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Nothing cute or clever here. Just a list of my works for the wiki for those inclined.

Sometimes I post things related to the site on my Twitter feed, @KalininSCP. Follow me if you can't get enough of my charm.


SCP Articles

SCP-001 - Past and Future

SCP-186 - To End All Wars
SCP-255 - Base Eleven Disorder
SCP-356 - Autointerrogation
SCP-480 - Recurring Nightmare Field
SCP-518 - The Transinformational Tomb of Asa Rutledge
SCP-655 - Biological Disinformation Campaign
SCP-736 - The Iapetus Anomaly
SCP-986 - Faulkner's Last Manuscript

SCP-1097 - Liquefied Empath
SCP-1166 - Perfect Lab Specimen
SCP-1229 - Thirty-Seven Films Starring Lana Neal
SCP-1377 - Automaton Parliament
SCP-1484 - Murder Diary
SCP-1538 - Instructions to a Twin-Screw Extruder
SCP-1659 - Directorate K
SCP-1709 - Human Fetus Composite
SCP-1840 - A Persistent Corpse
SCP-1984 - Dead Hand

SCP-2003 - Preferred Option
SCP-2188 - Life and Times of Joaquín Pablo Izquierdo de San Felipe
SCP-2275 - Where Muses Go
SCP-2303 - Tower of Silence
SCP-2474 - Irnini Mons
SCP-2529 - Rest in Peace
SCP-2669 - Khevtuul 1
SCP-2798 - This Dying World
SCP-2888 - Again and Again and Again
SCP-2911 - Mikio, a Fisherman

SCP-3084 - Seven Strangers at a Feast
SCP-3188 - This Man Must Die
SCP-3977 - Hawaiian Punch


And Again
Faith of the Foundation
Guiser's Night
I, Autarch
Labyrinth's End
Lana Neal Sings the Blues
Pseudohistorical Mischief
Stars Over Misty Veil
Strangers of Site-17: 105
Strangers of Site-17: 343
Strangers of Site-17: Hayakawa

Tales for The Coldest War Canon

Tales for the Learning the Alphabet Series


Metacritique 1: The Critic's Duty
Metacritique 2: Anomalous Art

The Manistique Broadcast

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