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News for August 2018

We're doing a bunch of new things for this month's Site News! Changes include a revamped Fan-content area, a contest recap, and an editor's choice section! Feedback on all of these things would be greatly appreciated, so please let us know in the comments what you think about it.

Before we start though, I just want to give a huge thank you to TSATPWTCOTTTADCTSATPWTCOTTTADC and Uncle NicoliniUncle Nicolini, without whom none of this would have been possible. Seriously, they're amazing.

This is a series showing off news from the site, articles from the past month1, and fan-content for you to check out and discover! Be sure to leave a comment with your thoughts!

Fandom Stuff

  • SCP OCT Hub - In the void left by March Madness, a new unofficial site arena has opened up. Original Characters vs Original Characters, the ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny and Posting has begun. Organized by PeppersGhostPeppersGhost.
  • SCP Series 5 - The 4000 contest has finally concluded (check out the post-game stats page below) and Series 5 is finally open to contributions! Get out there and start making articles!

Event Featured Articles

This month there was no theme! Instead, winners from the previous Doomsday Contest got their articles featured! Check them out below!

Featured Articles

  • The featured articles for August were SCP-3379 ("D-11424 and the Arctic Meat Hole of Infinite Wonders") by DarkStuffDarkStuff and WerylliumWeryllium, SCP-3564 ("The Immortal Bard, Act Ⅱ: Return of Shakespeare") by MaliceAforethoughtMaliceAforethought, SCP-3934 ("For Sale: Loch Ness Monsters") by Modern_ErasmusModern_Erasmus, and Parts by fieldstonefieldstone.
    • In SCP-3379, D-11424, inter-dimensional free-man, is put through a series of challenges, possibly for the right to his kidneys. I'm not sure though, don't speak walrus.
    • In SCP-3564, Shakespeare comes back from the dead to do…something. Certainly something.
    • In SCP-3934, MC&D play fetch with the Foundation using the Loch Ness Monster.
    • In Parts, sacrifice is made apparent in the face of overwhelming good.

Editor's Choice Articles

SCP-4000 Contest

You will notice little '📈' emojis besides some articles. That denotes SCP articles which were under 30 and tales which were under 20 when this edition of site news was posted. Give them a little love! Speaking from personal experience, the most frustrating thing that can happen to an article is not deletion, but stagnating below 20 without any comments. So try to read, vote, and comment on these articles! They're often hidden gems :)

Week of August 1st:


  • 📈 SCP-3735 ("ForbiddeN SouNd") - A letter lost to time, forgotten by the few, known to the chosen. Written by isaacmayer9isaacmayer9.
  • 📈 SCP-3537 ("Mr. Shapey") - A mold from which the others came pouring out. Written by DrampsDramps.
  • 📈 SCP-3745 ("As the Heart Breaks, so do the Heavens") - Our love will never fade, bound through bone until the end. Written by Wildman8Wildman8.
  • SCP-3865 ("You Reap What You Sow") - THE CORN, you fool, THE CORN HOLDS THE KEY TO ANOTHER WORLD! Written by Wildman8Wildman8.
  • 📈 SCP-2601 ("They Say You Die Twice") - "SCP-2601 is an unstable equilibrium of antimemetic and infocaustic phenomena which combine to form an extremely potent, slow-progressing, biologically bound infophage." Written by amnestic_protocolamnestic_protocol.
  • SCP-1750 ("Jurassic Park") - Life in the fast lane, uh… finds a way. Written by A Random DayA Random Day.
  • SCP-3758 ("The Last Dodo") - Extinction has an awful side effect of releasing abominations - such as the dodo. Written by daveyoufooldaveyoufool.
  • SCP-3382 ("Ill Wishes") - Only the sick may have their wish come true. Written by WazikamawataWazikamawata.
  • SCP-3009 ("Hi, I'm Your Snappelganger!") - "At this time, the Foundation is not able to determine whether one, both, or neither of subjects is the real Stacey Lee." Written by keyiikeyii.
  • 📈 SCP-3472 ("Mother Loves her Baby") - And she will let no harm befall her baby under any circumstances. Written by UraniumEmpireUraniumEmpire.
  • 📈 SCP-3628 ("Better Not to Know") - Knowledge is a burden to be carried by the strong, even in the face of death's ticking clock. Written by amnestic_protocolamnestic_protocol.
  • 📈 SCP-3560-J - "No, no, NO! When will you imbeciles learn?! The milk goes in BEFORE the tea!" Written by Alan StockAlan Stock.
  • 📈 SCP-3507 ("Father, This Day I Bring You True Glory") - It is one thing to do good things for recognition. It is another thing to do goods things for they are good. Written by Azmoeth JikandiaAzmoeth Jikandia.
  • SCP-2758 ("Self-Containment Process") - "42? I was hoping I'd end up in 19. I haven't even heard of Site-42." Written by CyantreuseCyantreuse.
  • SCP-3352 ("My Better Half") - "Half a man tries to find his better half" Written by HumidHermitHumidHermit.
  • Dr. Palanez's Proposal - The one true canon proposal. Written by WerylliumWeryllium.


