Log of Unexplained Locations

Foreword: This page is to be devoted to the documentation of low threat anomalous locations which have been discovered by the SCP Foundation over the years. Although all locations listed in this document warrant securing and cover-up measures, none of them are closely enough tied to an underlying anomalous cause or considered a high enough containment or research priority to warrant full Special Containment Procedure documentation. This list may be used as a resource should knowledge of these locations become useful or necessary in the future.
– Doctor ██████ █████, Head of Containment, Site ██

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Unexplained Location UE-528896 (edit)
Location Description: An area of land that, when entered, will cause all serotonin molecules to exit the body through anomalous means. Once a sufficient amount of serotonin has been collected, sand will rise from the ground and combine with said serotonin to form a cloudlike formation in the air. When observed for a period exceeding 5 hours, the cloudlike formation will collapse into a small rotating disk, and the central mass will start emitting light. After approximately 10 hours of observation, the disk will collapse even further into small concentrated spheres of serotonin-sand matter orbiting a large central mass.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: Mojave Desert
Security Protocol: Area has been fenced off and is being guarded by personnel from nearby Site-44.

Unexplained Location UE-354032 (edit)
Location Description: A small portion of the ground in a concrete parking lot where entities resembling spotted garden eels sporadically emerge from multiple holes in the ground.
The entities behave as if they are sumberged in a viscous substance similar to water, and demanifest when their entire body enters back into the hole they emerged from.
The entities are able to consume various metals, and appear to favor a diet of metal over that of plankton.
If a hole is filled or blocked, another hole will appear in its vicinity via unknown means.
Date of Containment: 2019-07-07
Location: Parking lot in Site-19 Facility 23
Security Protocol: Due to its location, security protocol is unnecessary at this time. The entities are being fed daily by employees.

Unexplained Location UE-198944 (edit)
Location Description: A cabin entirely made of fish resembling members of the species Carassius auratus (goldfish). When any sapient entity capable of vision enters the cabin, the fish will always look as if they are facing towards said entity, despite not physically moving. When multiple sapient entities capable of vision enter the cabin, the fish will prefer the entity that entered first.
Date of Containment: 19██-██-██
Location: ███, Jeju Province, South Korea
Security Protocol: Land surrounding the cabin purchased under the guise of a Foundation front company. A larger cabin was built around it to hide it from view.

Unexplained Location UE-351888 (edit)
Location Description: A building that causes all animals that enter it to turn into a small peach. The peaches are retrievable from the outside, since the effect only manifests upon complete entry. Notably, decay of the peaches occur significantly slower when inside the building. They are otherwise non-anomalous.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: Johns Creek, Georgia
Security Protocol: The building has been purchased through front companies. One (1) security guard is to monitor the area at any given time.

Unexplained Location UE-487184 (edit)
Location Description: A restaurant named Burger Kingdom. Whenever someone attempts to cook in the kitchen, a voice will harshly criticize whatever meal is cooked. The more mistakes the person makes, the louder the voice will get. The highest it has ever gotten was 154 decibels.
Date of Containment: 2003-03-05
Location: Ohio, ██████, USA
Security Protocol: The restaurant is to remain closed and any offers to sell the place are to be denied. Level 2 guards are to search inside the restaurant if any trespassers are in there. Trespassers are to be given amnestics and removed from the location.

Unexplained Location UE-680768 (edit)
Location Description: An anomalous rectangular space approximately 4 by 5 by 4 meters in size that is constantly at a temperature of about 704ºC. On June 1st, 2023, celebrity ███████ ███████'s mansion mostly burned down as a result of the spontaneous development of this space's properties, as it was the kitchen.
Date of Containment: 2023-06-02
Location: ███████, ██, USA
Security Protocol: Proper amnestics given, and a cover story of an arsonist was disseminated. Land bought by Foundation for testing purposes and Area-511 built nearby.

Unexplained Location UE-349744 (edit)
Location Description: Pedestrian crossing on █████ Street, a high-traffic road adjacent to █████ █████ Primary School. Anomaly is observed when crossing the road at the location and looking eastward.
If a car is approaching, an indistinct humanoid figure manifests approximately 300 meters from the location. The figure runs onto the road in front of the car's headlights and reacts as if about to be run over, then disappears upon impact. Drivers do not see or react to the figure.
Anomaly generally reported in low-light conditions (early morning, twilight, rainy weather, etc.). Exact frequency of occurrence is unknown. The highest number of sightings in a day is ███ on 1999-██-██, when █████ █████ students left the school grounds en masse to investigate rumours of a 'ghost'. Resulting disruption to school activities and traffic incidents brought the location to the Foundation's attention.
Date of Containment: 2000-██-██
Location: Perth, Australia
Security Protocol: Pedestrian crossing moved ███ meters from prior location under cover story of road improvements. Students and staff given counseling, medical attention and Class-B amnestics where necessary; drivers compensated for damage. No further sightings reported.

