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The pounding fists of the void had moved without ripples in their wake.

His heat lingered on the deck for just a few days… and he was gone.

The cruel cold of the void rushed down upon us, giving us barely any time to prepare. However we were able to endure, temporarily.

But that wouldn't do.


It's funny to me how naive we were, despite all the cases proving otherwise we always assumed we could just… fix it all in the end. Of course it was hopeless, and eventually we understood.

It was out of our control.


The others began moving beneath deck. Cowering from the void and its ice-cold breath. And reluctantly, I decided to cower with them. As much as I like to deny it, I too fear the uncontained void above.

As if a hole in the ground would somehow save us in the end.


The boat generates its own heat down here, but it's not enough. Not for me, not for us. It's just… not him.

What I would do to feel his warmth again… this place is no substitute. It's counterfeit, a pathetic imitation.


We can't even steer, not without a wheel. We were never given enough time to build one.

I'm tired of this fucking hole…


I met this kid down here, quiet guy, deep eyes, kept to himself a lot. I decided to strike up a conversation, we talked for a bit and eventually after I had explained my point of view I asked how he felt about this place. He conceded that he felt very much like I do, absolutely miserable, trapped in humanity's concluding tomb.

So, after some further discussion we decided that we weren't going to waste away down in this pit of despair with everyone else. With some effort we managed to convince the others to let us leave. We said our goodbyes and wished them luck, like that'd save them.


We put on our suits, stepped above, and walked. Past all our derelict architecture and discarded history, until we reached the bow of the ship. I sat down and looked forward upon the horizon bordering that eternal night and our meager ground…

And I saw land. Straight ahead in the direction we were floating towards… far far away. Too far to get to in any one lifetime.

And that would do.


For the first time since we stepped out of that hole, he spoke to me.

"You wanna know something funny?"

He said, with a sedated smile.

"Sure, why not."

"Before all this, most of our sites had just finished phasing out nuclear power in exchange for what was pitched as 'Cleaner and Safer!' renewable solar energy…"

"Shit, really? Wonder who greenlit that shit, poor guy."

"Heh… yeah…"

He sat down beside me and looked upon the horizon.

"I wonder what will come after us…"








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