Researcher Voct's personnel file

Researcher Voct is not Doctor Voct. He does not have a doctoral degree from an accredited educational institution.

Researcher Voct is not Agent Voct. He does not go on missions.

Researcher Voct is not Professor Voct. He does not teach classes.

Researcher Voct just finds things out.

Researcher Voct knows more trivia than is healthy.

Researcher Voct enjoys telling depressing stories.

Researcher Voct doesn't talk about himself very much.

Researcher Voct is very good at changing the subject.

Rossalcopter: I think it could be interesting, as long as the regenerating isn't excessive and they don't turn into a zombie horde.

Voct: … and, uh, if they do turn into a zombie horde? Who cleans it up then, mister?

Squeaky Neb: You do, Voct. Contact security for a standard sidearm and proceed to zombie containment.

SCPs for which Researcher Voct bears primary responsibility:

SCPs which Researcher Voct has discovered to be significantly unlike how they were originally presented:

SCPs to whose study Researcher Voct has been a major contributor:

SCPs which exist as a direct result of Researcher Voct's discoveries:

SCPs which have been studied by other personnel under the guidance of Researcher Voct:

SCPs which were studied by other personnel and subsequently relegated to Researcher Voct:

Other documents, compiled by Researcher Voct:

Other documents, compiled by other personnel as a direct result of Researcher Voct's discoveries

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