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Greetings, fellow humans!

If by any chance you clicked the link to this page, it probably means you read one of my articles. How about you learn who I am then? I'm RallistonRalliston1, an amateur writer on the SCP Wiki.

I'm a very proud owner of two of the bestest girls, Fiffy and Franny2 (of Fifka and Franka, as dog names don't translate well), a giant science-nerd, and an unhealthy fan of Queen and David Bowie.

I write a thing or two once in a while, and hopefully some day I will actually get to those three articles!

Wait, you're telling me that already happened? Huh, time flies by quickly. Anyways, welcome to my authorpage then!

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- SCP-5464 - The responsibility we bear - [+86]

"SCP-5464 will enter its activation phase, manifesting its anomalous traits at the inception of an event of historical or political significance to Poland. In this phase, SCP-5464 will demanifest from its current location and will manifest in a place of significance to the inciting event, becoming an ongoing active participant."

- SCP-0000-EX - An Ode to The Forgotten - [+27]

"All Foundation files regarding "The All-seeing Eye" are to be limited access to the Overseer Council. All mentions of "Project Immortality" and other actions regarding inter-dimensional analyzing of deaths of alternate individuals are to be expunged from Foundation databases."

- SCP-5936 - Those that do not wish to be forgotten -[+18]

"To ensure personnel safety following Event 5936-1, upon entering SCP-5936, all individuals are to thaumaturgically protect themselves by saying the following phrase loudly and clearly: "I am me. My body is mine and mine only." All personnel failing to do so are to leave the entry point under the threat of immediate termination."

Hopefully this tab will never be needed, but life is life. If no one can contact me6 or cannot find any information regarding my whereabouts for over 2 years, I would like for PedagonPedagon, VeraltaVeralta, and Grigori KarpinGrigori Karpin, to take full control of all of my articles, except for collaborations, which go to their respective co-authors.

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