GOI Formats


  • All That Glisters - What do you get for the men who have it all? The answer lies not in the physical, but the magical. Written by DrChandraDrChandra.
  • Dark Side Discography - "A tale series about the Foundation, its sinister dark-side doppelganger, eclipses (literal and figurative), witches, faeries (literal and figurative), the women's restroom of the Philadelphia Public Library, and four teenagers running for their lives." Written by The Great HippoThe Great Hippo.

Week of August 8th:


  • SCP-3859 ("Anti-technotheistic Parasite") - An anti-techno organo parasite, powered by your belief in god. Written by IhpIhp.
  • 📈 SCP-3489 ("Canary's Song") - The canary has dropped dead in its cage, a warning to the workers in theirs. Written by K_SolariK_Solari.
  • SCP-3844 ("To Slay A Dragon") - There was a dragon of a bygone age, forced to live in our world of chains and smog. Written by Captain KirbyCaptain Kirby.
  • 📈 SCP-3752 ("Cold From Within") - Do you feel that? The chill in the air? That is the cold winds of hell. Written by DeBedenHasenDeBedenHasen.
  • 📈 SCP-3705 ("The Gardener's Shadow") - A bed of flowers to tend to is enough for many. Written by madimotmadimot.
  • SCP-3988 ("Napoleon Bonyparts, Superstar Skeleton") - The world's first door-to-door Sales-Skeleton! Written by CadaverCommanderCadaverCommander.
  • SCP-2641 ("The Talk Spore") - Spores from spuds which makes one speak ad nauseum. Written by scpcrnpscpcrnp.
  • 📈 SCP-3284 ("Uncontainable") - Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong, and in about 15 minutes too. Written by Jim NorthJim North.
  • 📈 SCP-3439 ("A Postcard") - Just because it's a single moment doesn't mean I can't wish it'll last forever. Written by SaikoujikanSaikoujikan.
  • 📈 SCP-3402 ("Rural Exodus Event") - The disturbing truth of pain? Sometimes, you'll like it. Written by amnestic_protocolamnestic_protocol.
  • 📈 SCP-3948 ("The Man in the Mirror") - He stared at me and told me a name that wasn't mine with the face he took away from. Written by gishfacegishface.
  • 📈 SCP-3544 ("Home is Where the Heart Was") - Love has a reputation for tearing people apart. Written by WazikamawataWazikamawata.
  • SCP-3896 ("We'll Never Stop Eating Big Gordo") - Big Gordo, the only restaurant to a sandwich so good you'll forget it's made from human flesh. Written by CadaverCommanderCadaverCommander.
  • 📈 SCP-3804 ("Communiqués from the Apocalypse") - And life goes on. Written by DysadronDysadron.


