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div.text-part > :nth-child(1) { animation-delay: calc(0.6s * var(--timeScale) + var(--timeDelay)); }
div.text-part > :nth-child(2) { animation-delay: calc(0.75s * var(--timeScale) + var(--timeDelay)); }
div.text-part > :nth-child(3) { animation-delay: calc(0.86s * var(--timeScale) + var(--timeDelay)); }
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    animation-fill-mode: backwards;
div.main-class > *,  div.disrupt-class > *, div.risk-class > * {
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    animation-fill-mode: backwards;
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    animation-iteration-count: 1;
    animation-timing-function: cubic-bezier(.12,.41,.27,.99);
    animation-fill-mode: backwards;
div.diamond-part {
    clip-path: polygon( -10% 0.37%, 120% 0.37%, 120% 100%, -10% 100%);
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    animation-delay: calc(0.5s * var(--timeScale) + var(--timeDelay));
    animation-iteration-count: 1;
    animation-timing-function: cubic-bezier(.32,.38,.39,.94);
    animation-fill-mode: backwards;
    will-change: box-shadow;
@media (max-width: 480px ) {
    .anom-bar > .bottom-box::before {
    .anom-bar > .bottom-box {
        box-shadow: 0 -0.5rem 0 0 rgb(var(--black-monochrome, 12, 12, 12))!important;
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        animation-name: bar-mobile;
        animation-duration: calc(0.9s * var(--timeScale));
    div.top-center-box > :nth-child(1) { animation-delay: calc(0.1s * var(--timeScale) + var(--timeDelay)); }
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    div.top-center-box > :nth-child(3) { animation-delay: calc(0.3s * var(--timeScale) + var(--timeDelay)); }
    div.top-center-box > :nth-child(4) { animation-delay: calc(0.4s * var(--timeScale) + var(--timeDelay)); }
    div.top-center-box > :nth-child(5) { animation-delay: calc(0.5s * var(--timeScale) + var(--timeDelay)); }
    div.top-center-box > :nth-child(6) { animation-delay: calc(0.6s * var(--timeScale) + var(--timeDelay)); }
@keyframes divider {
    from { max-width: 0%;  }
    to { max-width: 100%; }
@keyframes bar {
    from { max-width: 0%; }
    to { max-width: 100%; }
@keyframes bar-mobile {
    from { max-height: 0%; }
    to { max-height: 100%; }
@keyframes bottomup {
    from { top: 100px; }
    to { top: 0; }
@keyframes expand1 {
    from { opacity: 0; clip-path: inset(0 calc(100% - 0.75rem) 0 0);}
    to { opacity: 1; clip-path: inset(0);}
@keyframes iconslide {
    from { opacity: 0; transform: translateX(-5rem);}
    to { opacity: 1; transform: translateX(0);}
@keyframes expand2 {
    from { opacity: 0; max-width: 1%;}
    to { opacity: 1; max-width: 100%;}
@keyframes fade {
    from { opacity: 0;}
    to { opacity: 1;}
@keyframes flowIn {
    from { opacity: 0; transform: translateY(20px); }
    to { opacity: 1; transform: translateY(0); }
@keyframes arrowspin {
    from { clip-path: circle(0%); transform: rotate(135deg); }
    to { clip-path: circle(75%); transform: rotate(0deg); }
@keyframes nodegrow {
    from { transform: scale(0);}
    to {  transform: scale(1);}
@keyframes diamondBorder {
    from { box-shadow: -0.5rem -20rem 0 0 rgb(var(--black-monochrome, 12, 12, 12)); }
    to { box-shadow: -0.5rem 0 0 0 rgb(var(--black-monochrome, 12, 12, 12)); }
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    font-style: initial;
    color: transparent;
    position: relative; top: -0.25em; font-size: 92%;
    padding: .2em calc(.21em - 0.4px) .12em calc(.11em - 1px);
    margin-left: -0.06em;
    margin-right: -0.25em;
    counter-increment: megacount;
    user-select: none;
.fnnum::after {
    content: "" counter(megacount);
    color: var(--fnColor, #E6283C);
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    font-style: initial;
    text-align: initial;
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    content: counter(megacount);
    font-size: initial;
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    .fnnum:hover + .fncon {
        left: 11%;

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In a rat-proof, rain-proof dug-out (and it's splinter-proof as well)

Where we got the stuff to build it is a thing I mustn't tell,

But we've made it strong and solid, and we're cosy, rain or shine,

In our happy little dug-out on the firing line.

