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In Character: New administrative staff with sufficient security clearance may use this tool to more efficiently familiarize themselves with the information in the SCP database. For security and data-integrity purposes, this form of access is read-only.

Out of character: It's a tool that makes it easier to go on an archive binge. You can use the Canon Mass Orientation Tool a lot or you can just be a CMOT Dabbler, it's totally up to you.

SCP-2045 rating: -10
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Item #: SCP-2045

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2045 is to be mounted on the wall of a standard 3x3x3 m Class III Inanimate Items Containment Cell. Two guards are to be posted outside the containment cell at all times. All testing and observation of SCP-2045 and SCP-2045-1 is to be carried out by Level 2 Researchers. They are to monitor and catalog all activities, conversations, printed materials, and computer use within SCP-2045-1.


SCP-2045 while open.

Description: SCP-2045 is a solid wooden door similar to those used as the entrance to typical private residences. Only the ‘exterior’ side of the door exhibits anomalous properties. The 'interior' side leads nowhere, only opening back into the containment chamber.

SCP-2045-1 is an alternate reality that can be accessed via SCP-2045. The reality is superficially similar to present-day Earth. However, there are marked sociopolitical differences as demonstrated by the ██████ family's behavior and print and electronic media found within their home (see Addendum B).

By passing through through SCP-2045, personnel emerge into the living room of a small three-bedroom split level house. The house is located in what appears to be a middle class neighborhood similar to those found in the eastern United States.

The Foundation has determined that the home belongs to the ██████ family (designated SCP-2045-2), who inhabit SCP-2045-1. See Addendum A for more information on the ██████ family and other known inhabitants of SCP-2045-1.

Objects and persons native to SCP-2045-1 are out of phase with matter from our reality. Personnel have not been able to move or pick up any objects within SCP-2045-1, though solid surfaces still impede their movement. The inhabitants of SCP-2045-1 have never to date been able to observe the Foundation's presence, nor can they perceive the portal connecting our world and SCP-2045-1.

In addition, an invisible barrier has prevented personnel from exploring SCP-2045-1 beyond a 7-meter radius of the house. Investigation into the properties of this barrier is ongoing.

Addendum A: List of Significant Inhabitants of SCP-2045-1

Name: Sarah ██████
Age: 41
Description: Caucasian female, ~170 cm in height. Very short red hair. James’s wife and mother to Elif and Samuel.

Name: James ██████
Age: 39
Description: Caucasian male, ~180 cm in height. Short brown hair. Sarah’s husband and father to Elif and Samuel.

Name: Elif ██████
Age: 17
Description: Turkish female, ~165 cm in height. Long black hair, usually tied into a bun. Sarah and James’s adopted daughter and Samuel’s adopted sister.

Name: Samuel ██████
Age: 8
Description: Caucasian male, ~120 cm in height. Short brown hair. Sarah and James’s son and Elif’s brother.

Name: Emily
Age: 16
Description: Caucasian female, ~160 cm in height. Shoulder-length blond hair. Elif’s girlfriend. Often seen at ██████ residence.

Name: Mark
Age: 47
Description: Black male, ~190 cm in height. Greying black hair. James’s friend and co-worker. Often seen at ██████ residence. Deceased; see Addendum C.

Addendum B: Media Observed within SCP-2045-1 (Partial Listing)

Media Type: Print, newspaper
Description: Copy of “The Wall Street Journal” dated 07/20/2005. Similar in format to the WSJ of our reality. Headlines include “35 Killed in Train Derailment in Scotland”, “President DeNiro Institutes National Curfew”, “Opposition to Cannibalism Up 1.3% Last Year”, “Dow Down 5% This Month”, and “Ohio Congregation Offers Themselves to Our Lord”.

Media Type: Print, magazine
Description: Copy of “Kingdom Girl” published March 2006. Appears to be a fashion and lifestyle magazine targeted at college-age women. Contains images of “designer bodybags” and an article on the best and healthiest ways to prepare human flesh, along with more pedestrian content.

