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Canon Mass Orientation Tool

In Character: New administrative staff with sufficient security clearance may use this tool to more efficiently familiarize themselves with the information in the SCP database. For security and data-integrity purposes, this form of access is read-only.

Out of character: It's a tool that makes it easier to go on an archive binge. You can use the Canon Mass Orientation Tool a lot or you can just be a CMOT Dabbler, it's totally up to you.

SCP-978 rating: 294
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A stock photograph of a camera of the same model and physical appearance of SCP-978

Item #: SCP-978

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-978 is to be kept in security locker H-J-12 at Site 17, and only to be removed or handled by personnel with Level-2 security clearance or higher. Testing parties may request extra film and printing paper at their leisure. SCP-978 is not to be used for blackmail, entertainment, or personal reasons.
This means you. ~ O5-██
All photographs produced by SCP-978 are to be cataloged along with full testing description. Requests to destroy photographs may be processed by Level-4 security clearance or higher personnel, at the discretion of the testing party.

Description: SCP-978 appears to be a standard chrome-and-black Polaroid One instant camera, with no distinctive identifying marks or damage. SCP-978 operates the same as a standard camera, and shows no anomalous behavior beyond the photographs it produces. When a subject is pictured with SCP-978, the photograph that develops shows not what the subject was doing at the time of the photo, but rather what the subject wanted to be doing.

This effect appears to be, for the most part, random, sometimes showing drastic changes and deeply suppressed desires, or simple changes and alterations to the subject or their surroundings. SCP-978 appears to be capable of expressing the desires of both humans and other creatures (see testing log) and appears to convey the simplest desires the easiest. Should two subjects with contrasting desires both be photographed together, the subjects' desires appear to 'mix' (see testing log for additional information).


Subjects are allowed to request photographs of themselves. Remember, people, just because some of the photos show distasteful things doesn't mean that you're going to do them. ~ Dr. ████

Testing Log

Log Format
Photographed Activity:
Photo Result:

Testing 05/██/██
Simple study of basic research team.

Subject: Research Assistant James ██████
Photographed Activity: Smiling for the camera, neutral pose.
Photo Result: Subject is shown looking much more tired and unprofessional, drinking from a flask.

Subject: Research Assistant ██████ █████
Photographed Activity: Smiling for the camera, neutral pose.
Photo Result: Subject is shown in casual clothes, as if heading out for the night. Subject admits that she wishes to go home.

Subject: Research Assistant ███ ██████
Photographed Activity: Smiling for the camera, neutral pose.
Photo Result: [DATA EXPUNGED] - Research Assistant ███ ██████ is placed on temporary psychiatric leave.

Subject: Dr. █ █████
Photographed Activity: Smiling for the camera, neutral pose.
Photo Result: Subject is shown wearing a different tie.

Subject: Dr. ████████
Photographed Activity: Smiling for the camera, neutral pose.
Photo Result: [DATA EXPUNGED] - Dr. ████████ expresses extreme embarrassment and apologies for this.

Well, the first round of tests wasn't so bad. Except for those two…let's try this thing on some Class-D and other personnel, see if we can't get more unusual results. ~ Dr. █ █████

Testing 05/██/██
Testing to see effects of SCP-978 on nonhumans.

Subject: Several standard white lab mice.
Photographed Activity: All mice are in plain glass tank for photographing.
Photo Result: All mice pictured as eating, mating, or both.

Subject: Single zebra finch, standard lab animal.
Photographed Activity: Sitting in cage, observing photographer.
Photo Result: An open cage, with the zebra finch flying off the edge of the photo, only a wing and part of the tail visible.

Subject: Standard white lab rabbit.
Photographed Activity: Sitting in plain glass tank for photographing.
Photo Result: Subject is pictured mating with another rabbit.

Subject: Kitten (stray lab animal)
Photographs Activity: Being held for the picture by Dr. █████
Photo Result: [DATA EXPUNGED] - I would NEVER do that to a kitten! -Dr. █████

Subject: Guard dog (Doberman mix) and handler.
Photographed Activity: Guard dog and handler both posing strictly for photograph.
Photo Result: Subjects are pictured as playing a game of fetch.

Subject: Multiple testing cockroaches.
Photographed Activity: Cockroaches placed in glass tank for photograph.
Photo Result: No change.

Subject: Small spider
Photographed Activity: Clinging to the ceiling. Dr. █████ admits that the picture was taken as a last-minute thought when she walked past the spider on her way to SCP-978's containment locker.
Photo Result: A massive, hallways-encompassing web with a small spider in it.

Well, at least we know it works on animals. -Dr. █████

For more information on SCP-978 please see the SCP-978 Extended Test Logs

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