— Edgar W. McInnis

Welcome to Site-43! We're different.

Looking for scary monsters in solid boxes? This place isn't for you. Looking to feed people into a meat grinder? You'll have better luck at Site-19. Looking for a relaxed backwater full of eccentric academics, and a chance to try out some crazier containment techniques? Come see what we get up to down below.


There's a few things you need to know before you get settled in. First of all, have you got any reflective objects on your person? Anything made of glass, or clear plastic? We're gonna have to confiscate those. No, they should have told you before you arrived. See, there's a mirror monster loose in the compound, and the best part is, that's intentional.

It might take you some time to get used to this place. Why not ride the Inter-Sectional Subway System and check out Intake Point Nine-Four, in the middle of Lake Huron? It's all glassed-in, and it's quite a view. Maybe you'll spot one of the underwater panthers that are loose on the lakebed! That's also intentional.

We handle containment differently at Site-43. We have to, because we can't actually take on more super-dangerous anomalies. We've still got quite a few, but they're the ones we can't move. After the annual magic gunk refinery explosions started happening, we…

Hey! Where are you going?

I'm glad you decided to stay. I have some stories to tell you about this place, and the people who work here, and the people who don't work here anymore. We keep a lot of secrets down here in the dark.

Ah… what's your security clearance again? Never mind, don't tell me.


Phase One:

Adventures in Acroamatic Abatement


SCP-5056: The Constant Companions

Yeah, let's start with this one. It's a good introduction to the way things work in this place. Okay, so there's this janitor, and his visible friend, right? They're gonna die of old age here.


SCP-5056 Experiment and Incident Reports

Hey, that's the Site Director! He's been the Site Director for more than twenty years, minus a two-week period where… hahaha, oh man, funny story. Okay, maybe not funny, but…


SCP-5109: The One-Time Password

We don't talk about this one much anymore. It looked like it was gonna be the Next Big Thing, but then there was that unfortunate business with the bombs, and… well.


SCP-5243: The Breach that Keeps On Breaching

Ugh, is it that time of year again? Go into your room, lock the door, and if you hear explosions, don't worry about it. They're old explosions.


The Significant Others, Part "A"

So, you remember the mirror monster? About that mirror monster…


The Significant Others, Part "B"

I hope things turn out well for the janitor, he's a pretty swell dude.

Phase Two:

The Past is a Foreign Element


SCP-CASH4D-J: The People Person

Things sure have changed. Used to be they didn't think twice about feeding human beings into geometric meat grinders. Why'd they stop? Well, there's this underground urban legend…


SCP-5382: The Cure, and What Ails You

You want to hear about how this place got started? Oh, sure, it's an interesting story. A long, interesting story. A long interesting story about a textually-transmitted disease and the pseudoscience ads that have cured it for four hundred years. Do I have your attention yet?


SCP-5494: The Lords of the Beneath World

How about those underwater panthers, eh? Can you believe it, they actually tried to capture them back when they were building the Site. Hahaha. Boy, that turned out well.


SCP-5520: The Rabbit Hole

Come here for a second. You see that door? That one, right there? Don't ever open that door. Why? Because it leads to a gigantic ravine and a gigantic underground factory. They say it's haunted. And then they get amnesticized, because it's SECRET haunted!

Phase Three:

Atypical Containment


The B&B Decommission

Have you met Dr. Blank and Dr. Bradbury? They used to be quite the team, back in the day. They're quite the team again, thanks to what happened during that whole General Bowe disaster. You didn't hear about that? It's a great object lesson in why our way works.


Secure Facility Dossier: Site-43

I think you're ready for the big picture. It's got lots of small pictures in it, if you get bored.


Dead Dogs, Magic Mounties

Are you a history buff? Yeah, not a lot of people are. But the history of this place is truly wacko, so I think it's worth taking a dive into. Just don't breathe too deep.


Everything You Need to Know About Acroamatic Abatement But Were Too Confused by the Name to Ask

Don't believe the title. You're not gonna learn how to break down esoteric effluence by reading this. You might just learn how to become a better researcher, though.

Phase Four:

Back to the Present


SCP-5618: The Dead End

So, keep this under your hat, but we might be in an alternate reality. Yeah, it's 5243's fault. Yeah, a lot of things are, around here.


SCP-5751: The Last Word

I've decided I'm never going to die. When you die, all the awful shit you deleted comes back to haunt you in CD-ROM form. Not even joking. There's a file on it and everything.


