Log of Unexplained Locations

Foreword: This page is to be devoted to the documentation of low threat anomalous locations which have been discovered by the SCP Foundation over the years. Although all locations listed in this document warrant securing and cover-up measures, none of them are closely enough tied to an underlying anomalous cause or considered a high enough containment or research priority to warrant full Special Containment Procedure documentation. This list may be used as a resource should knowledge of these locations become useful or necessary in the future.
– Doctor ██████ █████, Head of Containment, Site ██

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Unexplained Location UE-319808 (edit)
Location Description: A spot in the Hudson Bay with a radius of 0.7 Km where gravity is 8% weaker than normal. Every year, this spot appears to 'orbit' around the coordinates 52°35'06.81" N 79°45'11.01" W from a distance of 0.5 Km and completes a full circle every 4 years.
Date of Containment: 16/07/2002
Location: 10 Km North west of Weston island, Hudson Bay.
Security Protocol: It still resides in the same area (52°35'06.81" N 79°45'11.01" W) and researchers have theorized it to be linked to the decrease of gravity in the Hudson Bay region, although this still remains unclear.

Unexplained Location UE-757776 (edit)
Location Description: A forest in Savannah, Georgia that plays the subject's favorite song from an unidentified location. If the subject does not have a favorite song the subject will hear roars, car crashes, and static.
Date of Containment: 4-23-2016
Location: █████, GA, USA
Security Protocol: The remoteness of this specific forest does not warrant buying and securing it, however any civilians going in or out of the forest are to be administered Class-B amnestics.

Unexplained Location UE-395744 (edit)
Location Description: A room on ███████ building of the Centre Europeene des Recherches Nuckleaires (CERN) . The door does not lead to the normal room's interior, but to the sun's core, with all of its normal characteristics (very high temperature, gaseous nature, high thermonuclear activity, etc.) The room's exterior walls do not seem to be affected in any way by the conditions on the inside, nor does the door or the rest of the building.
Date of Containment: 3-21-20██
Location: Room ██, ███████ building, CERN, France-Switzerland borders
Security Protocol: Normal door replaced with a reinforced titanium security blast door, windows covered with bricks, cover story about "the room being contaminated during a chemical experiment" leaked to the public
Note: Plans to send a probe through the door have been rejected by the Overseer Council.

Unexplained Location UE-833712 (edit)
Location Description: An In-N-Out Burger restaurant where the burgers seem to always be pink (uncooked), no matter how long they’ve been cooked for. Investigation of the kitchen has revealed nothing wrong with any of the kitchen appliances.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: A town in California.
Security Protocol: Restaurant shut down under guise of bugs in the kitchen. All workers were given amnestics. The customers naturally forgot about the anomaly on their own.
Note: All In-N-Outs should be placed under surveillance in the event that another one has the same (or a similar) anomaly.

Unexplained Location UE-261520 (edit)
Location Description: A house in Sacramento, California at which a small green parakeet flies across the same patch of sky and disappears every two Fridays. Attempts to catch the bird have failed, as it will disappear after approximately five (5) minutes. Attempts to interact with it have also failed due to it disappearing the moment touched.
Date of Containment: 5-25-2016
Location: Sacramento, CA, USA
Security Protocol: Residents seem to have no interest in the bird whatsoever, deeming containment unnecessary. Personnel who have witnessed the flight of the bird seem to forget the event after one (1) day.

Unexplained Location UE-350816 (edit)
Location Description: A large area situated between floors 3 and 51 of the ████ hospital in Daejeon, South Korea. Currently, the only known means of accessing the location is by activating all buttons simultaneously in any of the elevators in said hospital. Altitude comparisons between floors 3 and 5 suggest that the area is located in an extra-dimensional location.

The inner structure of the location does not match the floor plans of the hospital, however the exterior dimensions of the area are consistent with the external hospital building. The interior is composed of three separate concentric sections, forming layers within each other. Each section will be referred to as Layer 1 through Layer 3, going from the outer layer to the center, for ease of documentation.

  • Layer 1: The walls of Layer 1 are coated thinly with a viscous, translucent white organic liquid, including the outer surfaces of the elevator doors. Genetic material matching that of multiple apian species have been recovered from the substance.

    The floor and ceiling are composed of an anomalous dark gray beeswax-titanium alloy that has shown to be completely bulletproof. The walls are made of concrete and are in a slightly damaged state. However, small amounts of apian DNA has been recovered from dust samples.

    Layer 1 is completely devoid of furniture, and the only sources of light are dim fluorescent lights placed along the top of the walls. The lights are presumably powered by an anomalous source.

