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This is a series showing off news from the site, articles from the past month1, and fan-content for you to check out and discover! Be sure to leave a comment with your thoughts!

Featured Articles

  • The featured articles for October were SCP-3513 ("The brain that ate itself") by psulpsul, Hypervelocity by A Random DayA Random Day, and SPC-140 by sirpuddingsirpudding. The first is about a particularly aggressive mental malady, the second is about a junkie who snorts demons like coke and robs a cursed bank, and the third is about the SPC's fight against the Sharkic Cults! Check them out!

Editor's Choice Articles

  • No Matter What Mask You Wear - I will always love you, regardless of your artificial face. Written by Jacob ConwellJacob Conwell. As always, Conwell continues to impress with his character-driven stories. This article in particular tugs hard at the heartstrings while also presenting a socially conscious exploration of gender and sexuality, making it a fantastic read for fans of science fiction, LGBTQ+ representation, and romance alike.
  • Black Autumn - Sloth's Pit, Wisconsin, is a quirky but usually quiet town. But something is coming, crawling along the leaves, corrupting the pumpkins, eating away at the spirit of Halloween that surrounds the quaint Wisconsin burg. Monsters run amok, researchers vanish, and the fate of S & C Plastics hangs in the balance. By IhpIhp. Black Autumn impresses in multiple ways - it's wonderfully atmospheric, it has fantastic imagery, tension, and character development, and it's a complete, finished miniseries - the last one in particular being a rare privilege on this site. Halloween may have come and gone, but Black Autumn provides enough thrills and chills to keep your spooky spirits high.
  • Portraits Of Your Father - Everyone knew him as Kondraki, King of the Butterflies and the man who rode 682. But only his son knew him as Kondraki, the father and the man who had to drink himself to sleep. Written by thefriendlyvandalthefriendlyvandal. An absolutely gorgeous piece in every way - with fluid, evocative prose and memorable, haunting characters, it's a gripping reimagining of the famed Doctor Kondraki and the best tale I've read in a long time.

Event Featured Articles

The theme for the month of October was ritual!

  • In SCP-2417 ("Gods, the Universe, and Origami"), by 9Volt does not match any existing user name, the savior of man depended on our blood…
  • In SCP-2105 ("Programmable Occult"), by WoedenazWoedenaz, the machines took our priests' jobs…
  • And in SCP-1746 ("Anomalous Weather Pattern"), by spikebrennanspikebrennan, a squirrel doomed us all…

Rest of the News

Missing out on articles? Enjoy a recap on the articles from the past month.

Week of October 1st:

Time's up…


  • SCP-3995 ("A Pair of Lungs that May or May Not Exist") - SCP-3995 has displayed an ability to breathe oxygen, despite the lack of assisting organs and skeletal structures to do so. Written by OthellotheCatOthellotheCat.
  • SCP-3440 ("The Marvellously Macabre Mechanical Marionette Matinee") - At the time of recovery, ███ embalmed corpses had been placed in the front rows of SCP-3440. Performed by DrChandraDrChandra.
  • SCP-3703 ("From Death, We Contain") - Corpse balls and magic. Spacewhale fishwoman giant dude magic, oh my! Summoned by DrBleepDrBleep.
  • SCP-3155 ("We Never Sleep") - SCP-3155 is the collective designation for 200~ anomalous individuals that originally worked with GoI-021 ("Pinkerton National Detective Agency") from 1883 to 1905 as a part of the organization's anti-anomalous division. Written by BananaRepublicBananaRepublic.
  • SCP-3091 ("Temporal Funnel Trap") - SCP-3091 is considered temporally unstable. Localized time dilation or contraction events and minor retrocausality are not unusual. Written by Sophia LightSophia Light.
  • SCP-3192 ("When the Bell Tolls") - Attempts to terminate subjects prior to the date indicated by SCP-3192 will fail for what appear to be accidental reasons each time. Written by ZoltanBerrigomoZoltanBerrigomo.
  • SCP-3094 ("Fall into the Gaap") - People and objects lowered into SCP-3094 are estimated to disappear completely at a depth of approximately 30 m below the ground floor entrance to the shaft. Written by trennerdiostrennerdios.
  • SCP-3606 ("Praise You") - One live cow at least 500kg in mass is to be delivered to SCP-3606 at eight-hour intervals and sealed in its garage. If possible, the remains of the previous cow should be removed first. Written by Communism will winCommunism will win and lilDecemberistlilDecemberist.
  • SCP-3667 ("All's Well that Ends Hell") - WELCOME TO HELL… and please enjoy your stay. Written by Quantum PhysicianQuantum Physician.
  • SCP-3613 ("Things You People Wouldn't Believe") - Your agent, Mr. Hr'asm'Kal, delivered the Jefferson family's spirits this afternoon. We'll be loading them into the generation 3 models tonight. Written by Doctor CimmerianDoctor Cimmerian.


