Highest Rated Non-SCPs

This list includes any and all pages that aren't SCPs, including tales, test logs, interviews, after-action reports, administrative pages, and the occasional creepypasta.

Kalinin's Proposal, by Kalinin (rating: 273, comments: 91)
SCPokemon, by Dexanote (rating: 273, comments: 83)
SCP-978 Extended Test Logs, by agatharights (rating: 273, comments: 161)
SCP-835, Uncensored, by DrClef (rating: 272, comments: 11)
ALERT! LOCKDOWN INITIATED!, by LurkD (rating: 271, comments: 34)
Relationskips, by DrEverettMann (rating: 271, comments: 17)
Operation "Camp Granada", by DrClef (rating: 270, comments: 41)
The Stars Do Not Wait For You, by Dmatix (rating: 270, comments: 57)
The Truth Is Out There, by Silberescher (rating: 268, comments: 34)
Once But Not Now, by SRegan (rating: 268, comments: 25)
Document 050, by AdminBright (rating: 268, comments: 344)
Ethics, by fieldstone (rating: 267, comments: 30)
SPC-169-J, by daveyoufool (rating: 265, comments: 42)
Document 451-A, by Flah (rating: 265, comments: 11)
Exploration Log Record 455 3, by Dr Gears (rating: 265, comments: 35)
Beasts of the Old Letters, by OZ Ouroboros (rating: 263, comments: 32)
Keeping it Chill With Your Homies Down at The SCP Foundation, by Henzoid (rating: 257, comments: 53)
Diary of a Young Girl, by Roget (rating: 253, comments: 57)
Reproduction Of SCP-939, by Adam Smascher (rating: 253, comments: 38)
A Cooler Manifesto, by Randomini (rating: 252, comments: 41)
Mary Sue Who, by AdminBright (rating: 252, comments: 38)
CASE HATE RED, by qntm (rating: 251, comments: 36)
PeppersGhost's Proposal, I guess., by PeppersGhost (rating: 251, comments: 47)
The Shape of a Gun, by CadaverCommander (rating: 249, comments: 50)
The Flytrap, by Sophia Light (rating: 249, comments: 42)
Experiment Log 191, by Sylocat (rating: 249, comments: 42)
In The Clutches Of Life, by Captain Kirby (rating: 247, comments: 18)
Dr. Wondertainment Hub, by DarkStuff (rating: 247, comments: 32)
Harbinger, by Kalinin (rating: 247, comments: 12)
Interview Log 022-751, by DrSevere (rating: 247, comments: 5)
Traffic Resumes, by ObserverSeptember (rating: 246, comments: 17)
Containment Breach The Musical, by PeppersGhost (rating: 246, comments: 96)
Extended SCP-420-J Experiment Log, by Quikngruvn (rating: 245, comments: 48)
Lord Blackwood in the Land of the Unclean, by Smapti (rating: 243, comments: 45)
Excerpts From "How To Survive When Reality Doesn't", by Alto Clef, by DrChandra (rating: 242, comments: 26)
Dr. Robinson's Statement, by Smapti (rating: 242, comments: 41)
New Technical Issues, by Roget (rating: 242, comments: 216)
SCP Foundation: The Movie, by Edrobot (rating: 242, comments: 32)
SCP-212 Upgrade Log, by Dr Gears (rating: 242, comments: 30)
Ripped From the Headlines, by DrEverettMann (rating: 241, comments: 28)
So You Want to Write a Humanoid SCP Object, by Pig_catapult (rating: 241, comments: 34)
File #178-E, by Dr Wartheim (rating: 241, comments: 30)
Classification Committee Memo, by djkaktus (rating: 240, comments: 160)
History Of The Universe: Part Two, by Roget (rating: 240, comments: 39)
Understanding Memetics, by Sorts (rating: 240, comments: 77)
Experiment Log 826, by (user deleted) (rating: 240, comments: 68)
Assistance for the Boss Lady, by Djoric (rating: 239, comments: 43)
Unfinished Business: Part II, by TroyL (rating: 239, comments: 38)
A Lesson in Power, by renacer (rating: 238, comments: 27)
A Funeral On Mars, by Djoric (rating: 237, comments: 42)

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