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Item #: SCP-3284

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3284 is to be kept in Site-██ within a 10x10 bedroom with at least one bed, a desk, and a mirror. It is to be surveyed 24/7, and no one below Level 3 clearance is permitted access to the room. In the event of any non-Foundation personal attempting to break and enter within SCP-3284, Dr. Erzengel is to be alerted immediately and ordered to call upon ████████ (also addressed as SCP-3284-2) by use of SCP-3284-1. SCP-3284-1 is to be kept within SCP-3284 and is not to be accessed by anyone at any time unless a scenario within the criteria of Event-3284-A (See Event 3284-A). Instances of SCP-3284-2 are to be monitored by site personnel whenever it is in effect. When there is no presence of SCP-3284-2, various civilians are to be monitored to see if they are symptomatic (See Addendum-3284-2).

There is to be no interaction to bring awareness of SCP-3284-2 to an afflicted individual who is not aware of their condition, they are to be monitored until the completion of the cycle listed in Addendum-3284-2. SCP-3284-2 is simply to be monitored, as that is all we can do, any action that is taken which goes against orders to leave SCP-3284-2 untouched will trigger Event-3284-A to occur.

Description: SCP-3284, is a journal completely sealed shut with the pommel of a blade protruding from the front cover. At this state, SCP-3284 is completely inaccessible and its contents cannot be seen, forceful attempts at breaking open the book are strictly prohibited. When the blade which fits the pommel is found (SCP-3284-1), SCP-3284-2 should be carrying it, it should then be placed by SCP-3284-2 into the pommel opening the contents of SCP-3284, which seems to anomalously add more pages with more writing into the book, usually corresponding to anything that happened within SCP-3284-2’s lifetime.

SCP-3284-2’s appearance varies, however, every instance seems to resemble previous instances appearances. SCP-3284-2’s appearance is rare, as the site has only 2 recorded instances of SCP-3284-2, however, it is theorized that the cycle in which SCP-3284-2 appears before SCP-3284, and SCP-3284-1, has repeated over an innumerable quantities of time, unable to be documented by the Foundation’s current technology, and understanding of the universe.
SCP-3284 was originally found in the bedroom of a house in the town of █████████, █████, sometimes referred to as SCP-3284-3. The neighborhood where the house in which SCP-3284 was located appeared to possess anomalous properties, of which to the full extent could not be described. All of the houses within a 2-kilometer radius ascertained these anomalous properties, where all of the inhabitants repeated the exact same behavior every day.

This neighborhood only was brought to the attention when SCP-3284-2 (the specific reiteration being █████) confronted the foundation during Event-3284-A, as any when anyone who doesn’t live in the 2 kilometer radius enters the anomalous area they immediately turn around having no knowledge of the neighborhood, and when civilians who were previously walking in the area are confronted by the Foundation, and asked why they were going through the neighborhood, all of them reply that it was just a detour, and that they were just leaving the area also commenting on how they don’t live in the neighborhood, and they were trying to go somewhere else, not knowing at all about there initial entry into the neighborhood which usually was a few minutes prior to leaving the area.

Mobile Task Force Epsilon-6, was able to enter the space-time anomaly with the aid of █████, making them immune to the Cognito-hazard, during Event-3284-A. Once in the neighborhood civilians were questioned on what they did the day before, as opposed to directly notifying them of their repetitious lifestyle. All of the civilians come up with different elaborate stories as if they have a vivid memory of their previous activities when Foundation agents have documented and recorded them doing the exact same thing every day.

A few civilians attend the nearby ██████ High School, however they all seem to have been friends or acquaintances of the neighborhood’s iteration of SCP-3284-2, and their activities and the school do indeed have unique experiences at the school, as soon as they arrive at their homes after school, they continue on with their cyclical activities. It was a base of speculation as to the identity of the bus driver who takes these student’s to school, and if they were immune to anomalous repetition, however, upon further investigation, it was found that they live within the 2 kilometer area in neighborhood and because of this it is theorized that any person who is acquainted with the area’s SCP-3284-2 are able to travel outside of the as long as they are within an unspecified vicinity of SCP-3284-2, as the bus driver who brings SCP-3284-2, and it’s acquaintances to ██████ High School, is found to park in a nearby abandoned field, awaiting SCP-3284-2’s dismissal from school.

It is also observed that the bus driver is unaware of their time awaiting SCP-3284-2, and is recorded to be mindlessly walking up and down the seats of the bus the entire duration of SCP-3284-2’s school day.

Event-3284-A: Before Event-3284-A the foundation was not aware of SCP-3284’s existence. On █/█/2015, an unidentified humanoid entity was detected 1 kilometer outside of Site-██. Mobile Task Force Omega-10 Callsign: “Ariadne’s Labyrinth” was sent in to confront and detain the entity for questioning, however, when they approached the entity it immediately phased through the trucks surrounding it, and seemingly teleported to the front gate.

