Researcher James "Paladin" Foster's Personnel File

Name: James "Paladin" Foster

Security Clearance Level: 2

Current Assignment: Researcher assigned to SCP-████

Location: Site-413

History: Foster has been in Foundation employ for █ years as of this writing. His work in SCP-████, SCP-███, and SCP-████ has been satisfactory, but several incidents have prevented Researcher Foster from promotion on numerous occasions. There has been some controversy over whether these incidents were the result of ignorance, negligence, or simple bad luck, however it is certain that Foster has never quite reached a level of professionalism appreciated in senior staff.

Given his experience in computer science and graphic design, Researcher Foster is ideal for assignments dealing with anomalous media and art. Otherwise, he has shown slight incompetence in more traditional scientific roles.

The precise origin of Researcher Foster's nickname "Paladin" is uncertain, though it is so widely used among staff that it is more commonly used than his actual name. Researcher Foster has refused to comment on the nickname, and shows general discomfort with it's use and origin.

Note: Following an incident involving SCP-███, Researcher Foster’s personal computer terminal is to undergo a weekly sweep for any unauthorized applications.
–A████████ █████████

How was I supposed to know it would interact with Minecraft like that? It's not like we knew it could actually [DATA-EXPUNGED]. Besides, I'm sure Carl will get his imagination back soon. Well, he might not regain his sense of proprioception, and I am deeply sorry about that. But who needs proprioception anyway? It's the most useless of the ten senses. -Foster


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