Researcher Nyka's File
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The sole surviving picture of Site-15's short-lived, in-house Synth-Pop band [Red Act ED]. From left to right: Researcher Nyka, Dr. ███████, and Research Assistant Stevens.

Name: Jacques Nyka

Site: Site-15

Clearance: Level 3

Duties: Researcher, Project DIAMOND head, lead vocalist and manager for [Red Act ED] (Never again!), periodic Serpent's Hand liaison

Inter-Foundation Publications: Nyka, Jacques. Project DIAMOND: Securing, Containing, and Protecting in the Digital Age. Foundation Comp. Journal. 45(09):620-626.

Provided documentation for the following SCPs:

Translated documents:

Miscellaneous filings:

Just to reiterate, any rumors that [Red Act ED] are planning to get back together are false. How we were able to convince the brass to even greenlight it in the first place is beyond me. The same goes for us releasing any of the music. We were barely able to perform it live. No. -JN

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