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SCP-5163 rating: -12
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Item #: 5163

Containment Class: Safe

Special Containment procedures: SCP-5163 is to be kept in a 75x75 cm glass box, bolted to a concrete pillar that is 75x75x90 cm. The glass box has a metal lock at the top that can only be unlocked and locked from the outside. That is used to give SCP-5163 exactly what he pleases. Inside the glass box is a house. The house has a garage, a shed, a driveway, a pool, and a lawn and backyard with real grass. Inside the house there is a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and a living room. The glass box is held in a 6x6 meter room surrounded by concrete. The that the enclosure is in has cameras and gas chambers in each corner. If SCP-5163 were to escape, the gas chambers are activated immediately, the gas is then ventilated outside of the building. Once SCP-5163 is calm again, a team of security officers come in and put it back in its enclosure. When interviewed, SCP-5163 must be gassed, chained, and any personnel in the room must wear heavy duty noise cancelling headphones.

Description: SCP-5163 is a 2cm high finger puppet resembling a monster of some kind. It is green and also has blueish greenish goop coming out of its eyes, though it doesn’t seem like it bothers him. SCP-5163 use to show 3 emotions, Anger, Boredom, and happiness. But as of now, it shows 4. The fourth being sadness. According to SCP-5163 when being interviewed, he is part of a species named klargason (pronounced: klarg-uh-sawn). And he goes by the name of Jago Darius, and he also says he has a fiancé named Khaleesi Massimo, which we have yet to find. Upon getting angry, SCP-5163 octuples it’s strength, jump height, and speed. Do not get overwhelmed by SCP-5163’s very small size, for he can take out an entire squadron of 10 at ease.

Addendum 5163 #1: SCP-5163 was found in the home of Dr. ██████████ trying to steal sausage and ranch out of his fridge. SCP-5163 was captured and brought to the foundation for future testing. This is where incident #1 takes place.

Addendum #2: SCP-5163 started showing more and more signs of tiredness and sadness over the years. When asked about it SCP-5163 would go into a pit of rage. Until one day when SCP-5163 confessed that he missed his so called “Fiancé”. Ever since then, every time he sees a human of some kind, he gets angry. He starved himself and doesn’t do anything that he use to do. He locked himself in his bedroom and never comes out. SCP-5163’s powers seemed to dwindle down, it seems the maximum amount of casualties SCP-5163 can kill is about 2 or maybe even 1. The foundation is searching for SCP-5163’s fiancé, but every location that SCP-5163 gives, there is nothing.

Incident #1: SCP-5163 was brought into the glass enclosure that he is currently in now. The only thing in there though was just food. SCP-5163 looked around for a minute, and then looked back at the observation glass. He screamed “WHERE IS MY HOUSE”.
It’s scream was so loud it managed to crack the glass enclosure. Then with 2 hard punches, SCP-5163 managed to break the glass. SCP-5163 jumped onto the observation glass, clawing and screaming while a team officers came in and took care of the problem. 3 casualties died in this incident.

Incident #2: Once a year, SCP-5163 will ask for something new. After all, he does come from a pretty greedy family according the the interview. But this time SCP-5163 asked for 2 things: Playing Cards, and wires. Since SCP-5163 is tiny, everything made for SCP-5163 must be tiny and fit the size for SCP-5163. So making playing cards would be very hard. A day later, the things SCP-5163 asked for were given to him. He enjoyed creating things with the wires but when it became time for him to play with the cards, he examined them for a minute and than yelled out in a rage “They’re terrible!”. SCP-5163 broke the glass enclosure and went out in a rage before the guards came in to deal with him. Since then, gas chambers were out in the room so if he gets out, they can activate them also he will get gassed and relaxed.

Here is all the interviews between Dr. ██████████ and SCP-5163 compiled into one.

Dr. ██████████: Hello, SCP-5163. How are you?
SCP-5163: Wait, you are the guy that captured me!
Dr. ██████████: You seemed Anomalous and you were in my house. Now, do you mind if I ask you some questions? You seemed very talkative in the car ride here.
SCP-5163: As long as you tell me the gas you gave me. Can I have more of it?
Dr. ██████████: It’s Nitrous Oxide. No, you may not have more of-
Dr. ██████████: If we give more of it too you, you will fall asleep.
SCP-5163: What ever. Just tell me the questions.
Dr. ██████████: What are you?
SCP-5163: That’s a rude way to put it. I’m a Klargason. We can live up to 650 years old. We use to thrive in swamps and barrow beneath trees and cactus in deserts, but our population has gone down tremendously because humans like you always destroy our habitat. In fact, our population went down so much, that it’s just me and my Fiancé left.
Dr. ██████████: I’m sorry to hear about that. But you seem to have quite the talent. I see you like to create stuff. What do type of stuff are you best at creating?
SCP-5163: I like making Weapons, shrines, RC stuff, I’m also a cook so I like to cook for lots of parties.
Dr. ██████████: I thought you and your fiancé were the only ones left? Who is at your parties?
SCP-5163: Well, there use to be a lot of us. Now it’s just the cockroaches and the rhino beetles.
Dr. ██████████: You speak to animals?
SCP-5163: Some. Not all.
Dr. ██████████: Do you and your fiancé have names? And what about your bug friends?
SCP-5163: My name is Jago Darius, my fiancé is Khaleesi Massimo, and my bug friends don’t have names. We would have gotten married if you didn’t capture me.
Dr. ██████████: SCP-5163, is there a problem? You seem very out of the weather lately.
Dr. ██████████: Listen Jago, I care about you. You share the same traits and likings of my son. My son even had a fiancé before….
Dr. ██████████: I really wish I could. But the Foundation restricts me from setting you free. There is a search party out and actively looking for your fiancé.
SCP-5163: That’s good to hear. Can you unlock my chains so I can go to sleep?
Dr. ██████████: Jago. We have bad news.
SCP-5163: What is it?
Dr. ██████████: Your fiancé, Khaleesi. The squad found her but she was startled. She started attacking the group. Only one survived. But that person managed to kill Khaleesi.
SCP-5163: You’re telling me that they killed my dear Khaleesi? GAAAAAAHH!!!!
Dr. ██████████: HOLD ON WAIT! JAGO, IT WASNT MY FA- ████████████████████

Though SCP-5163 was gassed, he managed to break out of his chains and strangle Dr. ██████████ to death. They managed to re-contain SCP-5163. But now he refuses to talk to anyone or even walk out of his house. SCP-5163 refuses to bathe himself, and eat.

SCP-5163’s mental and physical health has gone down a lot and we don’t know how how long he has left to live.

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