GOI Formats


Week of August 15th:

This week tag teamed by TSATPWTCOTTTADCTSATPWTCOTTTADC and Uncle NicoliniUncle Nicolini!


  • 📈 SCP-3452 ("Hecatoncheires") - Stretchy yoga! Very stretchy. Too stretchy, actually. Written by ChronologistChronologist.
  • 📈 SCP-3751 ("Skip's Gambit") - Chess without frontiers. 4Written by vfhuuuuuvfhuuuuu.
  • 📈 SCP-3873 ("Too Clingy") - Wanna hold hands? Written by DreckaDrecka.
  • 📈 SCP-3816 ("I See You, You See Me") - I see you. IAmTheOogaIAmTheOoga sees you.
  • SCP-3836 ("Grease Monkey And The Search For FAST") - This ape has A NEED FOR SPEED! Written by IAmTheOogaIAmTheOoga.
  • REDACTED FOR QUESTIONABLE REASONS ("2boo") - With apologies to PeppersGhost. Written by djkaktusdjkaktus.
  • 📈 SCP-4001-J ("Life, Read Right to Left") - "Open flames are strictly forbidden within SCP-4001-B, as are missile launchers, shruiken or kunai, or katanas of any kind." Written by GentleGiftsGentleGifts.
  • SCP-3943 ("Taco Man") - Peppers promised that if he won the 4000 contest, he'd coldpost an SCP while drunk. Thus, Taco Man was born. Written by PeppersGhostPeppersGhost.
  • 📈 SCP-3548 ("Myopia Umbrus") - "Have you ever seen someone round a corner, or pass by a wall, yet when you follow right behind them you can't seem to locate them?" Written by ShioShio.
  • 📈 SCP-3782 ("Through Roosevelt's Glasses") - Did you know there were more than 45 United States presidents? Written by RockTeethMothEyesRockTeethMothEyes.
  • SCP-4660 ("The Cat Came Back") - "A cat shouldn't be able to do that. To be honest with you, I don't think it's a cat anymore." Written by Jacob ConwellJacob Conwell.
  • SCP-4018 ("Eye") - Eye highly recommend giving this one a look. Written by Communism will winCommunism will win.
  • SCP-4333 ("The Profligate") - Doing what one must for those who they care for. Written by CadaverCommanderCadaverCommander.
  • 📈 SCP-4111 ("Straight From the Horse's Mouth, and Into the Fire") - It's pony heaven! Written by OthellotheCatOthellotheCat.
  • 📈 SCP-4166 ("(Former) Teenage Succubus") - She's all grown up. Written by DolphinSlugchuggerDolphinSlugchugger.
  • SCP-4222 ("International Monetary Fish") - "Probe enters the throat. Video shows typical interior of bluefin tuna esophagus. Typing and easy listening jazz can be heard." Written by fieldstonefieldstone.
  • 📈 SCP-4023 ("The Inexplainable Nature of Twenty Three") - What is Twenty Three? We just don't know. Written by UtylikeUtylike.
  • SCP-4420 ("A Potato Thirst") - She is very big. Written by FloppyPhoenixFloppyPhoenix.
  • SCP-4545 ("Trojan Horse") - A matroyskha, but with Trojan horses! Written by MortosMortos.
  • 📈 SCP-4499 ("YES, ONLY $44.99!") - YOU TOO CAN READ THIS ARTICLE FOR ONLY $44.99! THAT'S RIGHT, ONLY $44.99! Written by WazikamawataWazikamawata.
  • SCP-4567 ("Biological Oil Platforms") - Have you ever wondered where oil platforms go when they die? No? Oh. Well hopefully this blurb made you curious. Written by LilyFlowerLilyFlower.
  • SCP-4856 (""Test Case One"") - Temporal shenanigans abound. Written by MaliceAforethoughtMaliceAforethought.
  • 📈 SCP-4799 ("Mariachi's Merchants") - "Some multi-dimensional loan shark came out of a portal and started beating the shit out of him." Written by not_a_seagullnot_a_seagull.
  • SCP-4048 ("We need to talk about your forklift certification") - Would aliens be OSHA-certified? Written by not_a_seagullnot_a_seagull.
  • SCP-4243 ("Celltown") - Have you ever seen a town bleed and coagulate? Written by WerylliumWeryllium.
  • SCP-4022 ("Great Big Nothing") - "Any description of the great big nothing in the middle of his head that does not refer to it exclusively as such is a Class III infohazard." Written by BluedanoobBluedanoob.
  • 📈 SCP-4090 ("The Dream of the Anartist's Son") - Is your dad an infovorous construct that consumes sensory and mnemonic information? Mine is. Written by BluedanoobBluedanoob.
  • SCP-4088 ("Sing us a song, you’re a piano, man") - We're all in the mood for a predatory piano. Written by Deadly BreadDeadly Bread.
  • SCP-4028 ("La Historia de Don Quixote de la Mancha") - En un lugar de la Mancha, de cuyo nombre no quiero acordarme, no ha mucho tiempo que vivía un hidalgo de los de lanza en astillero, adarga antigua, rocín flaco y galgo corredor. Escrito por The Great HippoThe Great Hippo.
  • SCP-4131 ("Gunhead Anomalocaris, Trilobite Slayer!") - FISH WITH A GUN! Written by 9Volt9Volt.


