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Hello, you have made the tragic mistake of deciding you want to read more of things created by me that can questionably be called writing! I am a humble upvote farmer with a mediocre spread of run of the mill SCPs for you to choose from, now pesticide free(ish)! Please take a gander and let me know what you think!

In all seriousness, I'm only writing here to get better at writing so don't be afraid to get harsh. No one gets good on hollow platitudes. I welcome every downvote you think I deserve. I only want my writing to stay on this site if it is good.

— Some pandering asshat going through an early mid-life crisis

Things what with the securing, containing, and protecting already:

SCP-4730 Earth, Crucified - My first skip in desperate need of rewriting. Behold why getting more critique on your first entry is important. Multiversal Foundation finds ours and thinks they can do better. [Content warnings: Maximum edgelordiness]

SCP-4264 Lesson Plans for Calhoun County - The first skip I will readily admit ownership of! Highest rated skip of mine at time of writing this page and product of a steroid induced fever dream! Math and Science questions come to life and a teacher gets in over his head with the GOC.

SCP-4196 Daughter of the Confederacy - What where I try to do the dialogue thing well. Get uncomfortable with your grandma in a skip about historical revisionism. [Content warnings: Use of slurs, mentions of racial violence]

SCP-4279 A Toast to my Finished Thesis - Cliche story in a list skip about why you shouldn't piss off your grad student. A fun short project.

SCP-4257 public transit by dado - my first attempt at write dado medicine for make space car like the elon man.

SCP-4954 Long Live the Tinsmith! - My first Thaumiel skip. Self-replicating space roombas have a heartwarming birth and a sad death.

SCP-4624 Mandatory Fun - Made a skip about laughing at HR people. Then wondered why I was laughing at them.

More to come (if I am not fatally struck by a bus)!

Works what with people who tied themselves to the cinderblock anchor that is me:

SCP-4373 Drown Collaborative work with TheBlueHourTheBlueHour for CollabCon 2019. The Shark Punching Center finds a pattern screamer and teach it the peaceful ways of Selachian Pugilisim. Results not guaranteed to be peaceful.

Empty Oceans Collab Tale with TheBlueHourTheBlueHour for CollabCon 2019. Follow up to SCP-4373 where shark punching gets out of hand and more than one dolphin gets eaten.

Want to gawk at works in progress? Why? Are you a masochist? Whatever, I don't kink-shame.

My main sandbox for smaller-scale skips

Another sandbox for you bastards

Sandbox for 5000/001 project

That thing where I make arrangement for a potential mysterious disappearance

In the event that I have gone incommunicado for at least 3 months, TheMightyMcBTheMightyMcB has permission to make all decisions concerning the articles where I am the sole author in my stead. For collaborative articles, I defer to the other author(s) decision should I not be available and should those decisions not violate site rules. If none of the authors on a collaborative article are reachable, TheMightyMcBTheMightyMcB can make or give permission for alterations and such in place of myself.

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