Personnel File: Bicks, Jonathan

Name: Jonathan Bicks

Personnel Classification: Site-132 Director Provisional Site-███ Director O5-██ Class-D

Number Designation: D-93731

Default Site Location: Site-132

Physical Description: Hispanic Male, Age 29
Weight: 68 kg
Height: 1.72 m
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue

Bio: D-93731 (originally Jonathan Bicks) was found as a PoW in █████, Iran. Originally a respected journalist, Mr. Bicks was held hostage by the [REDACTED] organization. Mr. Bicks and ██ other hostages were rescued by Foundation Agents. A total of █ of these hostages were taken to Site-132 as Class D Personnel.1

Upon approval, a cover story was fabricated concerning the deaths of said hostages. D-93731 is currently assigned to participate in testing related with anomalies housed at Site-132. For a complete biography of D-93731, A Level 4 Security Clearance and approval from Site-132's Site Director is required.

D-93731 was provisionally involved with numerous anomalies as the Site-132 Director. A full list of said anomalies and related incidents can be found below

Estimated Date of Discharge: 10/██/20██

Anomaly Record: D-93731 has participated in testing with the following objects:

SCP-2555 Growing Up: D-93731 was assigned to explore the interior and upper level floors of SCP-2555. Exploration resulted in better understanding of the building's interior and associated SCP-2555-1 instances.

SCP-2089 john: Exposed to SCP-2089 related content. Resulted in better understanding of SCP-2089's memetic properties. Subject was administered amnestics after testing.

SCP-2434 Carmageddon: Was nominated to be placed in an area where SCP-2434 instances were likely to occur. Original test was suggested to determine if collision with subjects would result in successfully recovery of instances. Test was denied.

SCP-1095 The Fall of A King: Was assigned to deliver goods to instances located within SCP-1095. Initial results proved successful.

D-93731, as the Site-132 Director, has also been related with the following objects:

SCP-2150 A Breach of Command: Selected as a test subject for the anomaly and subsequently used the anomaly to grant himself the title of Site Director. Refer to Supplementary Documentation for more info.

SCP-2183 The Ride Never Ends: Barred D-93730 from test selection.

SCP-2227 If You See Something, Say Something: Assigned MTF Mu-13 to contain instances of SCP-2227-1.

SCP-2572 Broken Dreams on Dekalb Avenue: Assigned a provisional containment unit to apprehend SCP-2572 and deliver it to Site-132.

Supplementary Documentation: D-93731 has also been involved with the following incidents:

Aryanne's Tail Claimed to know location of SCP-2089-1 and related PoIs after exposure to SCP-2089 related content. MTF assigned to the location proved the given location to be false.

The Escape From Site-132 Contains the account of D-93731's experience with SCP-2150 and related events.

The Ride Never Ends Believed to have been recovered during an encounter with the Serpent's Hand.

Sandbox Contains residual documentation left by D-93731 while he served as Site-132 Director.

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