✦: Recommended Reads


SCP-893 Asexual
SCP-1124 Xenoplague
SCP-1201 Zoroaster's Well
SCP-1202 Lost Voice
SCP-1203 Ouroboros
SCP-1286 Sad Man
SCP-1364 Ultra-Vulnerable Mammal
SCP-1369 Feelers
SCP-1371 Curiously Buoyant Amphibian
SCP-1412 Two Dead Sisters
SCP-1424 Patches
SCP-1515 Wallaby Wannabes (with Salman Corbette)
SCP-1519 Renaissance Organism
SCP-1535 Purgatory
SCP-1582 Ant Man
SCP-1616 Nibbles
SCP-1682 Solar Parasite
SCP-1735 Kind of Impenetrable Barrier
SCP-1782 Tabula Rasa
SCP-1813 Schrödinger
SCP-1826 Victims of the Wild Hunt
SCP-1855 Old Roads
SCP-1865 TaoTao (with Roget)
SCP-1918 Tik Tak Tow
SCP-1951 Nuclear Family
SCP-1982 First Southern Fifthist
SCP-2182 The Big Bang
SCP-2582 Hammer & Nail
SCP-2616 Shoo, Fly
SCP-2589 Don't Leave Me This Way
SCP-2682 The Blind Idiot
SCP-2782 The Flock
SCP-2862 Beholder
SCP-2973 Ihct͟o̢ga̴m͠a̢t (with SpookyBee)
SCP-2986 Outside the Box (with Cimmerian)
EE-3682 Parousia
SCP-4268 Eviction
SCP-4728 Deletion
SCP-4782 Nemmie
SCP-4815 Busted Oracle
SCP-5456 Sweatmother

SCP-682-J Bestest Lizerd (with Salman Corbette)


Constellation Starfish

Rat's Nest Canon

The Dream Team

Holy Science


Mr. Purple
One of the worst things you will ever read.

The Bowels of History
Time is meat.

Old Faithful
SCP personnel hazing.

The Queen of Site-18
A story about ointment that makes you like stuff.

Intertiatic SCP
An SCP/Mars Volta crossover.

Older Roads
A fun story about probability wizards.

A surreal SCP-106 tale.

I'm not sure.
A dream about SCP-055.

Dark Arts and Crafts
An artist becomes an anartist.


Photoshopping Your SCP

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