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Hey, I'm Oboebandgeek99, most call me Oboe or OBG or very rarely by It's Will, by the way. Pleasure to meet you!my name. You probably know me as the guy who recorded "Track 4: You and Me" (and if you're here for those uke chords, click here) but I sometimes also write things. Click on the buttons below to see some of those things.

Original characters do not steal! Just kidding, you can use them if you want (and please tell me if you do!)Characters I've Created:

Ray Nox - A precocious nonbinary researcher. Their inquisitive nature gets them noticed by higher ups at all stages of their job. Goes onto become O5-11, the Liar. Maybe.

Flora Davis - A newly promoted researcher with a chip on her shoulder. Trying to solve the mystery of The Juniper Tree. Half of Davis and David.

David Vadas - A silly but determined junior researcher who specializes in plants. Trying to solve the mystery of The Juniper Tree. Half of Davis and David.

Black Queen Ariadne - Alison Chao from timeline L-99. Has discovered that the current L-99 Nobody is actually an alternate version of Dr. Gears, and is determined to save him. Co-created with Dr LakeDr Lake.

"ya boi, Al" - Al Chao from timeline Z-273. An unconventional Black Queen, refuses to take on the Black Queen title and identifies as nonbinary. Co-created with Dr LakeDr Lake May or may not currently be dating David Vadas.

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Ballad for a Faraway Disaster:

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This is by no means a comprehensive list of author friends, these are just a handful of people I could think of, and there are definitely people that I've missedRainbow Wall of Author friends/inspirations

Text%20thumbnail%20Niles.pngNiles is an amazing writer, with a strong sense of series direction, horror, sadness, and furry subtext. Suggested reading: SCP-2952 Text%20thumbnail%20Kirby.pngKirby has the uncanny to tell a story in the exact amount of words needed, no longer and no shorter. Suggested reading: Captain Kirby's proposal Text%20thumbnail%20Crashington.pngFriend, critter, German translator, beard haver, writer, what can't this man do? Suggested reading: SCP-4534 Text%20thumbnail%20djkaktus.pngNeeds no introduction but gets one anyway, he's mainly here when I recorded You and Me he raised my recording up, promoting it as much as the original tale. A supportive creator. Suggested reading: Track 4: You and Me (duh) Text%20thumbnail%20Ellie3.pngEllie is an absolute joy to talk to, and her writing swings wildly between optimistic and down right depressing in the best way. Suggested reading: I hope this isn't just a dream Text%20thumbnail%20Flops.png(Now Lt. Flops) Flops is the best kind of person to have in your corner: supportive, good humored, sociable, and pushes you to be your best self (or at least your best writing). Suggested reading: A Necromatic Prelude

Text%20thumbnail%20Gee.pngWhile best known for his humorous writing, Gee's potential for drama makes him an upcoming author to watch. Suggested reading: SCP-4593 Text%20thumbnail%20Malice.pngMalice is great a wide variety of genres, just go read some articles by them and you'll get it. Suggested reading: SCP-4774 Text%20thumbnail%20Manymeats.pngJust chill to talk to, and has really unique ideas both for scips and tales. Suggested reading: Tuesday Has Been Cancelled Text%20thumbnail%20Metaphysician.pngAnother awesome person to talk to, and real great at writing that dreadful horror that sticks with you. Suggested reading: SCP-2264 Text%20thumbnail%20Mew.pngThe queen of rewrites, Mew is always a delight to talk to and brainstorm with. Suggested reading: Her Final Thoughts Text%20thumbnail%20Naepic.pngIt seems he steals everything— excluding the ideas for his fantastic articles. Suggested reading: The Mother Who Demands One's Toes (With McB) or SCP-4958

Text%20thumbnail%20Nat.pngNat such an underrated writer, every single article is a banger, and she's really approachable, genuinely embodying the spirit of the Foundation. Suggested reading: Sweeter Dreams Inc. Text%20thumbnail%20Rattles.pngNo author page yet, but what Rattles has written is incredible. All around real supportive guy. Suggested reading: SCP-4154 Text%20thumbnail%20RTME.pngThis bony-stony author is fun to talk to and good at writing too. Suggested reading: SCP-4826 Text%20thumbnail%20Stormbreath.pngA fair judge, a good critter, an excellent idea haver. Suggested reading: SCP-4547 Text%20thumbnail%20Tanhony.pngGood ol' skips tahon. It's hard to be prolific, and it's hard to be good, somehow Tanhony is both. Suggested reading: SCP-4162 Text%20thumbnail%20Taylor.pngTaylor is a wonderful musician, author, leader, person, they're basically who I want to be when I grow up. Suggested reading: Inside the Wall

Text%20thumbnail%20McB.pngHis mighty metal screaming skills (no, really) are matched only by his mighty writing. Suggested reading: MWDOT (with Aepic) or SCP-3272 Text%20thumbnail%20TR.pngTo tell the Trutherford, I think TR is a great author! TR im so sorry i had to. Suggested reading: SCP-4978 Text%20thumbnail%20Weryl.pngWeryl and I go way back, having joined around the same time, and while I kinda stagnated, Weryl's stuff has only gotten better and better. Suggested reading: Dr. Palanez's Proposal Text%20thumbnail%20Woed.pngListen, you already know how awesome Woed is with writing and coding, but Woed is also just a cool person, and helped customize the code im using here! Suggested reading: SCP-4205 (I know, I know, it's just so good)

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