When at the front it looked directly at the guards pointing rifles at him, it appeared to vaguely resemble a male human, with light blue hair, pale blue skin, a heavy fur coat, with a sheath, and a sword tucked into its coat. The guards ordered the entity to stand down, and drop its weapon, however, it did not comply and after 3 orders for it to drop its weapon and put its hands behind its head, the guards opened fire. The bullets went straight through the entity as if it were a hologram after the guards realized their efforts were in vain they ceased fire, to which the entity immediately opened it’s mouth letting out an ominous low-frequency hum for 7 seconds, after which it immediately stopped. It then, in perfect English requested for Dr. Erzengel to come forth, how this being had perfect knowledge as to the identity of the Doctor remains unknown.

Its request was promptly denied, and after the being was not granted permission to see the doctor it apparently phased through the exterior gate and then descended into the ground. For 49 seconds all contact with the being was lost until it suddenly reappeared within Dr. Erzengel’s office.

Foreword: The following is audio recorded from surveillance of Dr. Erzengel’s office, at the time of the anomalous humanoid entity’s breach into the foundation.

<Begin Log>

** ████████:** *silence*

Dr. Erzengel: *Is seen filing through documents at the time unaware of the presence of the intruder.* Jesus what the fuck! What are you, how did you get in here?

** ████████:** [Puts it’s index finger on the Doctors mouth in a hushing gesture.] I do not have much time, I have come here to tell you that you must address the situation at coordinates [EXTRANEOUS DATA EXPUNGED]. This is a perilous task, deny my words and you will unforeseen consequences

Dr. Erzengel: Who in god’s name are you? Why should I trust anyth- [At this time MTF Epsilon 11 Callsign: Nine-Tailed Fox busted into Dr. Erzengel’s office.]
** ████████:** If you do not heed my warning to contain the anomaly at the coordinates [EXTRANEOUS DATA EXPUNGED], this world will cease to exist, an invasion needs to be repelled, your foundation possesses the capability to cast out this evil. Please I beg you this is not for my sake it is for your own.
** ████████:** All of your uncertainties will be clarified, just report to th-[Here the being disappeared, which somehow caused all electronics within the room to cease functionality.]

<End Log>

After the anomalous entity disappeared the coordinates which it mentioned were surveyed via satellite, nothing immediately suspicious was noticed about the area as it appeared to be a suburban town. Due to this, a few foundation personnel thought that sending a team in, and investing the costs into administering amnestics, and other necessities during containment of an area would be a waste, as doing whatever some hologram who spontaneously appeared in the foundation, would make the foundation itself seem weak.

However, due to the fact that this being in some baffling way had knowledge of the foundation, and was able to breach security, they decided to send a small unit into the neighborhood. They would be driving a mail delivery truck, in which 7 Mobile Task Force Epsilon-6 troops would be concealed in the back of the truck.

Once units arrived in the city, they soon approached the street which fed into the neighborhood, and before they could pull in to the actual neighborhood the entity which previously showed up at the foundation blocked their path. The truck immediately halted, and the holographic entity formed a gesture with its hands (now when Foundation researchers attempt to view the Epsilon-6 body cams to try and see what the entity was doing with its hands, the picture is blurred specifically around the hands). The entity then leaves, the troops in the car, are confused and attempting to contact HQ for an explanation, but no one can concisely say what happened.

> Foreword: The following is audio from radio communication, as well as body cam between Epsilon-6 Troops recovered from Event-3284-A. Access to footage is only permitted to O5 Council Members, and any lower level personnel who is given access to these files are to be immediately terminated.

<Begin Log>

Sgt. ███: Jesus! It was that thing again! What’s he doing here?