GOI Formats

  • The Amazing Zoltan - Ed and Al forbid me to get involved because they (rightfully) wanted nothing to do with this lunacy, so I quit and go to work for Fuller directly. Ruined my life. Written by DrChandraDrChandra.


Author's Pages

Week of October 8th:



  • SCP-2571 ("Cragglewood Park") - SCP-2571 is a recurring childhood memory of a non-existent theme-park ('Cragglewood Park'). Written by The Great HippoThe Great Hippo.
  • SCP-3999-J ("Talloran's Sacrifice") - Containing this thing is hell. Hey, waiter, top up my drink? Written by AbettikAbettik.
  • SCP-3068 ("Halcyon Light Beta") - SCP-3068 is run by a military administration composed of humans who state that they are representatives of the "Union of Earth", which they claim is a governing body comprising one third of the Milky Way. Written by TuftoTufto.
  • SCP-2729 ("What is it Good For?") - The theater of war extends as far east as the Californian coasts, and as far west as China. Written by DarkStuffDarkStuff.
  • SCP-3903 ("Fata Morgana") - By bringing a sufficiently large quantity of skipping stones with them, instances of SCP-3903-A may create a path of SCP-3903-B long enough to reach SCP-3903 on the horizon… Written by DrChandraDrChandra.
  • SCP-3994 ("Normal Human Beings") - SCP-3994 develops and inhabits outer skins (henceforth referred to as 'shells') that resemble human beings. Written by Dog TeethDog Teeth.
  • SCP-2419 ("The Laughing Men") - "These things are not people. They are people-shaped monsters." Written by The Great HippoThe Great Hippo.
  • SCP-3159 ("The Trashiest World in the Multiverse") - Manifestations of SCP-3159 have included references to "Oprah," "Kim Kardashian," and "Brangelina," indicating that the universe of SCP-3159 shares a number of features with our own. Written by ZoltanBerrigomoZoltanBerrigomo.
  • SCP-3707 ("Fly By Night Only") - You aren't special. Written by Communism will winCommunism will win.


Week of October 15th:

When the news came through the door, I knew it was trouble.


  • SCP-2684 ("Where's the Beach?") - D-8872: There's no fucking beach. Where'd the beach go? Where'd the beach go? Where'd the beach go? Written by stormbreathstormbreath.
  • SCP-3112 ("InDi Mail") - SCP-3112 has been observed to allow inter-dimensional translocation of letters and postcards. Written by SrGunkSrGunk.
  • SCP-2350 ("From the Mind of Malinalxochitl") - What's scarier than weaponized mosquitoes? The idea of weaponized mosquitoes. Written by A Random DayA Random Day.
  • SCP-3143 ("Murphy Law in… The Foundation Always Rings Twice!") - They thought they could control him. They thought they could contain him. They thought they could deconstruct him… but in the end — They Made Him a Thaumiel! Deconstructed by Murphy Law The Great HippoThe Great Hippo.
  • SCP-3992 ("Wondertainment Whacky Halloween Fun Masks!") - Celebrate this Halloween with a costume so amazingly convincing you won’t even be able to recognise yourself! Written by PentonPenton.
  • SCP-3169 ("finna nut") - It's a prank, bro! Written by bittermixinbittermixin.
  • SCP-2759 ("As Above, So Below") - SCP-2759 appears to be an exact replica of the Ziggurat of Ur, found to have materialized near White Sands, New Mexico. Written by BillithBillith.
  • SCP-2873 ("Another Human Weapon") - Is there more to life than being born and performing kamikaze missile runs? Written by Lazar LyusternikLazar Lyusternik.
  • SCP-3922 ("STOPRIGHTTHERECRIMINALSCUM!!!") - "YOU ARE WATCHED - YOU ARE PROTECTED - YOU ARE LOVED". Written by daveyoufooldaveyoufool.
  • SCP-3430 ("Baby Don't Hurt Me…") - It doesn't always pay to be nice to people. Written by OthellotheCatOthellotheCat.


