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Hey, I'm Oboebandgeek99, most call me Oboe or OBG or very rarely by It's Will, by the way. Pleasure to meet you!my name. You probably know me as the guy who recorded "Track 4: You and Me" but I sometimes also write things. Here are some of those things.


An Echo haunted flower grows more curious by the hour

SCP-033? A missing number? That's complete bullshit.

What's a Hangèd King without his Queen?

Stop looking for Blackthorn. You will not find him, and only misery awaits you on the path ahead.

Self Similar (Collabcon2k19)

It's ya boi, Al. Collab with Dr Lake

The Black Queen goes to the island, and Nobody follows her. Collab with Dr Lake, currently in stages of rewriting.


In which a Grimm tale begins anew. Part one of the Von dem Machandelbaum subarc of Schwarzwald.

In which David goes looking for a tree. Part two of the VdM subarc of Schwarzwald.

Original characters do not steal! Just kidding, you can use them if you want (and please tell me if you do!)Characters I've Created:

Ray Nox - A precocious nonbinary researcher. Their inquisitive nature gets them noticed by higher ups at all stages of their job. Goes onto become O5-11, the Liar. Maybe.

Flora Davis - A newly promoted researcher with a chip on her shoulder. Trying to solve the mystery of The Juniper Tree. Half of Davis and David.

David Vadas - A silly but determined junior researcher who specializes in plants. Trying to solve the mystery of The Juniper Tree. Half of Davis and David.

Black Queen Ariadne - Alison Chao from timeline L-99. Has discovered that the current L-99 Nobody is actually an alternate version of Dr. Gears, and is determined to save him. Co-created with Dr LakeDr Lake.

"ya boi, Al" - Al Chao from timeline Z-273. An unconventional Black Queen, refuses to take on the Black Queen title and identifies as nonbinary. Co-created with Dr LakeDr Lake May or may not currently be dating David Vadas.

Commentary is listed in chronological order of postingCommentary on stuff:


Track 4: You and Me:

Ballad for a Faraway Disaster:

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