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Person of Interest #3181-198


PoI #3181-198


PoI #3181-198 is former Foundation employee Christoph Roland Ashington (CrashingtonCrashington on SciPNet). He was employed in Site-462 in Thuringia, Germany, before absconding with all documents independently or cooperatively authored by him.



His 2 budgerigars 'Zephii' (left) and 'Ori' (right), last seen flying away with PoI #3181-198, who was keeping them close by holding a long thread wrapped around their bodies.


His dog 'Stella', last seen running away by PoI #3181-198's side.

PoI #3181-198 was born in 1998 in █████████, Germany, born to █████████ ███████████ and ██████ ██████.
His interests include riding the bike, swimming, video games (roguelikes/lites, cooperative games and point&click adventures), manga (horror and shounen), drawing (his portfolio is attached below), programming and his pets (seen to the right).

He shows the most interest in anomalies that delve into horror, have short articles or start very simple and end in something grander.

Independently Written Documents

SCP-4534 - [E] - Thousands of Photographs of my Favourite Women
[12 May 2019 13:12] [+101] [Comments: 21] [Last Comment: 10 Aug 2019 07:39]

Crash's Flashy Art Dash
[14 Mar 2019 16:51] [+39] [Comments: 9] [Last Comment: 28 Jul 2019 23:15]

Co-authored Documents

SCP-4714 - [S] - My Unicorn Friend
[01 Jul 2019 02:50] [+18] [Comments: 9] [Last Comment: 23 Jul 2019 12:36]

Dr. Isabel Helga (...)
[01 Jul 2019 02:54] [+36] [Comments: 7] [Last Comment: 01 Jul 2019 21:19]

Personal Notes Left Behind Regarding Specific Documents

SCP Articles



Miscellaneous Notes and Documents

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