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Sloth's Pit, Wisconsin Anomalous Incidents Records
911 Call made on 18/10/2017 from the Pyramid Inn, Sloth's Pit, Wisconsin to Douglas County Dispatch
Begin Transcript

Dispatch: Douglas County 911, do you require police, fire or ambulance?

POI: I-I-I don't know.

Dispatch: What's happening, madam?

[Several seconds of shaky breathing]

Dispatch: Hello?

POI: I'm… I'm at the Pyramid Inn on Talon Street, by the edge of town in Sloth's Pit? I can't get out of my room.

Dispatch: Are you trapped in your room, ma'am? Is someone keeping you there?

POI: No, I… every time I go out of my room and open a door— any door, the elevator, the door to the stairs, it just… I end up back in my room, and I don't know how!

Dispatch: Ma'am, I'm going to be transferring your call now. There are people trained for this situation specifically.

POI: Okay.

[Several seconds of silence, with shaky breathing, as the phone call transfers. Analysis of the call indicates that there is a slight sloshing sound in the background, as if water is being splashed in a bathtub or sink.]

Director Nina Weiss: Director Weiss's Office, to whom am I speaking?

POI: Director? [Pauses] The police said that I was going to be transferred to someone wh-who could help me. I'm at the Pyramid Inn on Talon Avenue, and I can't leave my room.

Director Weiss: [inhaling sharply] Okay. What's your name?

POI: Martha. My name's Martha. I'm in… room thirteen, on the third floor, and every time I leave m-m-my room, [incoherent speech] back to it! I can't get in the elevator, I can't get into any other room, every time I open any door, I end up in my room! [soft sobbing]

Director Weiss: Room thirteen? [Pauses] Are you positive?

POI: Y-yes, Ma'am, miss Weiss.

Director Weiss: There is no room thirteen on any floor of the Pyramid.

POI: What? Oh god.

Director Weiss: We've been having trouble there a while now. I'm afraid you may have been caught up in something strange, Martha. [sounds of footsteps; likely Director Weiss pacing] Don't panic. Has anything in your room changed on your returns to it?

POI: Uh, um. The TV's been on a few times, it's… it's been playing speeches by Reagan.

Director Weiss: What kind of speeches?

POI: Uh, I don't know. It was… I think it was his inauguration? Don't know why it'd play that. I tried changing the channels, and all of them are on programs from the 1980s. What the hell, what the hell, what the hell…

Director Weiss: Okay, so it's not Cut Up While Talking. Anything else?

POI: I, uh, um. Shit, I think that there's a… my luggage has moved. It was on my bed, I was packing up, and then it was on the floor after I came back.

Director Weiss: Is everything in your luggage, Martha?

POI: Uh… I'll check.

[A soft tap is heard as the phone is put down on a surface, followed by the sound of clothing being rummaged through. Several seconds later, a loud scream is heard on the line, and the phone is knocked to the floor, where it is picked up by the POI, who is incoherent for several seconds]

Director Weiss: Martha? What's wrong, what happened?


Director Weiss: Please, calm down. I-I need you to tell me what happened.

POI: Th-th-there's a goddamn hand in my luggage! I looked through it, and it reached out and g-grabbed me! Oh god, what the fuck. [sobbing] I-I have burn marks on my arm! It burned me! It grabbed my arm and burned me!

Director Weiss: Martha, I'm going to need you to stay calm. I'm going to go off the phone for a little bit. A team will arrive at your location soon, all right?

POI: …all right. Thank you, Nina.

[Director Weiss places their receiver down, and opens a communication channel with the commander of MTF-Sigma-10]

Director Weiss: Sigma-10, we need a squad scrambled at the Pyramid Inn, we have a Code Vorhees, repeat, Code Vorhees. Civilian is trapped inside a triskaidekic anomaly on the third floor, spectral activity highly possible.

S10 Command: Copy that, Director. Squad nine is in the area, we'll have them dispatched immediately.

Director Weiss: Thank you.

[Director Weiss retrieves their receiver]

Director Weiss: Martha, we're coming to get you out.

POI: Thank you, thank you. God, I'm hungry. I've been stuck here all morning.

Director Weiss: The Pyramid usually has some snacks in the mini-fridge.

POI: Okay.

[Silence, and then a loud growl, followed by a scream and loud, clattering sounds, presumably the receiver being fumbled with]

POI: FUCK! The Mini-fridge tried to bite me!

Director Weiss: Are you hurt?

POI: No, no. It grazed me. I'm… I've climbed up onto the table, now.

Director Weiss: Don't you have a cell phone?

POI: No, I don't. What's— [several foosteps are heard in the background of the call] wait, I think I hear them.

Director Weiss: [Addressing Sigma-10 Leader] Sigma-10-9, command. Can you confirm you're in the Pyramid?"

S10L: Confirmed, Director. We're standing near where we think the anomalous aperture is. Ready to infiltrate.

Director Weiss: They're coming in for you, Martha. Don't worry.

POI: Thank you, Nina. I'm so hungry. Thank you.

[Several second pause, and a click, indicating Director Weiss is in the process of placing down their receiver, before they suddenly retrieve it.]

Director Weiss: I never gave you my first name, Martha.

POI: [laughing] You don't have to. You've stayed here before. I know the names of everyone who's stayed at the Pyramid. [A sound of rushing wind is heard, along with the breaking down of a wall as Sigma-10-9 infiltrates the space the POI occupies.] I'm so hungry. I think I'll have some breakfast.

Director Weiss: What— [the connection between Director Weiss and the POI is terminated.] Oh god. Oh my god. [Director Weiss, panicked, addresses Sigma-10 Command] Sigma-10, recall Squad 9 immediately! Recall them! Now!

S10 Command: You're breaking up, director.


[Sigma-10-9's comms start emitting sounds of combat; gunfire, unidentified snapping sounds, loud gurgling, and several screams, before several seconds of silence]

Director Weiss: Sigma-10-9?

[S10-9L's comms respond to Director Weiss. S10-9L is not speaking.]

Unknown Entity: Thanks for the room service, Nina. It's far easier than ordering take-out.

Life sign monitors of all Sigma-10-9 agents indicate that all members of the task force are still alive, but experiencing heightened heart rate and adrenaline levels, consistent with a fear response.

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