Lt. █████: I don’t know but one thing is for certain, this truck has stopped moving.
Sgt. ███: Well wasn’t there a gas station just back there? We could go get some and fill the truck up sir.
Lt. █████: Yeah okay, send ████ out to get some, he’s all dressed up as a postboy he’ll blend in, wait…
Sgt. ███: What is it, sir?
Lt. █████: The truck says gas is full, actually more full then it was earlier, and the battery’s obviously not dead, what exactly the hell is going on here?
Sgt. ███: You still want me to tell Private ████ to get gas?
Lt. █████: I guess it wouldn't hurt to get him, I sure hope this isn’t some sort of anomaly.
Sgt. ███: Yes sir. [Sgt. ███ opens the back window of the truck and tells Pvt. ████ to hop out of the truck, and walk to the gas station]
[Pvt. ███it's radio log, as well as body cam, was unretrievable from the event]
Lt. █████: What the hell is he doing? Did he just walk straight back, tell his ass to get to the damn gas station!
Sgt. ███: Hey ███! What are you doing man? [you can slightly hear Pvt. ███ replying and saying that he was walking to get gas, from the view of Sgt. ███’s body cam you can see him attempt to walk back out to the street, only to turn right back around] I swear to Christ, is this some kind of joke? Look if this is because I took your sandwich from lunch I’m sorry but we have a mission to d- [Pvt. ███it's eyes suddenly, from the view of the bodycam turn bright glowing blue, and he collapses on his knees, looks up at the sky and lets out a horrendous screech]
Sgt. ███: What in gods name has gotten into you lieutenant? *grunts* those screams… they’re s-so louuuuuud [Static audio and blank video footage plays for roughly 3 minutes before footage returns, it is the same neighborhood, only the sky has turned red with a strange symbol appearing on the sun, in the center of the rubble of a house, one seemingly adolescent child stands up, with tattered clothes, a symbol carved into his forehead, a book in his right hand, and a long curved sword in his left hand.]
???: [Off camera deep demonic voice] The sacred sun has risen, and the son of time has awoken! Unite children of despair, break the cycle, and free your selves from the shackles of the gods! [Two large, golden humanoid beings appear with large spear-like weapons, they visibly attempt to thrust at the boy, but he swiftly slashes his sword at the spears, parrying them out of his way, and stabs them in the chest, with what looks like the blood of the large humanoid creatures he wipes it off of his sword and holds it up to the sun, and he seems to elevate towards the sky. The footage then abruptly ends, and then switches to footage of a what seems to vaguely resemble a human man’s face only with grey skin, pale hair, one eye completely black with a black fluid dripping from his right eye, and the same strange symbol that was on the sun, and the boy’s forehead appears on his head as well]
Grey Skinned Man: [Unknown language is being spoken]… the greatest truth lies in tragedy.
<End Log>

Closing Statement: [In an anomalous manner all footage from cameras outside of the neighborhood in which the events took place (now known as SCP-3284-3) that would have footage of SCP-3284-3, show no evidence of this event happening, and every outside inhabitant has no knowledge of the cataclysmic events that occurred, and no extensive security or amnestics need to be applied to the area due to the nature of SCP-3284-3, besides classified footage kept by the foundation, it’s almost as if Event-3284-A never happened.]

After Event-3284-A, a few foundation personnel were able to survive, and they were able to retrieve SCP-3284 (the book), and SCP-3284-1 (the sword pommel), however what happened to the sword itself, and the child (believed to be an iteration of SCP-3284-2) who was carrying the sword, and the book is undocumented by the foundation.

Addendum-3284-2: Based on the information given to the Foundation from undisclosed interviews with ████████, the cycle of SCP-3284-2 has origins that go deeper then the Foundation anticipated, what exactly ████████, meant by this is unsure, however, the entity did disclose to the Foundation how to monitor people who may become the next iteration of SCP-3284-2 such as [REDACTED], or possessing [REDACTED], as well as other signs. As to what happened to the SCP-3284-2 during Event-3284-A, ████████ would not disclose any information to interviewers, and where, what, or who the child was is unknown.