Unexplained Location UE-139584 (edit)
Location Description: A 424,074 km² area encompassing the entirety of the state of California as well as the town of ██████████, New Jersey in which calling the phone number "867-5309" will result in cardiac arrest exactly 7 days later. This anomaly is not known to have occurred at any time earlier than █████ ██th, 1997.
Date of Containment: 1997-██-██
Location: California and ██████████, New Jersey
Security Protocol: Memetic agents have been placed within local media outlets (newspapers, radio stations, billboards, etc.) which strongly dissuade anyone from activating the anomalous effects. Foundation agents placed within phone companies are currently attempting to make calling this number impossible.

Unexplained Location UE-350816 (edit)
Location Description: A large area situated between floors 3 and 5 of the ████ hospital in Daejeon, South Korea. The area can only be entered by activating all buttons simultaneously in any of the elevators in the hospital. Altitude comparisons between floors 3 and 5 suggest that the area is located in an extradimensional location. The inside of the area has different floor plans to that of the hospital, though the shape and size of the entire area is consistent with the actual hospital building. The area is composed of three rooms inside each other, forming ‘layers’. Each room is designated Layer 1 through Layer 3 from the outermost layer to the innermost one for the ease of description.
Layer 1: The walls of Layer 1 are coated thinly with an organic liquid, including the outer surfaces of elevator doors. Genetic material recovered from the substance has shown matches for multiple apian species. The floor and ceiling are composed of an anomalous beeswax-titanium alloy that has been proven to be bulletproof. The walls are composed of non-anomalous concrete, though small amounts of apian DNA has been recovered from samples. There is no furniture inside of Layer 1. The only light in Layer 1 comes from dim lightbulbs along the top of the walls, presumably powered by an anomalous source. The inside walls of Layer 1 have a total of 17 openings leading to Layer 2.
Layer 2: The floor and ceiling of Layer 2 is composed of a different beeswax-titanium alloy that emits a bright, yellow-tinted light. Spectrometric analysis has confirmed that the spectrum of the light emitted from the alloy matches no stable element or compound that occurs naturally, though it is possible to replicate the spectrum via engineered synthetic molecules. The walls of Layer 2 are composed of white concrete, and large depictions of bees and wasps are present on the surface. The pictures themselves have shown to be non-anomalous. A total of 17 plastic benches are present along the inside wall of Layer 2. The benches are composed of non-anomalous polyvinyl chloride(PVC), though the outside of their surfaces are coated with an organic liquid similar to those coating the walls of Layer 1. The benches are approximately 2m wide with small shelves, presumably used as tables, protruding from armrests on either side. The back panel of the benches are engraved with an unknown language, and a symbol resembling a bee is present in the center of every back panel. Notably, each bench engraving contains different text. The inside wall of Layer 2 is cylindrical, unlike the other walls, and two (2) openings are present on opposite sides of the wall leading into Layer 3.
Layer 3: Layer 3 is a large cylindrical room within the center of the area. It is illuminated only by a single bright light located in the center of the ceiling. The ceiling of Layer 3 is higher than those of the other two layers, and takes the shape of a hollow hemispherical dome. The walls, floor, and ceiling of Layer 3 are covered with a synthetic dark red velvet-like cloth. Analysis of samples revealed that the fur of the cloth is both genetically and structurally identical to the hair of a honeybee. In the center of Layer 3 is a white cylindrical pedestal composed of another bulletproof beeswax-titanium alloy. A single non-anomalous corpse of a honeybee is present on the center of the pedestal top, illuminated by the light above it.
Date of Containment: 2013-██-██
Location: ████ Hospital, Daejeon, South Korea
Security Protocol: Elevator software has been altered so that simultaneous activation of all buttons is impossible. One (1) assigned embedded Foundation agent is on standby to monitor the surrounding area.
Note: In many Asian hospitals, the fourth floor is intentionally omitted because the number four symbolizes ‘death’ in asian cultures.

Unexplained Location UE-602688 (edit)
Location Description: Residential building where all items and furniture inside are transparent, but existent. All attempts to remove, destroy or remove transparency from items and furniture inside the building deemed impossible, and amount of items in the building is unknown.
Date of Containment: 19██-01-04
Location: Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA
Security Protocol: Doors and windows barred up and fitted with 24 hour surveillance via CCTV, motion detectors, and alarms.
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