Junior Research Assistant James Shebleha's Personnel File

Full Name: James 'Coffee Boy' Shebleha

Security Clearance: Level-1

Occupation: Junior Research Assistant.

Site Location: Site-██

Security Warning: Shebleha is still considered to be a possible informant to the 'Church of the Broken God'. He is to be closely monitored and any possible security leaks are to be reported to Head Security Officer ███████████.

History: James Shebleha began working for The Foundation on ██/██/████ after he was given sanctuary from The Church of the Broken God. Shebleha contacted The Foundation with information about CotBG safe houses as well as the location of SCP-███ that had been taken from Site-██ by the CotBG on [REDACTED]. Sanctuary was granted upon successful retrieval of SCP-███, at which point Shebleha was taken to Site-██ after he was screened for possible biological contaminants. During Shebleha's stay at Site-██ he was closely monitored as a possible informant for the CotBG; however, he has shown no indication of contacting anyone outside of The Foundation. For security reasons Shebleha is not authorised to enter Site-██ due to SCP-882 being located there. Shebleha was eventually allowed to work as a Junior Research Assistant on low-priority SCPs. However, he is still being monitored as a possible informant.

Shebleha stated during his initial interrogation that: "I thought that the Church of the Broken God had the right idea, but after spending time with them I realised that they are just crazy zealots. At that point I realised that I needed to get out as soon as possible before they killed me for 'not believing in their God.' Naturally the Foundation was well known by the Church of the Broken God, as they called you 'heretics', but looking past all their religious [EXPLETIVE REDACTED] I saw that what the Foundation was doing was right, by containing these things that you designate SCPs you keep humanity alive and stop the world falling in chaos."

During Shebleha's time in The Foundation, he has come up with what have been described as 'crack-pot SCP theories'. Some are as follows:

SCPs that Shebleha has been authorised to work on:
SCP-653 - 'The Boomerang'
SCP-727 - 'Hephaestus's Forge'
SCP-957 - 'Hampsters'
SCP-1010 - 'The Green Man'
SCP-1898 - 'Non-Euclidian Playsets'

Unkown file #1: Little SCP-507 Lost

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