    The walls bordering Layer 2 have 17 entrances leading to the inside.
  • Layer 2: The floor and ceiling of Layer 2 is composed of another different beeswax-titanium alloy that emits a dim, irregularly pulsating yellow-tinted light via unknown means. Spectrometric analysis has confirmed that the EM spectrum of the light emitted from the alloy matches no stable element or compound that occurs naturally, though it is possible to replicate the spectrum via synthetic molecules.

    The walls of Layer 2 are composed of concrete painted white with chalk-based paint. Depictions of bees and wasps in various sizes and styles are present on the surface of the walls. The pictures have shown to be non-anomalous in nature.

    A total of 17 plastic benches are present along the inner wall of Layer 2. The benches are composed of non-anomalous PVC plastic, though the outside of their surfaces are coated with a different, slightly less viscous organic liquid similar to those coating the walls of Layer 1. The benches are approximately 2 meters wide with small protrusions, presumably used as tables, on either side. The benches possess multiple engravings in an unknown language, and a symbol resembling a bee is present in the center of the back panels. Notably, each bench engraving contains different text.

    The inner wall of Layer 2 is cylindrical, unlike the outer wall bordering Layer 1. Two entrances are present on opposite sides of the wall leading into Layer 3.
  • Layer 3: Layer 3 is a large cylindrical room located in the center of the area. It is illuminated only by a single bright spotlight attached to the center of the ceiling. The ceiling of Layer 3 is placed significantly higher than the average ceiling height of the hospital, and appears to be a hollow hemispherical dome.

    The walls, floor, and ceiling of Layer 3 are entirely covered in a dark red velvet-like cloth. Analysis of samples revealed that the material used in the cloth is both genetically and structurally identical to the hair of a honeybee.

    In the center of Layer 3 is a smooth white cylindrical pedestal composed of a different beeswax-titanium alloy. A single non-anomalous corpse of a honeybee is present on the top of the pedestal, illuminated by the light above it.

Date of Containment: 2013-██-██
Location: ████ Hospital, Daejeon, South Korea
Security Protocol: Elevator software has been altered so that simultaneous activation of all buttons is impossible. An assigned embedded Foundation agent is on standby to monitor the surrounding area.

Unexplained Location UE-316592 (edit)
Location Description: A large clearing in ██████ National Forest. A hole located in the center of the clearing produces an item from an unknown source every 10 hours.
Items produced from the hole are listed below:
  • A small toy car
  • Two models of the Empire State Building, stuck together with chewed gum
  • A spherical lump of coal coated with peanut butter
  • A balloon filled with argon gas
  • An Ikea table set
  • A 0.02m*0.02m*2m cardboard box
  • A large cylindrical tank containing a single corpse of a honeybee
  • A toy quadcopter drone without a controller
  • Multiple IC chips glued together in the shape of a tree branch
  • An old outdated map of the Greater Tokyo Area
  • A vacuum cleaner

Date of Containment: 2018-██-██
Location: ██████ National Forest, USA
Security Protocol: The area is being guarded by security personnel. All items are to be collected and inspected for anomalies. The current number of anomalous objects produced is 0.
Note: Personnel are allowed to take items for themselves after it has been tested for anomalous behavior.

Unexplained Location UE-889856 (edit)
Location Description: A five (5) story building with a glass exterior. Despite being entirely dry and otherwise non-anomalous, the building appears to be a large aquarium containing several sentient aquatic life from the outside.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: Kyoto, Japan
Security Protocol: The building has been covered with a cloth and is currently functioning as a Foundation outpost.

Unexplained Location UE-487184 (edit)
Location Description: A restaurant named Burger Kingdom. Whenever someone attempts to cook in the kitchen, a voice will harshly criticize whatever meal is cooked. The more mistakes the person makes, the louder the voice will get. The highest it has ever gotten was 154 decibels.
Date of Containment: 2003-03-05
Location: Ohio, ██████, USA
Security Protocol: The restaurant is to remain closed and any offers to sell the place are to be denied. Level 2 guards are to search inside the restaurant if any trespassers are in there. Trespassers are to be given amnestics and removed from the location.

Unexplained Location UE-663120 (edit)
Location Description: The 8 acre farm has all vegetation replaced with potatoes. Any vegetation brought in will be converted to potatoes. Seeds will also become potatoes.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: ████, Spain
Security Protocol: Surperb Potato Company farms has been registered as the owner of the plot of land, intruders are to be arrested and all plants are to be confiscated.
Note: The potatoes are non-anomalous and delicious- Senior Botanist Castañeda
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