Week of October 22nd:

when were you when John F Kennedy dies


  • SCP-3808 ("Bacon Cheeseburger that Demands Justification") - SCP-3808 is a bacon cheeseburger located at 44°85'██"N, -98°22'██"W, 1.33 meters above the ground. Written by Communism will winCommunism will win.
  • SCP-2856 ("Machines, machinations, and a warehouse in Leipzig") - While non-anomalous in composition, the walls of the building contain a semi-random network of cables composed of copper wire, woven hair, solder alloy and congealed blood. Written by MaliceAforethoughtMaliceAforethought.
  • SCP-3401 ("Anyone Fancy A Cup Of Jade? Or maybe some Earl, or Jasmine?") - SCP-3401's anomalous effects manifest when a small portion of human ash, approximately equivalent to a single teaspoon, is placed into SCP-3401 and then filled with boiled water. Written by PentonPenton.
  • SCP-3304 ("That Time the Foundation Froze Hell") - Connected to SCP-3304 is SCP-3304-1, an advanced geothermal energy generator that utilizes anomalous properties to increase the speed and efficiency of its output. Written by Modern_Erasmus.
  • SCP-3552 ("Never Swallow a Melon Seed") - SCP-3552's primary anomalous nature becomes apparent when ingested by human individuals. Written by SrGunkSrGunk.
  • SCP-029-J ("Jesus Take the Wheel!") - SCP-029-J is an adult male of apparent Middle Eastern descent, who claims to be Jesus Christ. Written by DrMagnusDrMagnus.
  • SCP-3132 ("Crackin' the Back Knack") - SCP-3132 is a plaster replica of a human vertebra. Written by WerylliumWeryllium.
  • SCP-2317-J ("A Door to Another Parody") - I AM THE BLACKBOX-BLACKBOX-BLACKBOX-BLACKBOX, DESTROYER OF WORLDS! NO WORLD IS SAFE FROM MY WRATH! Written by stormbreathstormbreath.
  • SCP-3909 ("Wu Tang Clan ain't Nuthin ta Fuck To") - SCP-3909 is a phenomenon that affects individuals who were conceived while their parents were listening to "Bring da Ruckus" by The Wu-Tang Clan. Written by Communism will winCommunism will win.
  • SCP-3780 ("Who Shot J.F.K.?") - The Foundation must contend with mysterious benefactors, Groups of Interest, and its future self as it fights to ensure the death of JFK. Written by A Random DayA Random Day.
  • SCP-3323 ("R35urr3c710n") - Over the course of the next decade, the Foundation is to introduce thousands of unique cryptocurrencies into the market, creating an economic bubble. Written by OthellotheCatOthellotheCat.
  • SCP-2956 ("We All Live in a Nuclear Submarine") - SCP-2956 spends most of its time circumnavigating the world at an average depth of 1200 - 1500m below the surface, in a number of different routes which normally take it once through the Bering Strait. Written by OctagonicOctagonic.
  • SCP-3460 ("I'm Going to Change Your Life") - In these events, SCP-3460 will alter causality to ensure that individuals under its effects interact with one another. Written by Jacob ConwellJacob Conwell.
  • SCP-3122 ("You Have Reached Your Destination") - Now where the hell am I? Some kind of desert, I know there's nothing like this in Derbyshire. Written by MortosMortos.
  • SCP-3733 ("Everybody Else") - Don't you remember the whole 100th anniversary party? We snuck those ghost peppers into the chili? Written by not_a_seagullnot_a_seagull.


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