Researcher Calloway's Personnel File

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Researcher Calloway's Personnel File

Name: Fletcher Calloway

Security Clearance: Level 2

Information: Researcher Calloway is known for his research into several different anomalous phenomenon, and prides himself on attaining information about different anomalies. He has recently began compiling a group of "stories" about various SCP objects.

The list of collected stories is as follows:


They Stare

The Spirit of the Forest

He is personally responsible for filing the following SCP objects:

SCP-4920 - Take the Train

SCP-5405 - Bad Design

Bio: Researcher Calloway was hired for his remarkable acceptance of the anomalous. His ability to cope with and understand SCPs is unparalleled.

He was found in a small town in New Zealand, where he had already encountered several instances of [REDACTED]. When questioned as to how he survived these encounters, he replied in an unintelligible dialect. A professional linguist was brought in to assist translation. When questioned again, the linguist roughly translated his speech into "Aw, I kinda jus wingit, eh mate?" Since this time, Calloway has taken speech therapy classes to assist his use of proper language.

Since then, he worked his way up the ranks of the Foundation, and is currently occupying the position of Researcher.


Researcher Calloway has disappeared, possibly linked to SCP-4920. Any personnel who identify him should immediately apprehend him for questioning regarding event ████████.

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