed me to contribute on the community i have been following for a few years now. I am the leader of the SCP minecraft mod, SCP Lockdown as well as a former developper on SCP Unity.
Below are all my contributions. Sandbox

Main Site articles:

SCP-4169 - Carbonized Purgatory: This was my first article on the site. The history behind that SCP was me wanting to pay tribute to a scene that genuinely scared me as a kid, the famous bug pit scene of King Kong (2005). I'm surprised it's still on the site, as I wouldn't call it anything special. But I'm nonetheless proud of how it ended up, considering it was my very first article.

SCP-4178 - Arachnespheksophobia: I consider 4178 to be my first true article (and most successful). Originally an entry for the cliché contest in 2019 running in the spooky monster category. It was deleted after falling below -10. After picking it back up and enhancing it and commisionning an image to a friend, it was reposted and currently sits at +40.

SCP-4191 - Draco ignem: 4191 is a special case, originally it was the idea of a friend that worked a bit on it. After a year of inactivity he passed the torch onto me and i completed it using his feedback. 4191 is quite barebone but i took the opportunity of trying to make it interesting by doing something unusual, linking it with a foreign SCP! SCP-124-FR to be precise.

SCP-4307 - Electro-Marine Praetorian: Ahh 4307, written under 3 weeks not counting the wait for approval and feedback. 4307 was actually the very first SCP i came up with but was my third article on the site.

SCP-5038 - Welcome, to Panzer Reserve: 5038 is my latest project and came from my love of WW2 tanks. At first it was only going to be featuring millitary vehicles but I decided to expend the roster to any vehicle possessing an animal name.


SCP-031-FR - The Knowledge-Eaters

SCP-045-FR - Thieving Arthropod

SCP-059-FR - Blizzard's Claws

SCP-061-FR - The Kiwi

SCP-062-FR - The Perfect Predator

SCP-124-FR - Dragons ?

SCP-125-FR - Mark IV

Artwork made of my work:

SCP-4178 - Unknown artist:
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