News for March 2019

This is a series showing off news from the site, articles from the past month1, and fan-content for you to check out and discover! Be sure to leave a comment with your thoughts!

Fandom Stuff

  • The 144-hour Jam contest came and then it went! Check out the entries and winners here!

Featured Articles

  • SCP-3986 ("The Observatory of Genghis Khan") by TuftoTufto - "But then, I thought, perhaps he did not; perhaps this was an unwanted legacy. His eyes stared so horrifyingly at the sky."
  • SCP-4833 ("The Syncope Symphony") by TuftoTufto - "People. Real people, sitting right in front of you. Right?"
  • The Grove of Exiles by TechSorcerer2747TechSorcerer2747 - "the complete, all-encompassing, and inescapable might of one of the oldest known powers: the Name"

Reviewer's Spotlight Articles

You will notice little '📈' emojis besides some articles. That denotes SCP articles which were under 30 and tales which were under 20 when this edition of site news was posted. Give them a little love! Speaking from personal experience, the most frustrating thing that can happen to an article is not deletion, but stagnating below 20 without any comments. So try to read, vote, and comment on these articles! They're often hidden gems :)

Week of March 1st:


  • SCP-3746 ("🦀 MOM'S DEAD 🦀") - QUEUE THE MUSIC! Written by RounderhouseRounderhouse and RogetRoget
  • 📈SCP-3831 ("Can't Call Out") - Could you not call while I'm at work? Written by RogetRoget.
  • 📈SCP-4697 ("Dropping Off The Kids") - The ghosts of sins past. Written by RogetRoget.
  • 📈SCP-4320 ("Show Me The Glint of Light on Broken Glass") - The third and fourth rocks from the Sun are closer than you think. Written by pr0m37h3umpr0m37h3um.
  • SCP-3788 ("Titanic Super Soaker") - HIGH-PRESSURE WARFARE Written by WerylliumWeryllium.
  • SCP-4062 ("Soggy Doggy") - Nuclear powered pups! Written by LeshLesh.
  • SCP-4335 ("A Welt In The Crucible") - DIAMOND ON MY SWORD, IRON ON MY PICK, MINECRAFT MINECRAFT MINECRAFT! Crafted by WestrinWestrin.
  • 📈SCP-4806 ("Appels du Vide") - Where the hell do construction cranes come from? Written by _Utich__Utich_.
  • 📈SCP-4402 ("The Permanent Shopping List") - Make sure you bring some eggs! Written by BaranXLRBaranXLR.
  • 📈SCP-4898 ("Do You Have What It Takes") - ARE YOU A BAD ENOUGH DUDE? Written by ManyMeatsManyMeats.
  • SCP-4776 ("REAGANWEAPON") - Taking Star Wars to the next level. Written by RounderhouseRounderhouse.
  • 📈SCP-3821 ("Stuck In the Mailroom") - Not related to the article below. Written by ShinyFireflyShinyFirefly.
  • 📈SCP-4704 ("You've Got Mail") - And Costa Rica has balls. Written by TheSlothSavantTheSlothSavant.
  • SCP-4933 ("We Interrupt This Broadcast") - to bring you something written by CadaverCommanderCadaverCommander.
  • SCP-4881 ("Weeping Willow") - The Whomping Willow's lesser known cousin. Written by AyersAyers.
  • SCP-4569 ("Plot Twist") - The story of your life. Written by WantchaWantcha.
  • SCP-4454 ("Looking For Someone To See The World With") - And potentially experience the end of the world with. Written by MortosMortos.
  • 📈SCP-Shrimp-JP-J ("SCP-Shrimp-JP") - How many shrimps do you have to eat before you make your skin turn pink? Written by AiliceHersheyAiliceHershey, translated by aisakuyuyuaisakuyuyu.
  • SCP-4173 ("The House on Hadley Hill") - Classic horror. Written by djkaktusdjkaktus.
  • SCP-4244 ("Good Taste In Musicians") - I like Meatloaf, personally. Written by MortosMortos.
  • SCP-4944 ("A Coffee Machine, Except It's Literally Just A Cargo Ship") - This article, except its literally a blurb. Written by ResearcherPieResearcherPie.
  • SCP-4474 ("Steve, and 0ther Gods") - Eyup. Those were the days. Written by MortosMortos.
  • 📈SCP-3763 ("A Piece of Him is Still Around")- It's almost as if he was never really gone. Written by JiwoahnJiwoahn


GOI Formats

Author Pages

Ellie3 (Gimmick Free!) - It's Ellie3Ellie3's Author Page!