Author Pages


Week of August 22nd:

A huge thank you to Uncle NicoliniUncle Nicolini for putting this section together!


  • 📈 SCP-4097 ("Louder Than Gods Revolver And Twice As Anomalous") - Quite possibly the loudest and most anomalous siege canon in existence. We're not sure yet. Written by SmooothcriminalSmooothcriminal.
  • SCP-4231 ("The Montauk House") - Procedure 110-Montauk, expanded. Written by thefriendlyvandalthefriendlyvandal.
  • 📈 SCP-4588 ("The Sentient Scraps") - Do you ever feel like a plastic bag? Written by The AsparagoosThe Asparagoos.
  • 📈 SCP-3711 ("Suffering On The Rising Tide") - The best dreams you don't want to have. Written by DrBleepDrBleep.
  • SCP-4449 ("Daisuke Kawamoto, aka Kakashi-san, Scarecrow Samurai and Legendary Slayer of Evil") - The honorable Kakashi-san yearns to return to the defense of his humble village. Written by CadaverCommanderCadaverCommander.
  • SCP-4669 ("Nuestra Señora de la Revolución Popular") - The will of the people will overcome that of their oppressors. Written by kinchtheknifebladekinchtheknifeblade.
  • Project Kenowhere Central Volunteer Hub ("or, KTE-6561-Black, or, dolphinslugchugger and scarhaver's GAW-1 proposal, or, 8008132, or, Our Friend Who Lives By The Lake, or, The Lake, or, A Very Important Question, or, The Reason We Did Something New This Time, or, Go Big or Go Home") - A long blurb in which I, the person writing this, attempt to describe the article with an astoundingly long title with an equally astoundingly long blurb while also attempting not to spoil the contents and give you, the reader, a good impression of what to expect by clicking the link to the article in question, by telling you that this Mister Against Weed is quite an interesting one. Written by scarhaverscarhaver and DolphinSlugchuggerDolphinSlugchugger.
  • SCP-4299 ("I See Life in Rosy Hues") - The Queen of Roses invites you to see life in pink. Written by Hot-colesHot-coles and Uncle NicoliniUncle Nicolini
  • 📈 SCP-4164 ("The Universal Instruction Manual") - Instructions for the proper reading of SCP-4164 in service to ����. Written by LiterallyMechanicalLiterallyMechanical.
  • 📈 SCP-3749 ("Spiders again, only this time they are ethereal") - Exactly what it says on the tin, and it is horrifying. Written by AlanDarisAlanDaris.
  • SCP-3416 ("The Great Anoati!") - Anoati commands you to read this article about his great self then attack those which dare hold him in these faithless confines! Written by DrDromeusDrDromeus.
  • SCP-4949 ("Dr. Wondertainment's dr playtime kit for the kiddostm ft. dado") - dado and dr wonder make team for make of toy for the kiddos yes Written by Gabriel JadeGabriel Jade and Uncle NicoliniUncle Nicolini
  • SCP-4113 ("Long is the Way You Must Wander") - In which the Foundation engages Space Vikings in combat using lightsbers handheld plasma lances. Written by Doctor CimmerianDoctor Cimmerian.
  • 📈 dissociation - When your movements and your words sure as fuck aren't yours. Written by DolphinSlugchuggerDolphinSlugchugger.
  • 📈 SCP-4997 ("Cauldros") - Something lurks deep beneath the caldera of Yellowstone… Something big. Written by ItsDenaliItsDenali.
  • SCP-4994 ("An Ideal Foundation") - Those who sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither. Written by Lady ZeroLady Zero.
  • SCP-4774 ("The Ninth Planet [citation needed]") - With apologies to Pluto. Written by MaliceAforethoughtMaliceAforethought.
  • SCP-4070 ("Just Something He Thinks About") - Did you know that world-renowned writer Stephen King was once hit by a car? Just something to consider. Written by DolphinSlugchuggerDolphinSlugchugger.
  • SCP-2002-J ("The -J stands for Jaywalker") - Why did SCP-2002-J cross the road? Because he could. Duh. Written by stormbreathstormbreath.
  • SCP-4049 ("Beast Pits") - Someone call MTF Alpha 21, because there are some HUGE bugs on the loose. Written by RounderhouseRounderhouse.
  • 📈 SCP-4169 ("Carbonized Purgatory") - Life, uh, finds a way. Written by DL_BaryonyxDL_Baryonyx.
  • SCP-4899 ("Payday") - Ever wonder how the Foundation gets its money? Wonder no more. Written by scpcrnpscpcrnp.
  • 📈 SCP-4922 ("The Rainbow Connection") - Someday we'll find it. The lovers, the dreamers, and daveyoufooldaveyoufool.
  • 📈 SCP-4930 ("Lennon/McCartney") - Come together right now, over LordStonefishLordStonefish.
  • 📈 SCP-3522 ("Black Body") - The absence of light may drive one over the edge. Written by JoseDzirehChongJoseDzirehChong.


