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hello. i am pastarasta1, and i really do like drawing because it is really fun to do. the scp foundation is a good community as has a lot of great things to draw. its also a big part of my life because i have none its inspired me a lot to create things.

anyway, this will be where i upload art and talk about it. i want to thank everyone who has told me that my art was ok. call these my "art highlights". also it will get really opinionated in some spots because i think someone out there cares? idk i care about opinions on the internet a lot and i love it when plp do this.

also this is my new youtube channel for my shitposting and art needs, dont take this channel too seriously its really bad:

WARNING: some of my art contains blood and gore and sometimes rlly heavy themes.

My page is updated almost always daily.

I recommend clicking and dragging the pictures into the url to view them fully, it's the best way to look at them.



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