A Comprehensive List of K-Class Scenarios
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K-Class Scenarios are hypothetical situations that could have drastic effects on normality or reality, including the end of the world. The Foundation games out what can happen in these events, and authors on the wiki often reference these contingency plans… or times they have failed.

This collaborative page exists to document all K-Class Scenarios used on the wiki.


  • There is no canon definition for any K-Class Scenario. This page should not be seen as a "canonical" resource. Please do not hassle authors for "misusing" these scenarios.
  • This list is meant to be descriptive, not prescriptive. Definitions are based on usage in articles, not what anyone thinks they should mean. (For earlier lists with invented definitions, scroll down.)

A bit on notation: (I treated any of these grammatical variants as equivalent.)

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Each of these letter combinations have been used at least twice on the wiki. They are presented alphabetically by K-Class followed by non-K designations and oddities. (GH gets to be special by seniority).

For one-off scenarios and versions seen only in -Js, scroll down.

Scenarios with *'s have appeared at least 5 times with a consistent definition.
Scenarios with ©'s have appeared at least 10 times with a consistent definition, and could be considered "well-established." Also you have to pay me 5¢ to use them.

These scenarios were created for the 2018 Doomsday Contest. If you were a team member for a scenario, please feel free to provide a definition or otherwise update your apocalypse! (Also maybe double-check links, some of these SCP numbers were very similar.)

Edit: Some of these (such as ΩK and EDK) have gone on to become part of extensive canons, so I have added links to tags for people who want to explore them deeper.

*'s represent scenarios with 5+ articles on the contest page (Again, please update! I just used the hub out of laziness- expediency.)

Scenarios that have only appeared in one article.

Title Definition Articles
AS-Class Normalcy Alteration Scenario N/A SCP-3368
AU-Class End of The World Scenario The result of testing SCP-475 with Australian Church of Australia's Religion SCP-475
BB-Class Universal Formation event The creation of the universe in a 'Big Bang' scenario. SCP-4417
BC-Class Universal Collapse event The natural end of the universe in a 'Big Crunch' scenario. SCP-4417
DK-Class Reality Invasion / K-Class-Invasion-Scenario Entities from another Universe (E.g., Nazis) decide to conquer our Universe. SCP-028-DE
DT-Class Split Timeline scenario Rare (and non-apocalyptic) event in which the timeline branches into two parallel causalities. Most frequently caused by the malfunction of Temporal Distortion Engines. SCP-3176
EI-K-Class Informational Breakdown scenario One or more methods of information transfer become irreparably compromised. SCP-3317
Gimel-Class Mass-Dementia Scenario N/A SCP-3493
Götterdämmerung Scenario N/A SCP-319
Inter-Reality Paradox scenario N/A SCP-3493
MF-Class "Spilled Milk" Scenario Witnessed only in a dream. Based on the archetype of "The Flood"; a biblical flood composed of milk. SCP-3739
OK-Class Metaphysical Collapse N/A SCP-4656
PT-Class Paradoxical Time Breakdown Scenario An event where a harmful time paradox has occurred causing time and/or the timeline to be "broken". SCP-4255,
Shin-Sophist "Global Religious Dissolution" Scenario The subversion or dismantlement of humanity's religious institutions and dogmatic beliefs en masse. SCP-4519
class TCF (Total Contaminant Failure) N/A SCP-2470 (RU)
χK-Class ("Crowning-of-Death") Scenario The inadvertent containment breach of SCP-4260, resulting in universal supremacy of Death and the probability of life's continuation becoming approximately zero. SCP-4260
תK-Class Scenario N/A Kate McTiriss's Proposal
██-class end of the world scenario N/A SCP-1000
█K-class scenario N/A SCP-453
ÞK-class Extradimensional Diplomatic Breakdown Scenario A powerful organization from another reality, having once been benign or neutral toward the Foundation and/or humanity, becomes hostile. SCP-4587
Vaxt τ-Class "Chronography Change" Scenario A temporal paradox is formed, altering the present timeline due to actions in the past. SCP-4437
O0-Class Ontological Shift Scenario N/A SCP-4634
FK-Class ("Broken Foundation") Scenario The destruction or failure of an anomaly management group, typically resulting in other K-Class scenarios. SCP-4547
UZ-Class Grey Goo scenario N/A Noir Box Proposal
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