Author Pages



  • The prolific artist DrShineDrShine now has an artwork page on the wiki.
    DrShine is working on an ambitious original comic. Check that art page often to see new pages.

  • Artist Amamy makes very detailed paintings of SCPs, often of SCP-049. This month's take on SCP-049 is a celebration of the article's rewrite and can be seen on Amamy's Tumblr.

  • pastarasta1pastarasta1 has added 80 new works to their art page in August, including many illustrations of SCPs from the international branches. On his art page - everything from SCP-1824-JP and on is brand new this month.

  • D-Stro is another artist who is inspired by SCPs in other languages.

  • Mustakettu - an artist who started uploading SCP images only this month already has a great gallery of them.

  • Rosemary Byrne does absolutely charming pastel colored portraits of SCPs and researchers and some great comic strips featuring them.

  • Nikkoleon makes lots of SCP art - single panel funnies, dark moody illustrations, and these colorful portraits full of personality meant to be used as avatar images.

Some Excellent YouTube Content Out This Month

  • Youtube channel Synthetic Alien often goes above and beyond for their SCP readings. One of their new releases this month is a 34 minute video on SCP-3999 that includes live action sections, contributions from other youtubers, and fantastic editing. It is more movie adaptation than simple reading.

  • And just for fun - here is a short animation based on an outtake from a Tats TopVideos video. Tats TopVideos' SCP lists are responsible for introducing many of the current readers and writers to SCP in the first place. The venerable YouTube channel is still going strong, releasing well produced SCP videos every few months.

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