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I talk about my headcanon way too much without solidly codifying it or ever actually really incorporating any of it into my work.

Here's to hoping I can change that by including this fun bit in my author page.

Here goes nothing…

But all that is just a metaphor for how the multiverse works. Now apply the metaphor to actual universes and then realize that most universes are a little more complicated than board games and most people are more complicated than simple pieces in a board game, and you've probably got a pretty good handle on what it looks like.

Which brings us to what the players actually are…

So where does that put people, then? Where do we fit into this nuthouse world with near-omnipotent entities vying for our souls like they were poker chips? Wellll….

Basically, what I'm saying is, the Foundationverse is much scarier than our reality, but also much more hopeful.

Here's a link to my sandbox so you can spy on my WIPs like a creeper!

And that's a wrap! I hope y'all enjoyed your stay!

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