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Name: NagirosNagiros

PoI Designation: PoI-Cr@b-091

Aliases: Nagi, Queen of the Crustaceans

Age: 18

Threat Type: Creation of anomalous phenomena, development of anomalies with other Persons of Interest.

Profile Source: Chill — by GUWEIZ


SCP-4051 - Your Friendly Neighborhood Keter | Explained | Chinese | +194

Damn kid. Broke the straps on the chair. I'm tempted to get it tranquilized during the procedure, but we need it awake.

SCP-4260 - The Subdirective | Declassified | Explained | +97

Procedure 8917 is considered complete when the following criteria are met: SCP-4260 has been successfully terminated, the Strayer Density Matrix is fully operational, all affected civilians have been located and terminated, all evidence of Procedure 8917 has been removed, and SCP-4260 has been resurrected.

SCP-4175 - Friends Made, and the Void (Written for Pride Month 2019. 🏳️‍🌈) | Explained | Chinese| +223

Is that me? Is my real body just decomposing somewhere? Did they ever find my body?

SCP-4415 - Humanoid Containment Chamber #λ045 | Explained | +58

Weathers, if you're reading this, just know I ended up as a good guy.
Bye, I guess.

SCP-4755 - When We Are Omnipotent | Explained | +80

SCP-4755 designates the ultimate purpose of conceptualization, which is containment.

What follows is the unofficial report on the incident involving SCP-4051, the anomalous object placed under your care by Ethics Committee liaison Jeremiah Cimmerian.

Reality isn't a wave, as you suggested. It's an ocean, boiling and pitching under a never-abating hurricane. Some people get to… how did you put it? "Ride the wave near the beach"? Child's play. A real reality bender makes nature his bitch from the eye of the storm."

When the earth first felt the dread grip of death, you knew of me. When your species first crawled from the mud and had the right sense to weep, you heard my voice. When a towering monolith was constructed to contain the encroaching army which rides over endless fields of ash and waste, you knew my name.

"Look around you, mortal men, and see the land of gods, and weep. We were once the strange and the disquieting, the horrific and the dead. We were anomalies, but anomalies no more."

A staffer who has worked years for the Foundation, and potentially married someone within it, is far less likely to openly object to the horrors the Foundation has committed and risk expulsion, or even termination.
It's just like a damn cult.

As gunfire engulfed the town, her fingerprint remained on the broken glass of that old window.

Until it is proven otherwise, the Eschaton is assumed to be a hostile action against Knowledge. Without seekers, the truths of the Library remain inert, untouched. It is a sad thing for a library to wither.

People come to power. Other people get hurt. It doesn't matter if it belongs to a conceptual embodiment or a Site Director, power seems to breed injury at Site-17, and people have started to notice. Old structures are groaning beneath the weight of their antiquity, and it's up to a few of researchers and SCPs to survive the coming crash.

These Esoteric Classes are exceedingly rare, and many are not viable for standard documentation due to their unique and specialized nature. The following lists serve as a collection of these highly esoteric classes.

Various additions to the SCP Style Resource (Collab)

Options 2 and 3 of Discord Chat Formatting, Modifying Scrollbars, Mobile Sidebar Button Reformatting, Amateur Countdown Timer, Nesting Collapsibles, False Links/Collapsibles, and Email Template.

Greenleaf Woods, SCP-PC-012, and PC-S08-L5 (Collab) | Explained

Distinguished from SCP-PC-004 because of its deviation from established immunity to injury and death. Elderly, caucasian male with deteriorated anatomy indicative of infirmities expected for its perceived age. Ostensibly identical to SCP-PC-004, barring these deviations.

Just Girly Things Theme | For SCP-4319

Not really mine. A bunch of users contributed to this and attribution of specific elements is nearly impossible. DianaBerryDianaBerry created most of the assets and I varied the color scheme.

deepwell-catalog (Tag) | For the Site-17 Deepwell Catalog canon.

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