SCP-5866: The Namesnake

Have you seen Dr. Corbin lately? She seems really down; Theology and Teleology is a depressing field. I hear they're getting some cool new bones, maybe that'll cheer her up.


SCP-5977: The Load-Bearing Members

Have you been to Toronto? Used the subway? There's some leftover anomalous shit in Museum Station. Okay, they say it's safe and all, but a load-bearing sculpture appears out of nowhere? You can't tell me that's normal. Even for us, that isn't normal.


The Huron Carol

It's that time of year again. Apparently. It's hard to tell when you're stuck underground, surrounded by sick people. Merry whatever! Keep your distance, please.

Phase Five:

Around the World in Sixteen Tales

(And One SCP)


The Time After Time Password [Ongoing!]

This place doesn't exist in a vacuum. There's a whole world of Sites out there! And we saved their asses. It's classified as all hell, but that's the short version. There is a long version.



by Placeholder McDPlaceholder McD and HarryBlankHarryBlank

So "magic explosions happen here annually" is the short version. "Magic timeline shenanigans happen here often" is the longer version. The longest version is also… really upsetting.

Phase Six:

The Past is a Foreign Country…


The Good Work

People say this place was founded by two men who were very close, for a very long time. People say a lot of things about those two; they're the only ones who really knew the truth.


Graduation, Part 1 of 2: Dissertation

Have you ever wondered how someone comes to work at the Foundation? No, of course not, you do work at the Foundation! Well, I bet everyone else wonders. At least a little bit.


Graduation, Part 2 of 2: Defence

What was your first anomaly? Did you stumble on it in the wild, or did you get to see it behind glass, where it couldn't hurt you? Did you take a chance, and risk it all?


SCP-5054-EX: The Memetic Myth of Joe Who?

Not many people who work here are remembered once they're gone. Conversely, not many people who don't work here are forgotten. Sometimes these things dovetail.


SCP-5162: The Weight

Everybody who works here has a story. Some of them are funny, most of them are sad, a few of them are scary, but very few are boring. Some of them are harder to classify.

Phase Seven:

…They Do Things Differently There


SCP-5238: The Ship of Dreams

Not many people bring a bona-fide anomaly with them to the Foundation when they're hired. That's, like, a reverse signing bonus! Anyway, ask Dr. Blank about ocean liners.


SCP-5295: The Person-to-Personal Computer

People working in IT have it rough, so it's no wonder some of them snap under the pressure. Chief Marroquin, though, he snapped in style — 1990s Apple Macintosh style.


SCP-5281-D: The Man of the Hour

There's no D-class at Site-43, and we treat our humanoids well. Even we have our limits, however, and wouldn't you know it? Child cannibalism is one of them.


SCP-5379: The Taped Confession

We've got some of the best memeticists in the world, so occasionally we do a little work outside of Canada. Like with that demonic (?) media company. They scare me.

Phase Eight:

By Any Other Name


SCP-5416: The Lever

We've been finding a ton of these weird little objects that do big, terrible things lately. Sometimes we figure them out. Sometimes that's good. It wasn't, in this case.


SCP-5524: The Insatiable Semantic

Ever meet somebody with a stupid name? No, I mean a stupid name. No, I mean a really, really, really stupid name. Yes. No! Alright, you're not getting it. Here's what I mean.

It may look a little crowded, and the roof's a trifle low,

But it's water-tight — or nearly — and it wasn't built for show,

And when Woolly Bears are crumping and the shrapnel sprays around,

You feel a whole lot safer if you're underneath the ground.

Edgar W. McInnis

Out of Phase:

Guests of Site-43!

SCP-5889: AMnestic

by DysadronDysadron and Grigori KarpinGrigori Karpin

Who says there's nothing good on the radio these days?

SCP-5904: Inhuman Resources

by Grigori KarpinGrigori Karpin


The next agenda item was SCP-5904, a set of memetic videotapes. Dr. Wettle was selected as lead researcher after remarking, without prompting, that he still owned a VHS player.

SCP-5897: History is Written by the VKTM

by Grigori KarpinGrigori Karpin

This ain't your daddy's history. Or your mommy's. Or maybe anybody's?

SCP-5734: The Unverb

by IhpIhp

Oh, those meme-wizards. Will they ever stop memeing? While we can still speak?

SCP-5756: The Constant Reminder

by Placeholder McDPlaceholder McD

The family that stays together, isn't necessarily in the same timeline.

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