Log of Unexplained Locations

Foreword: This page is to be devoted to the documentation of low threat anomalous locations which have been discovered by the SCP Foundation over the years. Although all locations listed in this document warrant securing and cover-up measures, none of them are closely enough tied to an underlying anomalous cause or considered a high enough containment or research priority to warrant full Special Containment Procedure documentation. This list may be used as a resource should knowledge of these locations become useful or necessary in the future.
– Doctor ██████ █████, Head of Containment, Site ██

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Unexplained Location UE-412320 (edit)
Location Description:
Archived photo of UE-412320

A small file storage room in the basement area of an office building. Subjects spending time inside often report the feeling of warmth and sunlight on skin, despite the lack of any windows to allow natural sunlight in. If not directly observed, any liquid placed in a cup while inside UE-412320 will transmute into non-anomalous cafe latte. Attempts to visually record UE-412320 result in images of a large break room overlooking a cityscape. The images produced always depict a sunlit room regardless of actual time of day, and no subjects can be observed.
Date of Containment: 2017-12-10
Location: ██████, Guangdong, China
Security Protocol: Several floors of the building have been acquired by the Foundation for use as offices and staging area for local investigations.

Unexplained Location UE-874352 (edit)
Location Description: An abandoned family home, fully furnished as if
still being lived in. Anyone within 100 meters of the building will begin to feel a sense of loss and grief which gets more intense as they get closer. A bouquet of white flowers lies at the doorstep of the home, never rotting.
Date of Containment: 1998-11-09
Location: ████,England
Security Protocol: The area in which the home is located has been blocked off from the public.

Unexplained Location UE-546544 (edit)
Location Description: A seven by three kilometer stretch of land, in which all members of the Felis Catus (cat) family change to the Calico Breed. This is reversed when the cat is removed.
Date of Containment: 4-12-20██
Location: Cape May, New Jersey, USA
Security Protocol: An electric fence has been constructed around the area. Armed guards are to circle the area, to prevent unauthorised entry.

Unexplained Location UE-336384 (edit)
Location Description: UE-336384 is a small lake of Saturn's moon Titan composed solely of ██████ ████ brand maple syrup. The atmosphere and temperature of Titan do not seem to affect the syrup physically in any way. The lake is approximately 1.2 square kilometers in size.
Date of Containment: N/A
Location: Near the Belet Sea on Titan
Security Protocol: No need for patrol or surveillance.
If humanity ever reaches technology akin to that of the ████ race and is able to reach Titan, the lake is to be drained and replaced as soon as feasibly possible.
Note: Maybe don't drain it. Maple syrup is yummy. -Dr. █████

Unexplained Location UE-698416 (edit)
Location Description: Upon entrance of the store, you immediately step outside of the store holding a bag of twelve assorted fruits. The selection of fruit is entirely random and includes fruit not known to the region or even planet. Taking footage of the storefront just results in static on all devices.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: ████, ██, USA.
Security Protocol: The door leading inside must be boarded up at all times, and two guards should be stationed nearby in case of emergency.
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