popsioak's garden: or, how i learned that i can kinda write yeah woo yeah woo woo
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behold, my STUFF


Just a literal fuckin’ tree. Yes. I am a personnel which happens to be a tree. Shut up.

Top of the morning, Popsioak here, in all my popsicly, oaky, glory. I spent much time pruning these articles. Leafy, branchy, woody greatness baby. Like, bro, you should probably read these while i got more on the way, because I hope you’re not gonna be disappointed the fuck outta me.

In reality, I’m a nerd-ass Sikh dude from California, and I’m just trying to write some articles, while I got some downtime. I really enjoy writing, aside from debate, a nice cup o’ coffee, reading, and Yu-Gi-Oh!, baby. If you like any of those things, don’t hesitate to send me a message. I’m always looking for folks to talk to, as long as you’re not a dick!

Claim to fame: Giving really nice Sikh History lectures in the middle of SCPD.

A fun little game that i really like playing, you too can do it in 4 short steps

1. Have an idea

2. Tell people about the idea

3. write the idea and ask for a fuckton of crit

5. regret your life choices after it’s posted

Self-Seeded SCPs

SCP-4184: Threnody, Requiem, Dirge

SCP-4185: we outrun yourself

SCP-4186: Postcards From Italy

SCP-4187: Bu(r)g(er) King

SCP-4215: The Inkredible Squiddy Squaddy

SCP-4285:Dank Memetics

SCP-4735: You're alight again, my dear.

SCP-4437: Going Forward, Really, Really Fast


Co-Created Conifers

SCP-4218: alexylvauniversity.edu and Administrative Leave with TechSorcerer2747TechSorcerer2747

SCP-4457: Assopods with glewmieglewmie

SCP-5111: Fermi, Exterminated with WinterShadowWinterShadow

SCP-5550: I, Singh, My Body Collected with Brewsterion 1017Brewsterion 1017

Total Tally of To-Do Trees

1. live

2. write stuff

3. work up the courage to do you know what

4. listen to tall ships

5. iunno, do stuff i guess

6. ???

7. Profit

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