Highest Rated Non-SCPs

This list includes any and all pages that aren't SCPs, including tales, test logs, interviews, after-action reports, administrative pages, and the occasional creepypasta.

A Suicide Note, by Ihp (rating: 343, comments: 56)
O5 Command Dossier, by thedeadlymoose (rating: 342, comments: 53)
A Video Oddity, by Djoric (rating: 339, comments: 75)
History Of The Universe: Part One, by Roget (rating: 338, comments: 74)
The Death Of Alto Clef, aka Agent Ukulele, aka Adam ben Yahweh, aka Lucifer, First of the Fallen, aka That Bastard, etc., by DrEverettMann (rating: 336, comments: 74)
SCP-682-J James' Coloring Book, by (user deleted) (rating: 333, comments: 72)
Da Capo al Fine, by DrClef (rating: 328, comments: 37)
Document #087-II, by Zaeyde (rating: 328, comments: 11)
Impossible-To-Destroy Reptile, by Captain Kirby (rating: 327, comments: 35)
Operation Galahad, by daveyoufool (rating: 327, comments: 48)
Experiment Log 423 A, by DrEverettMann (rating: 327, comments: 148)
New Job, by DrChandra (rating: 323, comments: 58)
Experiment Log 447 A, by DrClef (rating: 320, comments: 139)
Memetics and Infohazards Division Orientation, by Rounzie (rating: 319, comments: 134)
Ecce Perago, by AdminBright (rating: 318, comments: 68)
Excerpts from Training Seminars for Lesser Known Foundation Careers, by Ihp (rating: 314, comments: 32)
Now watch and learn, here's the deal..., by daveyoufool (rating: 313, comments: 64)
Thrice, by Dmatix (rating: 313, comments: 32)
Internal Departments, by Gene R (rating: 309, comments: 96)
Fresh Hell, by qntm (rating: 308, comments: 25)
Tales of the Ethics Committee: The Foundation Eats Babies, by MrNumbers (rating: 307, comments: 52)
Funerals Are Fun, by WrongJohnSilver (rating: 306, comments: 39)
MZL-1730, by djkaktus (rating: 303, comments: 125)
SCUTTLE, by pxdnbluesoul (rating: 303, comments: 41)
Church of the Broken God Hub, by HammerMaiden (rating: 301, comments: 46)
Decency, by Gargus (rating: 300, comments: 53)
All They Want is the Blood, by Sorts (rating: 298, comments: 31)
GOI Ball Comics, by SunnyClockwork (rating: 296, comments: 52)
INCIDENT-370-A, by Alias Pseudonym (rating: 296, comments: 17)
Serpent's Hand Hub, by thedeadlymoose (rating: 291, comments: 42)
Long Live The King, by Roget (rating: 291, comments: 35)
We Interrupt this Program, by Salman Corbette (rating: 291, comments: 42)
Multi-U 101, by Djoric (rating: 290, comments: 31)
Marshall, Carter and Dark Hub, by Randomini (rating: 288, comments: 39)
We're Off To Be The Lizard, by AdminBright (rating: 287, comments: 45)
Chaos Insurgency Hub, by TwistedGears (rating: 286, comments: 53)
Your Very Last SCP!, by The Great Hippo (rating: 285, comments: 39)
Reddawn, by Waxx (rating: 285, comments: 47)
Incident 239-B - Clef-Kondraki, by DrClef (rating: 285, comments: 116)
Annon, by AdminBright (rating: 284, comments: 76)
Log Of Anomalous Items, Vol II, by WrongJohnSilver (rating: 283, comments: 252)
Chowderclef, by DrClef (rating: 283, comments: 89)
SCP-1459 Extended Testing Log, by PeppersGhost (rating: 281, comments: 189)
Updated Amnestics Guide, by DrChandra (rating: 279, comments: 57)
The Rounderpage, by Rounderhouse (rating: 277, comments: 173)
#StormSite19, by Uncle Nicolini (rating: 276, comments: 39)
Hello, I Am an Eldritch Horror, by HotCocoaNerd (rating: 275, comments: 35)
Survey Log 1165, by Smapti (rating: 275, comments: 28)
How Dr. Clef Contained Christmas!, by LurkD (rating: 274, comments: 41)
Where They All Go, by Salman Corbette (rating: 274, comments: 41)

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