Media Type: Website
Description: ‘www.countdown.org’, front and apparently only page shows a 7-digit number counting down at an average rate of 1.5 per second. Last known count at 4,563,644,439. Only other feature on the page is a small line of text near the bottom: “Copyright 2006 Church of the Saints Purified”.

Media Type: Print, religious tract
Description: Document is a tri-fold pamphlet titled "The Reaping and You". Cameras have never captured a clear view of the contents.

Addendum C: Partial Video Surveillance Transcripts SCP-2045-3

All dates listed correspond to our reality.


"Priest" seen during the above incident. Believed to be a representative of the "Church of the Saints Purified".

Date: 09/██/20██
Family and Emily are sitting together in living room watching television. Television depicts NFL American football game between the Cleveland Browns and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Ten seconds are left on the clock.
James: Gogogogogogogo-Awwwww…
The Steelers quarterback fumbles the ball and the Steelers lose possession. Game ends 17-14 in favor of the Browns. The Steelers’ coach walks calmly to the 50 yard line and kneels. Referee approaches and produces a large knife hidden in his waistband. He proceeds to [DATA EXPUNGED] and the mutilated body is dragged to the sideline by two men who appear similar to Catholic priests. The Browns line up beside the body, and each in turn cuts off a chunk of flesh and consumes it raw.
Sarah: Well, he had a good run. Lasted 7 games, longest since [REDACTED].
James: He’s in a better place now, though.
Samuel: Amen.
Elif: Amen!

Date: 12/██/20██
James and Mark are having a conversation in James’s home office.
Mark: I just don’t get it. I’ve been with the company for 23 years and boom, I’m out the door in a day.
James: Don’t be too hard on yourself. This economy is tough on all of us.
Mark: But how am I going to put food on the table? Who’s gonna hire an old fart like me?
James: You know, the church has started offering cash bonuses to the families of supplicants again.
Mark stares off into the middle distance for a few moments.
Mark: That’ll be enough cash to last them years.
Mark is silent again.
James: You’re sure about this?
Mark: Yeah
James: Want me to do the honors?
Mark: Thanks, but no thanks. I’ll go to the church and do it the proper way. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you get a leg.

Date: 01/██/20██
James and Samuel are in the kitchen. James is carving steaks off of a human leg believed to belong to Mark.
James: Now, the secret is to cut with the grain of the meat. That gives you a much cleaner looking steak and helps keep it fresh. You see?
Samuel: Yes daddy.
James hands Samuel one of the steaks. Samuel puts the steak into a plastic bag and places the bag into the freezer.

Date: /04/██/20██
Family is gathered in the dining room on the day known in the Christian faith as Good Friday. All electric lights are turned off; the room is lit by a single wax candle. The family begins to sing a hymn based on 'How Great Thou Art' (a common hymn written by Carl Gustav Boberg).
O Lord my God
When I in awesome wonder
Consider all the worlds thy hands have made
I see the stars, I hear the rolling thunder,
Thy power throughout the universe displayed
Then sings my soul, my Savior God, to thee
How great thou art! How great thou art!
Then sings my soul, my Savior God, to thee
How great thou art! How great thou art!
I taste thy flesh
I feel thy warm blood flowing
As I devour the sacrifice we make
I hear the sound, of the lambs' cries of triumph
As we cut through the throats thy hands have made
Then sings my soul, my Savior God, to thee
How great thou art! How great thou art!
Then sings my soul, my Savior God, to thee
How great thou art! How great thou art!
Soon even those
Who are still shamed and sinful
Will a part of the offering of grace
They will be found, their hiding is so futile
And yet their blood is no less sweet to you
Then sings my soul, my Savior God, to thee
How great thou art! How great thou art!
Then sings my soul, my Savior God, to thee
How great thou art! How great thou art!
The time is near
The hour fast approaching
For the final offering to you our Lord
Our time grows short, our numbers quickly dwindling
Soon we will all share in your warm embrace
Then sings my soul, my Savior God, to thee
How great thou art! How great thou art!
Then sings my soul, my Savior God, to thee
How great thou art! How great thou art!

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