It is also observed that when SCP-3284 is to be kept in Site-██ within a 10x10 bedroom with at least one bed, a desk, and a mirror. It is to be surveyed 24/7, and no one below Level 3 clearance is permitted access to the room. In the event of any non-Foundation personal attempting to break and enter within SCP-3284, Dr. Erzengel is to be alerted immediately and ordered to call upon ████████ (also addressed as SCP-3284-2) by use of SCP-3284-1. And, There is to be no interaction to bring awareness of SCP-3284-2 to an afflicted individual who is not aware of their condition, they are to be monitored until the completion of the cycle listed in Addendum-3284-2. SCP-3284-2 is simply to be monitored, as that is all we can do, any action that is taken which goes against orders to leave SCP-3284-2 untouched will trigger Event-3284-A to occccccc——- Error Corrupted filee8989__
E̯Ṟ̛͕̫͕̖͔͕R̴̜̦̼̟O҉R̖͎̞̜͙̞ ͇̣̬S̥̟͙̞T̼̫̺͔͔̰ͅt̨t̥̰̖̪̣̙̭O̗P̳̞̺̦̪ͅ ͔̞͉̩̞̜ ̳ ̪̖͚͔̕ ̨͖̪̞̘̝ ̮͎̯̘͜ ̶̬͈̦̹ ̸̗̹̝͓̫ ̭̫͕͎̤͞ ͏ ̝͖̼̱ ̪̼̖̼͡ ͔̖̼̘ ̜̲̳͕̪͙ ̸ ͚͢ ͇͈͕̤̰͠ ̝̪̘ ̢̬̪̗̞ ̹̀ ͏̙̟̙̜ ̘̰ ̀ ͘ ̴̥̥̭̻ͅ ̗̥̞̩̤͈͍ ̰ ͙̞̜̪ͅt̲̰ͅh̩̼̬̲̥͍̳e̶̠̝̤ ̛͇̝̝͖s̖̦̠̲̜͈̙͠a̬͕̟̹͜c̘͈̞̣̝̠̱r͕e͏͍̪̹̪̠d̼̠̙̻ ̘͇͓̀s̵̭̯͍̫u̙̼͖n͚ ̖͇̰̪͚̟ ̜̲s̕h̡̟̭in͙̣̮͓e̠̰̥s ͙͇̹̺̥͙o͕̤̦̪̥̬̦͡f̨̝ ̱t͉̹͡h̺̺͕͖e ̡͕̗̝ͅf̺̰̻̤o͖̜͕̦̦r͍͇͖̬͖s̸̯͎̜̞̮̠̗a̗̝̩̮̮ͅk͙̳̬̥è̙̱̱ń ̡̙s͡ͅo̕n͍̣
̴X̭̮̘͙͙͉̭K̟ ͕͙W͘O͖͎͖̹R̵͖̤̹͔̦͖͎L̦̗̺̠͇̜̮D̢̘̫͚͕̙̦ ͉̘͓̹̫c̼͉̼̻̗l̢̬̙̺̯̬̖͉às͓̰͙̲̦̹s̘̹͔̪̰ͅ ̘͙̼̹ ̭͕̰͡ ͙͕̘̘̗͠ͅ ̢͍̻̟͉̲̥̼ ̩̜̲̰̝̬͓ ̻̯̙̯̀ ̱̞̙̫͎̼͜ ̗̖̙̦̮̲̥ ͏̙͎̰ ̬̜̩̟͉̀ ̡ ̺̩̺͇̭͚̹ ̻͉͈̖͉̻ ̗͚͜ ̣̫̩̼̯̠ͅ ̮̟̖̮̮ ̭͓̣̝̠͕ ̵͚̪͚̠͇ͅ ͓͕̗̩͕͞ ̰͔̩̪͖̺ͅ ̮̼̠̜̲ ̨̯̳͖̱ ͙̻ ̧̘͕̥͈ ̭̙̝́ ̢̬̟ ̡ ͎͔͉̮͎̘ͅ ͓͓̻ ͚ ̩͙̯͖̖̟ ̷͎̦̰ ͔̤ ̜̣͓ ͕̲͙͠ ̶̙̦̲̜̣̲͖
̘̲̰̞̮ͅCơ̺̳͇r̘͚͔r̖̞͇̥̥͢ͅu͙̖̺͡p҉͎t̳̀i̷͕̠̟o̢͓̖͉͚̯n̨͇̹̰ ̛̣͓͚̭i̪̝͈̱̗͍n̰͉̰ͅ ̹̜̖f͍͓͕i̹̣̬̻̘̠͈̕l͖͇̼̜̯͢e̟͔ ̰̺E̳̬͔͇̠̰̜rro͚̻̙͉̫r̴̼͇ ̨#̡̳̖̟̪̪̹6̶̝̹̯͙̥6̹̥̙̕6̳̜͎ͅ
̦̩͈͎̫Ç̘͚͕͖L̲̗̮͎̺̲͘ͅO̟S̫E̵ ̶it̷̘̭
̼̖̝̜S͕̲ ̙̼̜͍͙T͙͍̲͈ ̺̫̳̗O͉̬̭͎̬̯ P͇̖̝ ̡͙ ̖̮͙̪̹ ̭͡ ̪̗͚̗R̲̞̞̜̥͉̫ ̦͡E̵̯̺̮͚ ̜̠̹̩̙́ͅA̫̫̞͔̪͍ D̥͕̜̱̞̮ IN̡̜̹̳͈̹̞G͙̼̳͙͢ ̳̝Ń͇̘O̫̮̖͓͍W
E͇̱͍̲N̴̯̩̻D̷̰̺̱͕̯̹̰ ͔̭͖ͅt̨͎̱̦h̥͎̪́ͅe̢̲͈͕̹̣̘ͅ ̺͎̠̗̤̪̙͘C̬Y͕C̺͍̬L̯̪̺̘̝͍̀E̛͙̺̺͔͖ ͖ͅ ̧ ̼̪̫̫̜̞͞Ţ̪̪̤͚H̩͙͖̣E̢ ̬͘KI̦N̜̖̲̟̹̟G͓̱͉ ̥̯̯̣̠̺͡R͇͙IS̜͚E͡s͖̝̯̖͎̜̀ ̷
̸̙ ̙͉̭̝͖̼E̢̻̙̣̜KM͉͞A̳͇̝̤M̞̭̝̝̜͚D̺̖̙͔̟͡U͘L̯̩̭


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