Week of March 8th:


  • SCP-020-J ("A Pale Comparison") - The Bucket Punching Kicking Center Written by Uncle NicoliniUncle Nicolini.
  • 📈SCP-4198 ("Feed Your Hair") - Remember what the doormouse said. Written by ManyMeatsManyMeats.
  • 📈SCP-4585 ("Literally a Hamburger") - As opposed to metaphorically a hamburger. Written by Akzal1231Akzal1231.
  • SCP-1294-J ("Watering-down Can") - THE REVERSE HIDDEN UMBRELLA Written by aismallardaismallard.
  • 📈SCP-4782 ("Nemmie") - Goat woman is apparently a cover story. Written by faminepulsefaminepulse.
  • SCP-4498 ("The Plurality of Jack Bright") - It's Brights all the way down. Written by djkaktusdjkaktus.
  • 📈SCP-4523 ("Cave Story") - Not the game. Written by kingpogankingpogan.
  • 📈SCP-4630 ("I Put My Lettuce in the CRISPR and Now It's Sapient") - Dr. Cabbage will see you now. Written by DrLeibowitzDrLeibowitz.



Day 1 Articles

Theme: Shaggy Dog

Day 2 Articles

Theme: Pulp Fiction

Day 3 Articles

Theme: It was all a dream…

Week of March 15th:



GOI Formats

Author Pages

Jiwoahn's Author Page - It's JiwoahnJiwoahn's Author Page!

Week of March 22nd:


  • SCP-4830 ("Head Like a Hole") - " the " Written DolphinSlugchuggerDolphinSlugchugger.
  • 📈SCP-4240 ("Heart of a dog") - must…. chase…. fast objects….. Written by AlanDarisAlanDaris.
  • 📈SCP-4905 ("Intergalactic TechnoVikings and The Great Moon Wars") - With a title like that, how can you NOT read it? Written by ManyMeatsManyMeats.
  • 📈SCP-4235 ("Rosa aeternum") - Lovely for all eternity. Written by JakuwoskiJakuwoski.
  • SCP-4590 ("The Manicheans Have the Paintings") - And the communists have the music, but the Manicheans have the paintings! Written by TuftoTufto.
  • SCP-4889 ("An Easy Mark") - Not so easy prey. Written by RockTeethMothEyesRockTeethMothEyes.
  • SCP-4233 ("The Dreadnought") - Moon Champion's long-lost brother. Written by CadaverCommanderCadaverCommander.
  • SCP-4690 ("Lieutenant Pinkerton Eaten Alive by Fucking Spiders") - How not to introduce exotic fauna into the nation of Japan. Written by UraniumEmpireUraniumEmpire.
  • SCP-4970 ("Universal Tech Support") - Customer service sucks, even at the universal scale. Written by LeveritasLeveritas.
  • SCP-4065 ("Ancho(red) Reality") - Hume-or me and give it a read. Written by ch00bakkach00bakka.
  • 📈SCP-4350 ("I See Yellow People")- Hey! Over here! Written by JiwoahnJiwoahn]


GoI Format

  • The Great Rugby Prank War, Part Two - [Deer College] "At halftime during the 2015 game, the field cracked open and Ephraim Bazan, now an undead abomination powered by the darkest sorcery, flew out from a flaming pit riding a dragon made of the bones of wicked children and wielding strange amalgamations of enchantment and technology in all six of his shadow-arms." Written by ch00bakkach00bakka.
  • 📈Donatello's Sculpting Tools, Circa 1409 - [Mediccian Academy] "A variety of tools used for the purpose of stonemasonry and sculpting, made from steel and various types of wood." Written by IhpIhp.
  • Adoption Poster: Lloyd! - [WWS] "I also eat dead stuff sometimes: I'm like nature's pest control and cleanup crew!" Written by AloicesAloices.


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