Researcher Von Pincier's Personnel File

Name: Dr. ██████ Von Pincier/фон Пинсье1 has been known to pinch when aggravated and is in no way a cwab.

Security Clearance Level: Level 2

Duties: Site-93 Director Loafer-in-chief

Profession: Researcher, Historian, Occasional Chef

Location: Site-93, ████████████, Australia

History: Originally recruited as a historian, Von Pincier has recently decided to go on sabbatical from the Foundation, but refuses to leave the grounds of Site-93 because "It's too damn hot out there why did I agree to transfer to Australia." Site-93 personnel, when asked about this unusual sabbatical stay by Foundation Internal Affairs, responded "What? Oh, the guy in the carpet slippers who sometimes jogs down that hallway on level 4-L? I thought he was, like, one of the janitors or something."

Profile: Has demonstrated a notable affection for the number 13. Has a violent aversion to zucchini and styrofoam for unexplained reasons. Should never be assigned to tasks involving painting, the use of paint, or anything that could be construed as a form of painting. Insists that all items in personal profile should be written using stilted sentence structure.

Items under Von Pincier's supposed "Supervision":

Found shoved under various Site-93 office doors:

Items that just sort of turned up

I don't know what the heck these are but Von Pincier co-signed them?

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