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Quick little announcement: I likely won't write anything or be on the site in general for the next… 3-ish Months? My internet's currently borking like mad so I can't access chat, and once school holidays start I'm gonna stay away from the site to spend more time with family and such over christmas. I will write again eventually though, just gonna take a break over summer (Or winter if you're in the northern hemisphere). Anyway, peace.

Yeah I really don't have much to say OK let's just hecking go

Save Her - My first article, and my entry for the SCP-4000 contest. About a girl, and the lengths the Foundation would go to to protect her from harm.

"Mystery 32" (2104) - About a movie from the future, and a bit of a time loop.

Tight Bookshelves - Life as the only pataphysicist in Site-87 is busy and confusing.

And that's all I've wrote. So far anyway. I have A sandbox where all my ideas are, you can jump in and have a look at what I'm up to, just don't expect a beautifully curated list of golden ideas.

Well anyway, I'll see you around in the site19 chatroom (I lurk a TON), maybe I'll offer some crit, maybe something else. Until then!

Now stop fawning over me and go write, you goose!

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