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JakdragonX, otherwise known as Jaxon McKay, is a Foundation employee originating from Indiana. His employment began in August of 2019, where he started as a Junior Researcher in Site 19. JakdragonX has since become a Senior Researcher, and as such has dedicated most of his time towards writing and reviewing documented anomalies.

Before his introduction to the Foundation, JakdragonX was an amateur boxer and a Security Analyst for another corporation. He enjoys reading, writing, and learning about technology/space. JakdragonX has also shown an interest in pataphysical, ectoentropic, and cyber-related anomalies.

Written Documents:


The first introduced SCP from Jak
+28 · 3 comments
20 Dec 2019 17:44
Page SCP-4983 Title The Lost Storyteller
Rating +28 Notes What the hell is Shêraa?
Published 20 Dec 2019 17:44 Genre Emotional? I guess?
Summary It's a blind old man who transfers equally blind memories through touch. What else do you need?
Quote "Is this thing that's blocking me…? Wait… that isn't what I think it is. Obidiah, please don't tell me that this thing in front of me is…"
Last comment #3 from JakdragonXJakdragonX on 20 Dec 2019 20:37
A collab with Jak and IronDruid
+94 · 32 comments
14 Jan 2020 05:00
Page SCP-5018 Title The Broken Rose
Rating +94 Notes Lo0k M@, hAX!
Published 14 Jan 2020 05:00 Genre Absolutely zero idea
Summary A computer virus capable of opening electromagnetic locks connected to the Foundation network.
Quote "I will rip every petal from this rose's stem until the Foundation can understand what it's doing. I will lay it broken along the side of the road where it belongs."
Last comment #32 from IronDruidIronDruid on 20 Mar 2020 09:04
This SCP has escalated Jaks fear of teeth by about 10.
+54 · 17 comments
20 Feb 2020 18:34
Page SCP-5150 Title Anomalous Dental Office
Rating +54 Notes Teeth have never been more terrifying!
Published 20 Feb 2020 18:34 Genre Horror, Suspense
Summary A rogue dental office who oddly enjoys torturing their customers!
Quote "Are you blind? That psycho-chick just ripped my fucking teeth out!"
Last comment #17 from RokonuxaRokonuxa on 10 May 2020 16:45
train scp (2).jpg
Who said the "afterlife" was overrated?!
+62 · 12 comments
01 Mar 2020 00:48
Page SCP-5850 Title A Train to Hell
Rating +62 Notes The afterlife, olf values… what's happening?
Published 01 Mar 2020 00:48 Genre Emotional
Summary A constantly moving train, equipped with its own afterlife!
Quote "[He covers his ears.] Sorry, what? I'm having a hard time hearing you due to this loud-ass fucking train!"
Last comment #12 from KhaimKhaim on 15 May 2020 04:40
Introducing a new Westhead Media skip!
+49 · 8 comments
08 Mar 2020 02:52
Page SCP-5343 Title The "For-You News" App!
Rating +49 Notes But how do you subscribe though?
Published 08 Mar 2020 02:52 Genre Emotional
Summary A mobile news app that steals your memories! How fun is that?
Quote "I fell down some stairs today walking to dinner."
Last comment #8 from Dr RuthDr Ruth on 21 Mar 2020 19:14
Collab with Karakatt!
+39 · 10 comments
16 May 2020 04:22
Page SCP-5963 Title Dark Nights at ShowBiz Pizza
Rating +39 Notes "Ooh FNAF!"
Published 16 May 2020 04:22 Genre Suspense, Horror
Summary Six children were kidnapped and killed. What happened to them?
Quote "ShowBiz Pizza Place has temporarily closed after the abduction of six children: Christopher Holems, Emily Hunt, William Duncan, Harper Reed, Justin Reed, and Mathew Gardiner, all of whom have not been seen since early last month."
Last comment #10 from Grigori KarpinGrigori Karpin on 03 Jul 2020 08:21


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Final Notes:

In the event that you must contact JakdragonX, or otherwise require his assistance/wish to collaborate with him, you can message him using any of these methods:

  • Discord: JakdragonX#0728
  • IRC: "Jak" (Please Note: Depending on location, time, or situation, this name may change. Please adjust accordingly.)
  • Wikidot: JakdragonXJakdragonX
  • Twitter: (apparently) @JakdragonX

If you wish to view currently work-in-progress material, you can find his sandbox here. JakdragonX would also like to recommend the following Foundation personnel to look into in the event that you are "looking for stuff to do."

Note: I hope you enjoyed reading through this all! Please don't be a stranger, come say hi! I love company <3 - JakdragonX


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