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Dr. Reynard, please refrain from setting your password as 'Dr.' 'Reynard', '█', 'REDACTED', or any of the object classes. Your personnel file does contain sensitive information, and our time is valuable. That said, would the staff members who keep guessing Dr. Reynard's password please refrain from doing so, and editing his document? It's beginning to make recordkeeping difficult in regards to certain object's he's researched.


Dr. Reynard, in disguise.

Name: Dr. Betsy Rickroll1

Object Class:2 Euclid

Security Clearance: Level 2 gajillion 3

Profile: Dr. Beckham Reynard would like3, if he may4, to take you567 on a strange journey89. Dr. Reynard10 is 311 years old, and is currently assisting in the documentation, recovery, and containment of several12Euclid and Safe class SCPs. Dr. Reynard is currently stationed at Site-45.

History: Dr. Beckham Reynard joined the Foundation in the late 1900s after a long drug binge being kicked out of every town in the North American continent joining a recruitment drive wandering into site-19 in a drunken stupor. Previous history of Dr. Reynard is scarcely known, mostly due to his consistent neglect of filling out this article, but he is believed to have a wife husband bdsm playmate mom's basement that he returns to when not on site. Dr. Reynard was initially located at what was previously an abandoned castle, which was investigated after being reported mysteriously missing. Dr. Reynard was found in the wreckage, wearing copious amounts of makeup and a feather boa. Investigation of Dr. Reynard's claim of aliens from '█████████, ███████████' is underway, but unlikely to produce results.

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