The High Pagemaster's Library
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The door to a quiet library opens, revealing the sound of the scritching of an ink quill, included purely for aesthetic value. You wander down the shelves, marveling at the rows upon rows of incomplete works, tossed aside like garbage.

"The Junkyard," these shelves are labelled. Soon, you reach the end of the lane, and find yourself upon a desk, where sits a woman writing with the aforementioned quill pen.

"Hello." she says.

"You might be wondering who I'm supposed to be? This narrative is already a little confusing from the start, but don't worry; I'll clarify. I'm The High Pagemaster — a gaudy name for the self insert of my author."

It sounds cool, alright? I don't know what you want me to tell you.

"Yes, yes, very well. Anyways, this is supposed to be my— her's— our, author page. I can take you on a tour of this Library if you'd like? You've already seen The Junkyard, but we have more than just tossed-aside works. Unfortunately, as I can't respond to anything you may say, I will have to begin the tour regardless. Sorry for giving you the illusion of a choice."

The High Pagemaster ceases writing with her quill, and the quill ceases to exist as it is no longer needed. She stands and sets off, beckoning for you to follow her.

The two of you walk into a back room together, and unfortunately nothing of an explicit nature occurs. All that you find back here are dingy manuscripts for works in progress.

"I don't think I need to explain what these are, but for the sake of keeping the flow of the narrative: this is the sandbox page for my author. It links to a couple of other sandboxes, including The Junkyard. There's a bit of cross linking going on here now. Regardless, follow me."

She steps out of the back room, and over to a side hallway, where you can see rows of plaques on the wall.

"This is the Hall of Honor. Here you will find a list of all of my author's completed mainsite works."

Name Rating Comments Created
SCP-4084 87 14 12 Dec 2018 15:55
Tension 11 3 19 Feb 2018 18:29
The Gallows Tree 25 2 18 Dec 2018 16:10

And with that,

"You're probably looking to learn a little about the author herself, aren't you? Come, follow me."

The two of you turn around and head back to the desk of The High Pagemaster's Library. She sits back down, and picks her quill back up out of the narrative non-space.

You sit there and stare dumbly at her for a few moments.

"Oh, don't mind me. I'm just going to get back to my writings. The narrator will take control from here."


hey look, it's my fursona!

I suppose we've reached that time where the author lays themselves bare for the reader to understand. Never fear, for I shall indulge you. Beyond my screen names and gaudy self-insert names, I am just an ordinary person in the world that you reside in, I assume.

At time of writing, I am a depressed closeted trans girl furry who has chosen the name "Juli." I am currently in my freshman year of college. My birthday is on Halloween, making me a Scorpio, and my MBTI personality type is INFP, if you care about things like that.

I have been an aspiring artist and writer for years, and constantly immerse myself in fictional worlds, both those that I have created and those that I have not. Additionally, I seem to have a habit of typing very formally and eccentrically throughout this author page, but if you were to speak to me in a more informal setting then you would find that I type like an idiot.

My interests and hobbies are few, but for the past couple years I've mostly been into Dungeons and Dragons and various anime. I sometimes play games that are heavy on story, or watch video series or listen to podcasts, but most of my media consumption is spent reading the wonderful things authors just like me write on this wiki.

If you care to see things that I have written elsewhere, I have created my own wiki known as The Compendium of Knowledge, which is essentially a framework of Existence in which all of my fictional stories that don't quite fit into the SCP universe reside. The wiki is full of jargon and gets incredibly pataphysical at points, so I wouldn't blame you if you didn't want to get into it. It is an open wiki however, and users are free to join and contribute their own stories to the framework.

The High Pagemaster speaks without looking up from her paper.

"So, there you have it, I assume. That would conclude our tour. We hope you enjoyed your stay. Please, feel free to visit again."

You turn around and leave The Library, exiting back to reality.

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