Popsioak’s All New Squid Garden: Featuring Mint and Thyme Too!
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behold, my STUFF


Just a literal fuckin’ tree. Yes. I am a personnel which happens to be a tree. Shut up.

Top of the morning, Popsioak here, in all my popsicly, oaky, glory. I spent much time pruning these articles. Leafy, branchy, woody greatness baby. Like, bro, you should probably read these while i got more on the way, because I hope you’re not gonna be disappointed the fuck outta me.

In reality, I’m a nerd-ass Sikh dude from California, and I’m just trying to write some articles, while I got some downtime. I really enjoy writing, aside from debate, a nice cup o’ coffee, reading, and Yu-Gi-Oh!, baby. If you like any of those things, don’t hesitate to send me a message. I’m always looking for folks to talk to, as long as you’re not a dick!

Claim to fame: Giving really nice Sikh History lectures in the middle of SCPD.

A fun little game that i really like playing, you too can do it in 4 short steps

1. Have an idea

2. Tell people about the idea

3. write the idea and ask for a fuckton of crit

5. regret your life choices after it’s posted

Self-Seeded SCPs

SCP-4184: Threnody, Requiem, Dirge

SCP-4185: we outrun yourself

SCP-4186: Postcards From Italy

SCP-4187: Bu(r)g(er) King

SCP-4215: The Inkredible Squiddy Squaddy

SCP-4285:Dank Memetics

SCP-4735: You're alight again, my dear.

Co-Created Conifers

SCP-4218: alexylvauniversity.edu and Administrative Leave with TechSorcerer2747TechSorcerer2747

Total Tally of To-Do Trees

1. write the gundam skip for xilas

2. write the Hari Singh Nalwa is an ash ghost that induces phobias in ya

3. work up the courage to post the tornado shakespeare skip

4. fix the ritualistic beatle beetles

5. Write the Ethereal Wisdom Teeth to piss off nyaaly

6. ???

7. Profit

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