Laneous's Outlet

Get it outlet because I'm plugging?

hahah I'll see myself out.

oh wait no I won't, this is MY author page. So what have I written? A bunch of stuff of questionable quality.

[K] SCP-4255 - Santa Claus, the Time Traveler

I hope some crazy government shoots me out of the sky so I can get this hell over with.

[K] SCP-4157 - WANT DOG

Jesus is my favorite snake width too!

[S] SCP-4488 - Thalassophobia

With The TrashmanThe Trashman

And while you wait, why not wonder what might be out there for a change?

[K] SCP-4667 - I Am Become Teeth

We have heard your cries in the teeth of our patients.

[E] SCP-3725 - Ironically, I don't have a Good Idea for a Title

Instance was then captured with a mason jar and removed from the premises.

[S] SCP-4733 - But Not Forgotten

With Deadly BreadDeadly Bread

Collaboration Contest Entry — 10th Place

He is an other-worldly father of capitalism dammit!

[👻] SCP-4487 - All the World's a Milk

Object Class: Spiritual

[S] SCP-3902 - anomaly class bar by dado

bone class: none

[S] SCP-5666 - When a Mind Flies Into the Sun

SCP-5000 Contest Entry — 17th Place

Her dress is an elegant shade of color.

[N] SCP-5301 - Angry People

144 Hour Jam Contest 2020 Entry — Day 1

Resembled an infant version of SCP-5301's son, Samuel Ganierie, wielding a rocket launcher of unidentified model.

[S] SCP-5302 - Sweet Bod

144 Hour Jam Contest 2020 Entry — Day 2

Guy's like a bear, and not the hot kind.

[E] SCP-5303 - No Eyed Girl

144 Hour Jam Contest 2020 Entry — Day 3

You can have my eyes, anytime

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