Psychiatric Profile For Researcher Lee Byron
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Name: Lee "Kraito" Byron

Clearance: Level 3

Location: Site-19

Date of Birth: 09/18/1959

Age: 49 years, 11 months

Dates of Testing: █-18-██, █-25-██, █-1-██, █-9-██, █-16-██, █-22-██

Tests Given:

  • Bijhan-Ghost Test of Visual-Motor Integration (BGVMT)
  • Blast-Glass Psychological Aptitude Scale(BGPAS)
  • Grungkok Comprehensibility Exam(GCE)
  • Standard Psionic Resistence Index Testing(PRI)
  • Mann-Iceberg Scientific Competency Exam(MICE)
  • Sharpnose Adult Intelligence Scale- Third Edition (SAIS-III)


Researcher Byron has a documented history of having difficulty working under duress, and due to the nature of his current project it has been decided that a re-evaluation is necessary.

Background Information

Lee Byron is an expert in telepathic phenomenon, having trained under the late Dr. Jagyr. Lee came to his current employment with the Foundation after being recruited from Prometheus Labs in 19██. Since then, he has been instrumental in our research on various Prometheus related projects within Site-19. Since his recruitment, he has received two promotions, and currently has Level 3 clearance.

However, there has also been a history of projects he works on being removed from Foundation study. Of all the projects Researcher Byron has worked on, 11 have been neutralized, 9 destroyed by negligence, and 2 being decommissioned. This has contributed to Lee having a history of depression, which he has had medication for in the past. He is not currently on any medication.


Lee has reported having a normal birth in the city of ██████, and is allergic to shellfish. The only major medical issue that has come up in recent history is his depression, for which he was issued standard Level-3 personnel antidepressants. He has not been on nor has he requested any type of medication for the past 1 year and 4 months.


As stated above, Researcher Byron is an expert in telepathic phenomenon, after his tutelage on the subject by the late Dr. Jagyr. Prior to his employment with the Foundation, he had achieved a masters degree in engineering and physics. He graduated from his high school in 1976.

Behavioral Observations

During each evaluation, Lee was noted as being lethargic, with slow reaction times and having trouble communicating. Researcher Byron exhibited sudden mood swings, typically manic. Our assessment indicates that Researcher Byron has great difficulty reading body language and did not appear to notice changes in pitch when he was spoken to by the tester. Furthermore, it became evident that he didn't understand the emotional cues of others.

It has been determined that Researcher Byron is suffering from sleep deprivation, and has been given medication and a sleeping regimen to accommodate his schedule. A follow up examination has been scheduled for the upcoming months.


Kraito froze. Someone had said his name. There was someone in his room. Why would there be someone in his room? Could be Masipag… or Cyrus. Hopefully not Cyrus. But it didn't sound like either of them… actually who did that sound like? Kraito frowned. He didn't know anyone who sounded like that. Wait, the lights weren't even on. Why is there someone in the dark? There's only one way to know, so…

His eyes flicked open, and glanced around. The static stillness of his dormitory greeted him, and confused him. Nobody there? Then who had said his name…. maybe it was these new sleeping pills. He never trusted pills.

"Do you remember, Lee?"

Scrambling out of his bed, Kraito pressed himself up to a thin dormitory wall.

"Who's there?" He'd hoped to sound intimidating, but it came out as a whisper.

"Not here to harm. But it is time for the symphony to resume. The intermission has gone on long enough, the crescendo must be reached."

"What… the hell are you… talking about?" Kraito stammered. He was having trouble speaking. There wasn't anything he could remember about this. All he knew was the voice sounded so familiar, and musical.

"The symphony isn't over Lee. It needs its conductor. Will be able to take place, and rise as the final notes are played."

"I… can't…" Kraito could feel the slick wetness of sweat running down his body. This couldn't be true, this wasn't how it happened… he couldn't breathe, oh god… the music… they were singing… it was all in the band.

"Lee, don't you remember, how the children used to sing?"

"I… do…"

"You learned your part so well, Lee. Of course you remember."

The next morning, Lee Byron woke up feeling aches from his back. When he'd eaten his breakfast, he whistled a little tune for himself. He didn't remember where he heard it, but it was a rather nice tune, all things considered. Lee would whistle it all the way to work.

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