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After recently coming across Roget's An Interview With "The Administrator" for the first time in a long time, I was inspired to begin a series of interviews based on the current Administration of the SCP Foundation Wiki. As a member of Junior Staff for the Community Outreach and MAST teams, I have the pleasure of working alongside Roget. Due to his work being the inspiration for this project, I approached him first to conduct an interview, and he graciously obliged. ~ WhiteGuardWhiteGuard

Who is RogetRoget?

Roget was officially promoted to Administrator on the 3rd of March, 2017 and continues today as a Team Captain for the Maintenance and Ancillary Staff Team. Roget has been a member of this site since the 19th of January, 2012, and as of the time of writing, he has contributed a total of 164 SCP Articles, 95 Tales, 6 GoI Formats, and 38 other pages for a grand total of 303 pages on the site. This makes him the holder for the most total pages on the site with the user IhpIhp in second at 169 pages. Roget's most popular page on the site by rating is SCP-031: What is Love? at +486. In addition to his writing prowess, he happens to be our site historian with his excellent series on the History of the SCP Universe. The following interview will consist of 11 questions from myself and 4 questions from the community with his responses.

The bold text represents the questions whereas the text within the boxes are Roget's responses.

Interview Questions:

How did you originally find the SCP Foundation? What were your first impressions? Did you realize this could be a place that you could spend almost 8 years of your life writing for? If not, when did it occur to you that this could be "your thing"?

In my freshman year of high school, a friend who was into it showed me a Facepunch thread about it. I started reading, and I was hooked. I had always been a writer, and I wanted to see if I could contribute to this awesome community that appealed to my sensibilities and interests. After I got started, I haven’t ever felt like I wanted to stop.

If you were to describe your style as a writer, how would you go about doing so? Do you believe it has remained the same throughout the years or do you believe your style has undergone some kind of drastic change? What do you believe has most heavily affected your writing over the years?

I prefer to be succinct. Long-form writing was always challenging for me. I take a lot of influence from Mary Beard and Stephen King. I always gravitate back to keeping things simple, not trying to impress the reader but to communicate with them as best and as quickly as can be done.

It is quite well-known that you are a history buff. I am into history as well. It has always been a subject that has fascinated me; however, there was a particular teacher I loved to listen to in middle school who helped me turn my interest into a passion. Was there any event in your life that triggered this love for history? Please describe what fascinates you so much about this field.

My Dad used to drive us kids around in an old pick-up and tell us kids all the ways our town had changed since he was a kid. I credit my father with instilling a great love and appreciation for learning about the past and learning about all things generally. I find that learning history is a great way to learn about everything else. I generally view historical events through the lens of historical materialism, and I find that to be the most instructive ways to take stock of the past and then use the knowledge to improve our present.

Of the SCPs featured in the now-famous SCP: Containment Breach game from 2012, which SCP happens to be your favorite? After you have chosen, would you care to share what charm or interesting feature draws you to this classic article?

I’ve never played it, so I had to look it up. It’s 066 for being one that always creeps me out no matter how many times I read it.

Speaking of classic SCPs, you were around when the now-infamous "Heritage List" was rolled out. Despite its poor reception, do you think there could ever be a hope of resurrecting some semblance of it? Or even perhaps creating an altogether different list to celebrate particular SCPs in the same vein of the Heritage List?

I think we should take greater advantage of the user-curated lists to do the work that one Heritage List was not intended or suited for. I think the Heritage List is a last gasp of the movement for a singular canon and has rightfully been relegated to the dustbin of history.

Do you happen to remember the first SCP you ever read? Possibly one of the first articles you read that really popped to you? What was so interesting to you about these early creations that compelled you to want to be involved?

I remember reading the Critical Tomatoes, then The Old Man. I read SCPs on an old iMac in a disused computer lab we kids played D&D in, and I think that atmosphere contributed to my diving in head-first.

If you had to say, what would be your favorite SCP? Favorite tale? Favorite author? Favorite 001 proposal?

1. SCP-3001, it gave me the only real nightmare I’ve had since I was 10.
2. Pila
3. We are all standing on the shoulders of Sorts, Gears, AbsentmindedNihilist, TroyL, and DarkStuff.
4. I don’t think anyone can match Mann’s Proposal. The spiral path is such an elegant concept.

You have been on the site for close to 8 years now. You have seen a lot of people move on in terms of authors, readers, reviewers, staff members, and even admins. Whose involvement do you miss the most? If by some crazy chance they were to see this interview, what would you like to say to them?

I would love to know how Accelerando is doing and hope he is faring well since we spoke last.

Now that you have been an Administrator for 3 years, do you believe you are on the right track to accomplish everything you desired to do? Is there anything you wish you could have done differently?

I don’t really dwell on my past beyond taking lessons from failures and defeats. I feel very bullish about our community I don’t think we’ve reached a tenth of our potential.

Any pets?

Where to start? I’ll go largest to smallest:
1. Slugger - Big handsome yellow lab.
2. Kissinger - Manx kitty with a big attitude. Rescue Cat!
3. Nixon - Fluffy cat to the max. Rescue cat!
4. Atari - Little squeaky goblin cat. Rescue cat!
5. Sauerkraut - A ball python who just moved into a new bin and she’s loving it.
6. Spoon - A betta fish living his best life in a ten-gallon tank.
7. Snail - We used to have two but one kept jumping out of the tank until it died.
8. Shrimp - They’re fun.
Also the ~50 houseplants my s/o cultivates.

What is SCP-055?

A round peg looking for a square hole.

Community Asked Questions:

What do you do to motivate yourself for working as an SCP wiki administrator? ~ barredowlbarredowl

I think the SCP Wiki is a wonderful and unique place and on balance, the past nine years have been very good to me. It’s a privilege to be able to help make the wiki its best self.

You have helped originate a lot of stuff on the Site: Class of '76, Arcadia, the Old Man in the Sea Canon. What is your favorite thing to have created? What do you wish got more attention? ~ IhpIhp

Vehicular Lazer Pointer, Crash Course Diet, AutoHeaven: My CRSHCRS series. The first in particular is definitely among my most fun work.

What has been the most impactful change that you've seen in the site during your tenure here? What is the biggest problem you can see the Wiki having to deal with in the near future? ~ MalyceGravesMalyceGraves

It would be the evolution of senior staff from a loose group of long-time users to an organized institution with a strong legal tradition. I think our biggest problem is that a lot of our back catalog is hard to access, and if we don’t have people reading some of our best stuff that’s just sad. We can help fix that.

How do you get inspiration for your writing? ~ HexickHexick

I take inspiration from my everyday life. My first SCP, 1507, was inspired by my mother’s obsession with all things both decorative and flamingo.

This concludes the interview. I hope you enjoyed it! I would once again like to thank Roget for agreeing to do this with me. Thanks again to the community members who provided questions: barredowl, Ihp, MalyceGraves, and Hexick. My next interview will be with ZynZyn. If you have any questions for her you would like for me to ask, feel free to leave them in the discussion portion of this page, and I will choose my favorites from among them.

Thank you for reading!

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