Object Class: Podcast
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The following memo is to be forwarded to all Foundation personnel responsible for the authoring of SCP documentation.

By order of the O5 Council, the SCP Foundation has begun to roll out our new containment initiative to improve documentation methodology across the organization. Because our current containment class structure thus far does not incorporate threats to containment and normalcy posed through our documentation itself, it has been deemed necessary to expand our object class vocabulary to account for this new category of containment initiatives.

All materials that aim to aid containment via the improvement of documentation is to be classified as object class: Podcast.


Hello everyone, and welcome to Object Class: Podcast — a show where A Random DayA Random Day and Captain KirbyCaptain Kirby, argue with each other about the art and craft of writing for the SCP Wiki, covering topics from creating GOIs to the importance of verisimilitude. We try to offer practical advice, backed up by author analyses of our own articles and praise of other people’s better articles.

The logo art was drawn by AethrisAethris, and you can check out her work here!

New episodes air on the following platforms every other Monday:


Episode Links
Object Class: Groups of Interest Youtube Anchor
Object Class: Collapsibles and Footnotes Youtube Anchor
Object Class: Hooks Youtube Anchor
Object Class: Pacing Your SCPs Youtube Anchor
Object Class: Interview Logs Youtube Anchor
Object Class: Narrative Youtube Anchor
Object Class: Clinical Tone Youtube Anchor
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