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Ralliston's Authorpage

If by any chance you clicked the link to this page, it probably means you read one of my articles. Hello then! I'm RallistonRalliston1, an amateur writer on the SCP Wiki.

I've been a book worm and a piano player since I can really remember, and as you might see, my writing is inspired by different books by a long shot. I don't really write a lot of memorable things here, but hopefully if I keep my pace I'll write something people will talk about some time in the future.

For more personal stuff if you want to know that for some reason, I'm 18, I come from Poland and go by he/him. Small trivia you'll probably not care much for, I'm the guy who suggested the "nameless" tag and who made the "Secret Christmas Presents" Achievement Badge. It's not like it matters, but that's something to think about. Without further ado though, let's actually get to the contents of this page, shall we?

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- SCP-5464 - The Responsibility We Bear - [+134]

"SCP-5464 will enter its activation phase, manifesting its anomalous traits at the inception of an event of historical or political significance to Poland. In this phase, SCP-5464 will demanifest from its current location and will manifest in a place of significance to the inciting event, becoming an ongoing active participant."

- SCP-0000-EX - An Ode to The Forgotten - [+60]

"All Foundation files regarding "The All-seeing Eye" are to be limited access to the Overseer Council. All mentions of "Project Immortality" and other actions regarding inter-dimensional analyzing of deaths of alternate individuals are to be expunged from Foundation databases."

- SCP-5936 - Those That Do Not Wish To Be Forgotten - [+39]

"To ensure personnel safety following Event 5936-1, upon entering SCP-5936, all individuals are to thaumaturgically protect themselves by saying the following phrase loudly and clearly: "I am me. My body is mine and mine only." All personnel failing to do so are to leave the entry point under the threat of immediate termination."

- SCP-0110-J - Personal Retirement, Effective Immediately - [+107]

"SCP-0110-J is an anomalous relationship between the number of Object Classes within the SCP Foundation's database and the number of months until an inevitable ÓK-Universe Collapse Scenario. The event has been noted to inevitably occur on 09/09/2030 within all observable multiverses."

- SCP-5890 - Within The Inner Prisons We Ourselves Made - [+36]

"The knowledge of the 1984-FALL Incident is to be limited to Foundation personnel of Clearance Level 3 or higher - all other individuals, including the entirety of the population of the Eastern regions of Poland, are to be administered amnestics."

- SCP-5795 - High Court - [+46]

"Operation High Court is currently ongoing. All resources of the Foundation's Polish Branch are to be focused on preventing as much damage to Eastern Poland as possible."

- SCP-5659 - A Beast of Lust And Hatred Born - [+133]

(My entry in the 2021 Cupid Contest)

"From materials found within Section C upon initial discovery, it was deduced that SCP-5659 is, or is at least an avatar of, the Slavic god of lust and negative affection, Jarilo. Despite being described as a peaceful deity within most Slavic mythology material, SCP-5659 appears to be heavily aggressive; a satisfactory theory explaining the discrepancy is yet to be determined."

Hopefully this tab will never be needed, but life is life. If no one can contact me4 or cannot find any information regarding my whereabouts for over 2 years, I would like for:

  • VeraltaVeralta to take control of all of my Obearwatch Command and animal-related articles,
  • HarryBlankHarryBlank | DysadronDysadron | Grigori KarpinGrigori Karpin to take control of all of my articles regarding AETWMA. Ideally, the ownership would either be split into every third article being given to one of them or all of the articles being given to all of said people,
  • Jasiu06Jasiu06 to take control of all of my articles published on the Polish Branch,
  • PedagonPedagon to take control of every other article that doesn't fit the three prior requests.

In such a case, I allow them to edit my articles to their liking as long as the overall story and themes remains the same.

The only exceptions are of course collaborations, which go to their respective co-authors.

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